Ni Hao, Kai-lan - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)


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Episode Guide

  • 8/14/09
    Kai-lan, Ye Ye and her friends travel to China to meet Kai-lan's great aunt, Gui Nai Nai to visit her and meet a village on top of a bamboo forest full of pandas as they help a baby panda at a naming party. What will be the baby panda's name?
  • 6/10/09
    The gang goes to a water park, where Rintoo annoys everyone with his roughhousing.
  • Stompy Rides Again
    Episode 26
    Kai-lan and her buddies go on a train ride and realize there isn't room for their elephant pal Stompy, so they build a new train car for Stompy.
  • Rintoo's Big Flip
    Episode 25
    Kai-lan and her pals get to take part in a show with the Chinese Rabbit Acrobats. However, Rintoo doesn't practice his flips, so he quits the show.
  • 5/15/09
    Kai-lan wants to throw a thank-you party for Ye ye, but when nothing goes as planned, she gets frustrated and starts crying. Her pals then show her how to rely on humor to get through disappointing situations.
  • The Moon Festival
    Episode 23
    Hoho is thrilled that he gets to stay awake for his first Chinese Moon Festival, but soon be becomes disappointed when a cloudy sky hides the moon.
  • Hula Duck Dance Party
  • The Place Where We All Live
  • 5/13/09
    While at a party at Tolee's house, Rintoo accidentally tears Tolee's new painting. Kai-lan then stresses the importance of forgiveness to a very upset Tolee.
  • Kai-lan's Big Play
    Episode 21
    Hoho doesn't get the part he wants in a play about the Monkey King, so he lets his anger get the best of him and quits the play. Kai-lan then tries to get him to express his frustration in a calm way.
  • 8/22/11
    Do you know who Kai-lan’s favorite superhero is? The Monkey King! Kai-lan & friends are having a Monkey King PARTY at their playhouse! When Kai-lan goes outside, she helps out a beetle who needs help. But, the beetle transforms into the Monkey King!
  • 5/11/09
    The gang members work on making a dinosaur-shaped balloon for a festival, and they learn the importance of pitching in after Stompy initially shows some reluctance to helping Kai-lan fix a balloon she broke.
  • Princess Kai-lan
    Episode 19
    The Monkey King needs help bringing peace to the magical kingdom - the foxes and the bears won't talk to each other! It's up to Kai-lan to figure out the problem, help them become friends, and unite the kingdom once again!
  • 2/2/09
    The gang heads to the Ladybug Festival and Tolee leads the way through the woods, but Rintoo and Hoho chatter so much they can't hear Tolee's directions. Kai-lan then tries explaining to her pals how important it is to listen to others.
  • 5/28/10
    Kai-lan invites us to a dance party at the Hula Ducks' island beach house! When the games lead to Tolee having to sit out every time, he starts crying and it's up to Kai-lan to help find a new way to play so no one is left out
  • Tolee's Turn
    Episode 17
    Kai-lan invites us to come sail a beautiful dinosaur boat with her friends - and play hide and seek with some dolphins! But when Rintoo won't give Tolee a turn steering the boat, things come to a standstill.
  • 2/19/10
    Kai-lan and her friends are building a snowcoaster! Everyone has a job to do, but Rintoo keeps taking Hoho's jobs because he can do them so easily. Kai-lan teaches Rintoo that Hoho can still help, despite his size.
  • 4/22/10
    While playing with their new kits, Kai-lan and her friends learn the importance of cleaning up trash and taking care of the places we live.
  • Tolee's Promise
    Episode 14
    The snails are having a carnival today, but their merry-go-round broke! Kai-lan has an idea - she and her friends can make them a new one.
  • Pandy's Puddle
    Episode 13
    When Tolee's stuffed panda falls in the mud, YeYe takes it away to clean it - which makes Tolee very sad. Kai-lan must help Tolee feel better so he can enjoy the special Garden Celebration.
  • Kai-lan's Playhouse
    Episode 12
    While decorating the new playhouse Yeya and the ants have built, Hoho gets mad and hits Rintoo. Kai-lan needs your help to show Hoho a better way to express his feelings.
  • Lulu's Cloud
    Episode 11
    Everyone's invited to Lulu's magical house in the clouds but Hoho gets upset when he sees that everything is different that what he's used to. It's up to Kai-lan to help Hoho see that he might like new things if he just tries.