NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Saturday 7:00 PM on CBC Premiered Apr 09, 1953 Between Seasons





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  • The Cup Fianls put me into sleep.

    The Stanley cup finals are boring. That's it no exception.
  • The greatest!

    Hockey Night in Canada is the greatest program in the history of television. Almost every Canadian watches this show all year every year, because we all love hockey. I can't think of a more important sports show. It's at least as important in Canada as Monday Night Football is in the states. And during the playoffs every episode is a like a weekly Superbowl! The announcers have always been great, this show has been on forever and it will always be on because we love hockey and that's never going to change. It's easily the highest rated show in Canadian history, and the production values are higher than any other show.
  • A night filled with NHL action! What could be better?!

    Hockey Night in Canada is a major thing in Canada. It compares to America's Monday Night Football. Fans tune in every week to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the ice. In Canada they mostly show the teams from Canada such as the Canucks, Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Oilers, Flames, and Senators. Although they do show every NHL team throughout the season. Canada really gets up for inner country rivalries. Good commentators and analysts make for good hockey news and reports. I wish they would show Hockey night in Canada in the states without having to order the NHL package from your cable or dish provider. Hockey Night in Canada is a must see for any true NHL fan!
  • 55th Year, a Tradition in Canada ,the Theme song as Wayne Gretzky says still sends a chill

    The NHL's big mistake is that they lost ESPN's coverage of the NHL , NCAA Female Softball has since beat the NHL in ratings , The NHL should Beg ESPN to broadcast their games , I am a die hard NHL fan from Canada , the NHL does not belong on NBC , it belongs on ESPN, FOX, CBC, CTV, TSN ^ Rogers Sportsnet 55th Year, a Tradition in Canada ,the Theme song as Wayne Gretzky says still sends a chill down his spine , Great show Great pre-Game and of coarse Don Cherry is very entertaining , great show
  • it's pretty good, of course it is CBC & Canada, and they know their hockey

    I have been watching some playoff games this year on CBC, and I have watched Hockey Night in Canada a couple of times, the announcers seem good, they aren't biased or anything, and the game went the way I wanted it to with the Redw Wings beating the Flames in double OT to take the series. It was cool they showed an old playoff game with Calgary and Edmonton afterwards and that was interestign to watch. I didn't watch much because it was late after the Wings/Flames game. I'm not really that much into hockey. but it is enjoyable to watch, and this show does a good job of presenting it.
  • OK....

    I am a big fan of hockey being canadian and all and I really like hockey night in canada. I'll watch it most saturday nights, I will watch it for sure if the Ottawa Senators are playing as they are my favorite team. They have the coaches corner after the first period of every game which features Don Cherry, I don't really care what Don Cherry says but he is entitled to his opinion. The one thing I don't like about the show is that the toronto maple leafs play every single saturday night. Get the ottawa senators to play some night without it being against the leafs. Now you know what I think and most of you will disagree with me for saying that about the maple leafs. Later...
  • Every Saturday night in Winter, me and my dad watch this show.

    Another great show. I love hockey, and every Saturday night, I love ti even more. Go Leafs Go! I LOVE coach\'s corner, with Don Cherry (a one game wonder) and Ron McLean (D\'ont know anything else about him.) I\'m Canadian, so that means I should just crave hockey, rigth? Well if I should,i\'m doin\' a he double hockey sticks of a job! Thee Leafs will win the cup this year, I have a feeling \'bout it. I also like Behind the Mask, with former NHL goalie, Kelly Hrudey. Any Montreal fan reading this, good luck, but Toronto\'s is going to win the cup!
  • cherry and mclean are a great mix together

    i always love when the first period ends because i know that don cherry and ron mclean will be on next. cherry has this flare to him which is pretty addictive. he speaks his mind and has some great comments about the game. he loves canadians and hates europeans. he also really dislikes french canadians but not as much as those wimpy europeans who are always diving. great show.
  • I would give this a 10 but,

    Out of protest of the lockout I am taking .1 away & because of the over the top biasedness towards the Leafs I am taking another .1 away (although I should take 1.1 off for that). Don Cherry & kelly Hrudey are worth the time to watch & Ron McLean is Cherrys perfect advisary. Greg Millen, Bob Cole, Harry Neale & Dick Irvin all need to be canned.
  • Saturday night is hockey night, and CBC show two games every Saturday.

    I am a hockey fan. CBC has started to show more hockey games in different areas as they should but up until now they have been very biased. They show leaf games every week in every region (I know this because I have bell express vu for CBC in all regions). The habs (who I watch on RDS every Saturday since CBC is so biased) and the senators have not gotten even half as much air time as the crappy leafs. So if you lived in Montreal or Ottawa they wouldn't give you your team. Surprisingly, the team that they chose to be biased about is the worst of the three eastern Canadian teams. With that being said, the second half when they show the Western teams is actually divided up fairly. The announcers are not that great either. I remeber one time I was watching a habs (one of the rare occasions they showed them because they were facing the leafs) and one of announcers thought that Domonik Hasek still played for the Sabres (or at least said something about it). Another thing, whats the deal with Don Cherry? He makes some of the stupidest remarks. I wont even get into that.
    One other thing, I notice that CBC blurs the screen so people will buy their HD. They don't do that on RDS (french TSN).

    With that being so bad, no matter how crappy the broadcasting is, it's still hockey (thought I usually will be watching broadcasting on another station).

