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  • I Hate this show

    That tiger got angry and I Hated it

    That God The US Took the show off the air completley on September 30, 2016!

  • An insult to my culture.

    I am a Chinese girl myself, and I hate the fact that my culture is used in an annoying kids' show like this.

    This show is one of the most annoying shows I've ever watched in my life! I'd rather listen to nails scraping on a chalkboard for an hour than watch this! I know what some of you might think; "Hurr, this show's for kids!" Out of all of the little kids in my family, none of them even remotely liked this abomination. All of the dialogue is basically, "SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN!!!!" I guarantee that you'll be annoyed and want to punch the TV. I made up a great soda drinking game out of this pile of garbage. Once you hear the dialogue mentioned above, you need to take a sip! Whoever drinks all of the soda first loses! The last one standing is the winner! It also teaches kids that breaking things is good and being bad is the right thing to do, much like Caillou, another disaster of a kids show. Not to mention, much like Dora the Explorer, this show only cares about another country this is not the USA. NO LOVE FOR AMERICA? THAT'S SAD! :( Please, parents, don't expose this to your children.
  • Ni Hao, Asshole

    This show is crap. It really is. It sucks and you must avoid it at all costs.

    A *** named Kai Lan, a 5 year old girl is exploring in USA. Then a whiney monkey named Hoho, a brat named Rintoo, an asshole named Tolee, and a dumbass bitch hoe named Lulu go on stupid adventures that are unexplainably stupid. Kai Lan is an annoying lifeless lowlife ***, and I also hate her because she is a girl, Hoho is a hairy dick with no soul, Rintoo is a huge asshole, while Tolee is an even bigger one, and I hate Lulu because she is a girl, enough said. She's also very annoying.

    I am glad it's gone. The show was terrible, I'm just so glad it's gone. This show is dead, enough said. Hey I rhymed! :D

    I'm just glad it got the boot
  • Sure beats the hell out of dora!

    OH MAH GOD! I used to love this damn show! I still do! It's so adorable! CUTE! The animation is also great! The fact that a cute happy sun shoots out sun-fuzzies that tickle people is cute! Good for kids as well!
  • well what do you know? an another blatant dora the explorer rip off

    the segments of this show has been stuck into my mind for about 5 solid years, and i have wasted about 1200 minutes of about 40 episodes of my life that i cannot get back. just like i said with the purple dinosaur in my manuscript, the designers really should have taken lessons from barney and friends. ok, here is my overall:

    we start with a score of 100:

    plot: like a similar plot to dora the explorer's the characters are in a chinese synopsis of the kai lan universe.


    kai lan: kai lan loves people who are super happy. whenever she gets sad or mad, she starts to rage quit. -20 points.

    we have a score of 80 left.

    rintoo: a tiger who is always a spoiled, whiney little brat who always wanted to brag anyone about anything. that's another 10 points off for extreme spoiledness like bloo from foster's home for imaginary friends.

    others: defintely annoying.

    graphics: very horrible, and look like ass. 30 points for lack of creativity.

    score: 40.

    educational value: this show has no educational value at all. i agree on the dreadangelus's review, the viewers should have gotten a chinese tutor for learning a language like this. 30 points for severe lack of education.

    score: 10. there's still hope.

    episodes: those episodes most definitely can be cruel at times for newbies who watched this show. but wait, is there any reason why kai lan is about problem solving skills? that's another 10 points off for creativity stupidity.

    total score: 0.

    total overall: F-.

    this show deserves to be cancelled for it's lackluster educational value, and the mockbusterness of dora the explorer. nickelodeon, if you're going to make some preschool education tv shows, then use some REAL educational value, but no action/adventure, or anything like that.
  • Better then Dora/go deigo but still bad

    Still sucks but at lest it's a little better used to watch this when I was young but not anymore. 2.5/10 Painful
  • Dora vs. Kai-lan

    People are comparing this to Dora the Explorer... This is BETTER than Dora. When I have watched Dora, she has repeated things so many times it makes me want to throw something at the screen. "what do we have to do? cross the bridge, go over the mountains, then through the woods!" OVER and OVER. I'm pretty sure the kids get it after the second time. I found her too annoying to watch more than twice.

