Nick Arcade

Saturday 10:00 AM on Nick Jr. Premiered Nov 03, 2001 In Season


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  • Nick Arcade - Two teams compete against each other by answering questions, playing games, and solving puzzles, to get into the Video Zone to take on one of three Game Wizards.

    Nick Arcade was one of my favorite shows ever. It ( like I already state ) had two teams, usually consisting of one boy and one girl, competing to win the game for prizes by answering questions, playing games, and solving puzzles. The host, Phil Moore, acts a bit extreme at times, but he's definitely a fantastic host. The games are those that are usually on systems such as the SEGA Genesis. Nick Arcade, luckily, is still on, but only at 4 A.M. (EST) on Nickelodeon Gas. Knowing how Nickelodeon Gas has been doing lately, (not so good) Nick Arcade may not be allowed much longer, so you should watch as many episodes and tape as many episodes as you can.

    My favorite part of this show is easily when the winning team plays against the Game Wizard. The teams dress up and go into a room where they are put on a monitor as if they were inside a video game. It's super entertaining, especially funny, because most of the time the player's have no idea what they are doing and can't see what's going on. Still, like I said, this is a show that I can't praise enough.

    There really isn't much more to say. I only gave the show the rating I did simply because I haven't watched it enough. I only get the chance to watch Nick Arcade during the summer when I'm out of school, which is super cool, and because of the fact that there just aren't enough episodes. This is the end of my review. Now treat yourself to A.) Staying up and watching Nick Arcade or B.) Calling a digital cable phone number to get Nick Gas A.S.A.P!
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