    The reason why I really think CBC shouldn't be so biased is that our tax dollars go to this and people in different regions should get to see their team play, and that is a statement that no one can disagree with.
  • The Good old Hockey Games

    Every Saturday since the 50's has had Hockey Night in Canada a Canadian Team will be playing in Canada and currently the Host Ron Maclane and he is parred up with Don Cherry From coaches corner review before,During and after The Hockey Games we continue our Tradition From October to May and the Winner gets the Stanley Cup who will it be The Ottawa Senators Who else Go Sens Go
  • Hockey Night in Canada features Canadian NHL teams playing hockey every saturday night during the regular season, and presents a game every night throughout the playoffs.

    Hockey Night In Canada isn\'t merely a show for Canadians, it\'s an institution...one of the threads that holds the tapestry of our vast country together from coast to coast. It is the gold standard for hockey broadcasts; superior camerawork and direction, quality play-by-play and color commentary, and excellent presentation of stats througout the game. Of course, the always boisterous and colourful (and often controversial) Don Cherry holds court in his Coach\'s Corner segment during the first intermission with straight-man Ron Maclean. Hockey Night in Canada is to hockey what Monday Night Football is to football: clearly a superior broadcast of a game.
  • Hockey is lame.

    Hockey is another pathetic sport in todays world. This whole world id screwed up due to all the sports and other meaningless things out there. Sports bore me and i cannot stand seeing football or any other sport on FOX when new episodes of a show are about to air. They are lame.
  • HNIC is more than the 2 teams on the ice.

    Like Monday Night Football (ABC/ESPN) has become the defacto standard for football coverage...this is HNIC for hockey.

    No one has been able to improve upon the formula. No glowing pucks / rinkside mics. / robotic animations.

    If American fans want to appreciate the game more on TV...get the broadcasters to follow HNIC's lead regarding camera angles, professionalism of hosts and intermissions focused on hockey (not a time to update scores in other sports).

    It may disappear in a few years as TSN (ESPN CANADA) and SportsNetwork bid for the broadcast rights, but they better follow this established lead.

    Surely....that's gotta be it!
  • Saturday midnights

    Midnight Saturday in the UK for me means only one thing, HNIC, which is shown live direct from CBC on the NASN (North American Sports Network)channel. What a fantastic heaven of hockey with commentators who know what they are talking about, keeping your attention in the game and making me curse every time there is an ad break. Sometimes we may be shown a taped version on Sunday mornings if there has been a major sporting event in the US on a Saturday night, but this is rare. Ron McLean is an excellent host aided by Don Cherry in his Coach's Corner segment. Satellite Hotstove and the other intermission segments make it much more enjoyable than ESPN's offerings. Hockey Night in Canada is the highlight of Sport week on TV.
  • When Montreal is not playing on RDS im always watching hockey night in Canada on CBC.

    although i dislike the toronto maple leafs i still watch hockey night in canada to watch the other teams play when montreal is not playing on the RDS channel. im usualy watching the 2nd game on saturday night after the maple leafs playes.
    GO HABS GO, they will win the cup this year, Welcome Back.
  • Saturdays at 7pm in the winter, where is everybody? That's right! Watching Hockey Night in Canada on CBC. Hockey Night in Canada shows two NHL hockey games in a row every Saturday night and is the highest rated show in Canada.

    "Hello Canada, and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland": the words of Foster Hewitt. I love Hockey Night in Canada. Watching it every Saturday night in the winter is a tradition. With weekly doubleheaders, it is the best show in Canada. Hockey Night in Canada makes its triumphant return in October 2005!
  • How do I get to see this in San Francisco? Someone help me please!

    This isn't really a show review since I'm unlucky and can't watch it, not being in Canada. I saw it a few times when I was on vacation in Toronto, but that's it. If anyone knows how I can get this, PLEASE PLEASE tell me! I met Don Cherry a few years back and he rocks. He signed my Don Cherry binder at a Kings game, and wrote "To Lisa, With Love, Don Cherry." Ha ha. That totally made my day! He's a comic. I also wonder how Kelly Hrudey is... he was always a bit of a pain on the Kings. Didn't like signing autographs for fans. But, I guess it can get tiring after a while. Ah well... Here's hoping I can get this show one day.
  • Hockey Hockey Hockey

    Finally on october 5th My life Returns, Watching Hockey Night in Canada Where the Montreal Canafiens will dominate. This is great show, not really a show, but I love hockey so i had to give Hockey Night in Canada a good review. If you like good hockey watch hockey night in canada.
  • October can't get here fast enough: GRAPES IS BACK!!!!

    It's a damn shame that more Americans don't have access to the CBC on Saturday nights. For every Saturday night from October to April, and into the post-season, CBC presents Hockey Night In Canada.

    Two great games, with outstanding broadcasters, led by Ron MacLean (the Bob Costas of Canada), and the immortal Don Cherry. For those not familiar with his performances during 'Coaches Corner' segments, imagine a combination of Robin Williams, John Madden, Jim Rome, and Bobby Knight, with a heart of gold, and you get Don Cherry. Humorous, a top strategist, acid-tongued, and bombastic, Cherry, or Grapes as he's called (a nickname given years ago because he was perceived to 'wine' a lot), is only on for 5 minutes in his between period segment, yet it is arguably the most entertaining 5 minutes on TV each week.

    Thank God I have a satellite dish, and that there will be hockey again this fall! Welcome back Grapes, we missed you terribly...
  • i want to watch the show again. better coverage of nhl.

    this is the right tv program for nhl fans. i enjoy watching the show. i was only able to watch on nhl center ice. i am hoping the program has a feed for us viewers. i enjoyed watching the heritage classic and world cup of hockey in 2004. new fan! i can wait until the new nhl season starts.
  • Next fall HNIC Will be Back

    With the CBA talks going nowhere else but up, we'll see Hockey Night In Canada back this fall and we can see all of the Ole gang back. Every canadian has to have watched atleast on Hockey Night In Canada. It has to be also the most watched canadian program ever.