    Kai-lan does not unnecessarily repeat things. The characters may seem annoying at times (some voices and seemingly clingy-ness/codependency get to me sometimes), but the show is NOT annoying, as Dora's is. Also, The environment where they wander about (and the characters) seem more colourful and exciting.

    This show is 1up on Dora, or maybe 5up?

    Plus, you get to learn some Chinese that may be pointless, words like "jump" and "snow," but someday everyone may be forced to speak Chinese so we'll be a few words ahead of a lot of people ; )
  • Not another Dora The Explorer!

    This show is just a weird rip off of Dora.I don't like this one bit and like I said in my Dora review if you want to learn a new language then GET TO A F*CKING TUTOR I had enough off people trying to make people learn chinise or whatever by watching a forgien language show so get a bleedin tutor. So avoid this and watch Bubble Guppies or Kerwhizz two funpacked educational shows for growing children.
  • What's this? A chinese version of dora. Just what we need.

    This is just worst as Dora.

    Plot: Just like Dora's plot's only chinese-filled.

    Characters: They are annoying. REALLY annoying. Most of them have bad influences on kids, such as that tiger who always whine like an spoiled brat.

    Value: None. To learn Chinese, go buy a Chinese book that focuses on studying languages for your kids, Espanol is a little easy, and it's a good point (A good point that Dora The Explorer had) but chinese, you won't learn by single words.

    Art: Animation is decent, but the designs make Dora The Explorer look brilliant.

    Overall: -2. They should cancel this show that rejects to be a chinese spin-off of Dora The Explorer.
  • Learning Chinese

    My daughters love this show as well as dora. I have a 3 1/2 and 2 year old, they cant wait for Ni Hao Kai lan to come on. My 3 year old knows words and their meanings in Chinese. This is an excellent tool for learning a language. The best times for someone to learn another language is 2-6 years old because of the development of their brain. They cannot read a book to learn these languages, also this garauntees correct pronunciation. It should play more than once a day.
  • Kai-lan is a Chinese girl who is always happy to play with her friends: Rintoo(a tiger), Ho-Ho(a monkey) and Tolee(a koala bear). She also has a Grandfather whom she calls Yeye who helps her and her friends in their different colorful adventures.

    I love this show! It is very positive with "feel good" atmosphere and not "overly done" happy characters. It effectively teaches Chinese (which is quite difficult to teach, by the way) with constant repetition of the selected word/words throughout the episode or sometimes in other episodes too. It tackles not just material or physical "problems" but also the emotional "problems" that kids actually experience at that age. What's very good about it is that the show offers ways on how to solve these emotional difficulties! So by the end of the show, everybody is happy again. Can't wait for the coming episodes! By the way, i hope they come up with another human character who is of the same age as Kai-lan.
  • If you have seen Dora the Explorer or Go, Diego, Go!, then you have seen Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and it's just as bad as those two shows

    As if Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! weren't bad enough, someone decided it was a great idea to rip that show off and make it just as bad if not worse. Kai-Lan is a show about a young girl who goes around and does adventures with her animal friends and interacts with the viewer throughout the show. All through the show, we see the animal friends and while they were bad, the worst one of them all was Rintoo the tiger. All Rintoo does is whine and complain about everything and is a very pessimistic person who will get on everyone's nerves very fast. The show also some weird artwork. Why is everyone's head so huge? The animation is decent and flows nicely in this show. And enough with the foreign languages already! If a kid wants to learn a different language, have them go to a foreign language class in school, and besides not all little kids are very intelligent. So what's the point? There is of course the apparently now traditional of breaking the 4th wall and asking the audience for help. It's really old now nad is not necessary at all. Then just like Dora, we are treated to bad musical numbers that are guaranteed to make you mute the TV. All the plots are boring and have very little creativity to them. I am sad to see how kids shows have degenerated and these type of shows need to stop, these shows are NOT educational at all.
  • When a terrible show rips-off an already terrible show on the same network,you know it's bad


