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Ni Hao, Kai-lan

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Ni Hao, Kai-lan, which is Mandarin for "Hello, Kai-lan" introduces us to a five-year-old preschooler named Kai-lan, who invites friends at home to share in the colorful interplay of Chinese and American cultures, as well as the Mandarin language, through interactive exercises and magical stories. Kai-lan also teaches children ages 2-5 how to understand their emotions and deal with them properly.

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  • An insult to my culture.

    I am a Chinese girl myself, and I hate the fact that my culture is used in an annoying kids' show like this.

    This show is one of the most annoying shows I've ever watched in my life! I'd rather listen to nails scraping on a chalkboard for an hour than watch this! I know what some of you might think; "Hurr, this show's for kids!" Out of all of the little kids in my family, none of them even remotely liked this abomination. All of the dialogue is basically, "SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN!!!!" I guarantee that you'll be annoyed and want to punch the TV. I made up a great soda drinking game out of this pile of garbage. Once you hear the dialogue mentioned above, you need to take a sip! Whoever drinks all of the soda first loses! The last one standing is the winner! It also teaches kids that breaking things is good and being bad is the right thing to do, much like Caillou, another disaster of a kids show. Not to mention, much like Dora the Explorer, this show only cares about another country this is not the USA. NO LOVE FOR AMERICA? THAT'S SAD! :( Please, parents, don't expose this to your children.moreless
  • Ni Hao, Asshole

    This show is crap. It really is. It sucks and you must avoid it at all costs.

    A *** named Kai Lan, a 5 year old girl is exploring in USA. Then a whiney monkey named Hoho, a brat named Rintoo, an asshole named Tolee, and a dumbass bitch hoe named Lulu go on stupid adventures that are unexplainably stupid. Kai Lan is an annoying lifeless lowlife ***, and I also hate her because she is a girl, Hoho is a hairy dick with no soul, Rintoo is a huge asshole, while Tolee is an even bigger one, and I hate Lulu because she is a girl, enough said. She's also very annoying.

    I am glad it's gone. The show was terrible, I'm just so glad it's gone. This show is dead, enough said. Hey I rhymed! :D

    I'm just glad it got the bootmoreless
  • Sure beats the hell out of dora!

    OH MAH GOD! I used to love this damn show! I still do! It's so adorable! CUTE! The animation is also great! The fact that a cute happy sun shoots out sun-fuzzies that tickle people is cute! Good for kids as well!
  • well what do you know? an another blatant dora the explorer rip off

    the segments of this show has been stuck into my mind for about 5 solid years, and i have wasted about 1200 minutes of about 40 episodes of my life that i cannot get back. just like i said with the purple dinosaur in my manuscript, the designers really should have taken lessons from barney and friends. ok, here is my overall:

    we start with a score of 100:

    plot: like a similar plot to dora the explorer's the characters are in a chinese synopsis of the kai lan universe.


    kai lan: kai lan loves people who are super happy. whenever she gets sad or mad, she starts to rage quit. -20 points.

    we have a score of 80 left.

    rintoo: a tiger who is always a spoiled, whiney little brat who always wanted to brag anyone about anything. that's another 10 points off for extreme spoiledness like bloo from foster's home for imaginary friends.

    others: defintely annoying.

    graphics: very horrible, and look like ass. 30 points for lack of creativity.

    score: 40.

    educational value: this show has no educational value at all. i agree on the dreadangelus's review, the viewers should have gotten a chinese tutor for learning a language like this. 30 points for severe lack of education.

    score: 10. there's still hope.

    episodes: those episodes most definitely can be cruel at times for newbies who watched this show. but wait, is there any reason why kai lan is about problem solving skills? that's another 10 points off for creativity stupidity.

    total score: 0.

    total overall: F-.

    this show deserves to be cancelled for it's lackluster educational value, and the mockbusterness of dora the explorer. nickelodeon, if you're going to make some preschool education tv shows, then use some REAL educational value, but no action/adventure, or anything like that.moreless
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  • © 2007 Nickelodeon

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