    Dora the Explorer has killed Nick JR.,and now educational shows will never be the same again. However,Nick Jr. decided to rip-off their own show,but make it just as bad,and as a result,we end up with Ni Hao,Kai-Lan. This show is about a chinese girl named Kai Lan who goes on adventures with her grandpa and her talking animal friends. So,this is exactly like Dora the Explorer,however,it gets worse. First off,the animation is horrible to look at. Japanese animation isn't bad,but seriously,this show's animation makes Japanese animation look like Fanboy and Chum Chum. Second,the characters act the same in every episode. All they ever do is whine and cry all the time,and don't get anything. For example,in one episode,the koala played musical chairs,and when he lost,he cried because (get this) he can't play with his friends when he should know that that's how the game is played. Another one had the tiger (I think) getting mad because he lost a raft race. So this show is teaching kids that losing is not fair,and games can't be played right? Seriously,this is like Dora. Kai-Lan is the only character who doesn't even whine,but is still a bad character. The education just fails on many levels. This show teaches kids to learn chinese,but here's the problem. Little kids are watching this,and I don't think they will get Chinese. It's just like Dora teaching little kids spanish. But at least this show doesn't teach kids to say something chinese to make something stop. This show also has the stupid "Ask the audience" thing. Why? Wasn't one show enough to do that? Overall,Ni Hao Kai Lan was a poorly done attempt to teach people chinese,and ended up as a rip-off of another terrible educational show. Here's something to do kids: Read a book to learn chinese or spanish,and don't watch this junk.

  • Kids,read a language book,not this stuff.

    Nick Jr thought it was a great idea to make this,however,it's nothing more that a rip-off of Dora The Explorer. It's about a little chinese girl named Kai-Lan who goes on adventures with talking animals and her stupid grandpa. First off,This does the same thing as Dora:teaching kids about a language.Kids,read a book about speaking chinese,because this just makes kids stupid. Second of all,the educational lessons and all the animals cry for stupid things. For example,in one episode,The kolala cried because he couldn't play with his friends in musical chairs because he got eliminated even though he doesn't know that's how the game is played. What an idiot.In another episode,the tiger got mad because he lost a boat race. What an idiot too. This also does the stupid so easy a caveman car answer them questions.In the same episode with the kolala being a baby,Kai-Lan asked the audience if he was crying because couldn't play with them even though she knew why.So to make it short,this show is terrible and is a rip-off of Dora.
  • This show is beautiful and more attractive than beautiful!

    Why are people being extremely violent about this show? I think this show is adorable i know it's like dora but teaches you chinese words and much more cuter and beautiful for a 2008 animation on nick jr. actually it may appeal the small kids too, i don't really like dora anymore since like i said on my max and ruby review i grew out of children shows but i still watch some i like or still like. So this china/american girl teaches you how to get along with people and don't get angry or upset when something goes wrong you always have to be kind and be happy and enjoy life like kai-lan does so there is no reason to get angry over this show but yes it is illogical to have animal friends but still a cute show.
  • Happy medium, nothing special.

    This show is a happy medium. Not too shabby, except for the stupid pauses, and the art isn't too brightly colored either. The only issue I do have with it is the presence of stereotypes in it, I may have skipped something, but that's it. There's nothing bad to type about Kai Lan, except for that and the stupid plotlines...the wimpiness of the characters too tick me off...

    'Well, I'll eat it,' said Alice, 'and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I'll get into the garden, and I don't care which happens!'

    That's how I feel for Kai Lan.
  • This show is very much like Dora, but so much cuter! We sing similar songs, and ask questions of the viewer, but we don't wait as annoyingly long after the questions.

    The emphasis is on being a good person, not how to solve problems about going places, questing, etc. When Kai-lan speaks Mandarin to her grandfather, well, that's cute, but the show makes no pretense of trying to teach us like other shows teach Spanish. Everyone in my life is into kids' shows right now. Of course, most of them have toddlers, while I don't - but, you can't visit my brother's house without someone saying "coming to the rescue!" when they hand you a paper towel or a martini. And these shows really are becoming more and more fun as time goes on. Kai-lan is so cute! I can barely stand it!
  • This may be a good children's show, but to those who watch it when they're babysitting....

    This show is just another ripoff....a Chinese ripoff of Dora the Explorer, the main character is annoying, she talks to much, and her granddad needs to shut the f#ck up. I bet that he doesn't even know where the hell he is half the time. He needs to have a heart attack already. And those animals need to be taken off the endangered species list and hunted, killed, and set up on a wall. And the way they use that same beat over and over again with different lyrics is just stupid, The animation looks nice for a kid's show, but when the girl starts talking to ants that's just freaky as hell. What? She teaching my little brother and cousins how to talk to deadly fire ants?

    All in all a 5.0, only because it's a children's show.

    For older views though, they may wonder if Nick's producers are on drugs.
  • corny....

    whenever i see this show,i kinda feel like i'm watchin Dora. i mean, the little girl has animal friends, instead of Spanish she's Chinese, & every couple minutes she sorta stares at you like Dora doesO.o what's happened to nick jr? i miss watchin Blue's Clues, Gullah Gullah Island, etc. this show needs to go. also, why are they tryin to teach kids another language when they barely know how to speak English? kids should just take foreign lang. classes when they get to high school. the songs in this show are really annoying. that's all i gotta say about the dumb show 'Ni hao, Kai-Lan'
  • Dumb Dumb Dumb!

    OK, this show plain sucks. I hate it becuase the girl is so friggin anoying. Those animals need to be hunted down and there Uncle must be killed. Also the Animation plain stinks for a childrens show. Plus the acting is like Sh@t. As i said in my Dora review, its brainwashing our kids and were suppose to be Speaking English! Immigrants can speak there own language, but the offical language of the US is English. Dont make our kids watch dumb TV Shows! Let them instead take language classes. Please take of this show and put something actually educational. The only thing educational i see on nick jr these days is Wonder Pets!.1.5/10!

    BTW: Please dont say im abusive becuase im Racist, im really not. I support the Asian and Latino communities. I just hate these shows. Thank You!
  • Not the best show on Nick Jr. Also not the worst.

    It's not as good as Dora the Explorer. Apperently the creator wanted to do a Dora the Explorer like program that teaches Chinese. Not the most original series, but it's passable. It's also similar to other Nick Jr. shows, in which they force kids into learning the target subject instead of having kids interested in learning. They repeat it multiple times in order to get the picture. At least it does have educational value, compared to "Max and Ruby". It's efficient but it forces kids to become robots. The Voices are kinda loud but good. The animation is not the best of Nick Jr. It's Flash, but it's not the worst i've seen in Flash. There are better kids shows out there. It seems like Team Umizoomi is the only show on Nick Jr. that does not rely on repetitive plots, and actually teaches kids acedemics instead of "Dont hit your friends" or "Throw your Trash in the Trash Can" That is what a good kids show looks like. This show will never be as good as the shows that were on Nick Jr when it was on Nickelodeon, like for example "Blues Clues" or "Little Bill"
  • fun

    this show is cool so we could learn chinese for the people who are chinease here. don't think there saying bad words cause you don't know what there saying sometimes, but it could be fun to learn a new language (or um... unless your racest) this show is sweet because it could help the people and dora doesn't do that, its just that they go to places they don't know and all of a suddon this guy robs them or something.Nia hao kai-lan is waaaay better than Dora, Nia hao kai-lan could help other people with their problems or something!!!
  • My daughter loves Dora the Explorer but she is adopted from China so I really wished she could learn Mandarin the way she was picking up Spanish from Dora...then this show premiered. It was exactly what I was looking for and more.

    This show is often called the Chinese Dora the Explorer because it contains many of the same elements - cute, spunky little girl with cute fun friends incorporating another language naturally into the show. There is more emphasis in this show on Chinese culture than I see of Spanish culture in Dora. This show doesn't have the three steps (how do we get to...) that Dora usually has but the songs are fun, the lessons timeless and easy for the preschool set to absorb. Because the culture is more emphasized it may seem a little more foreign and not as easy to relate to for kids. Still, a great show and meets the needs of helping to expose kids to a language that will likely prove useful in the future.
  • A wonderful litte animation, teaching children (and adults)social interaction while sharing the Chinese culture.

    As a proud parent of a daughter adopted from the Hunan Province in China, I (we) are excited that this show is on for her. Her face lights up when she hears the intro and she is glued to every word Kai Lan says. It is a wonderful help for us to blend her traditional culture into her new life here in the United States. Better than Dora as it teaches social lessions as well as cultural. Each episode Kai Lan helps us to understand how to dael with topics like sharing, anger, winning, losign and doing your best.

    We Love it.