Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out

Tuesday 11:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jul 28, 2005 In Season


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  • Holy smokes many eps :0

    Various results with music, improv, and comedy. Unlike other shows that pressure the audience to clap even to the eh jokes, this is more honest if its a miss. Makes me want to play these kind of games. This is my alternative for Whose Line is it anyway, those newer eps, tired of usual, sex jokes and Aisha Tyler.

    2-5 random ep (May-July 2015) MTV
  • Need to workout how to talk to people nick cannon wild'n out

    the show was fun to be honsetly they have me laugh but the co worker who work there suck they don't know how to talk to people they are very rude they don't want to listern what I have to said , the actors are nice to me but not nick cannon he was disrespectful to me telling me to suck his dick what kind of men will said that to a men u a role model to me and now I fucking hate you piece of shit don't get mad because your wife don't go out with you no more u wannabe fake celebrate black Baster lucky didn't punch you in the face very upset with you bad role model to kids and the sercuity suck too they dmsoinfnthe something they need to all be fired go back to LA where yafucking belong don't come to NYC
  • A rapping and dancing mtv show which features a different celebrity each week to take part in a competition with some of the best comedians and rappers known in America.There is a number of rounds in which the participants insult and challenge each other.

    This MTV show is brilliant and is one of the best shows ever to come from the channel.The fun and energetic show features a number of comedians and entertainers who take part in a competition featuring a different celebrity every week.I love the way the different rounds involve slagging each other off and mimicking celebrities.I find it hilariously funny and the fact the entertainers make up their insults and rhymes on the spot is amazing.I look forward to seeing which celebrity is taking part each week and it always provides brilliant entertainment.I do wish it was on more often however and think Mtv underuse the show and I really think they would benefit from airing it more often as it pulls in millions of viewers.It is extremely popular in suburban areas where young teenagers are very influenced by rapping and rap-offs.All in all it is a brilliant show and I think Nick Cannon and all his co-entertainers should be extremely happy with the popularity of the show.
  • This is a laugh out loud show with jokes from the top of the dome!!! Not only are there awesome guests there are awesome teams!

    This show is awesome and hilarious. The star Nick Cannon is the host and participant. There are 2 teams that fight over the comedy championship belt. Every episode they invite a guest that helps the black team out to fight against the red team. There are 3 rounds and the bonus round called freestyle. The goal of each round is to be funnier than the other team. Some of the rounds include remixing nursery rimes and classical songs, acting out the name of a song or an actor, making a song about someone's problems, and giving funnier reasons why to die so that you can be pushed of the wall by the grim reaper. This show is my personal favorite. It Rocks!!!!!!!

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
  • A Red team and Black team captained by Nick Cannon and a celebrity guest compete against each other to see who the champion of comedy is!

    This show is hilarious! Some of the guests were disappointing though (Brooke Hogan...ughhh...)... But the show makes up for it because it's sooo funny. I LOVE Katt Williams and he's hardly ever on the show anymore! I'm saltyy. But I do love Shaaaaawtay!, Brandton T Jackson, Mikey Day (Ayo Mikey), and DEFINITELY Afion Crockett! He is SO funny and versatile. He can play 50 Cent and then turn around and play George Bush. He's a great cast member. Some of the highlight skits to me are Family Reunion, Can I Holla, Talkin' Spit, and Plea the Fif. If you're looking for a good laugh and understand most hip-hop culture you should watch this!
  • Not bad!

    This show is a modern version of Whose Line is it Anyway with a hip-hop twist to it. There are two teams, the Red Squad and the Black Squad, each with five players. The Red Squad is always led by Nick Cannon and the Black Squad is led by a celebrity guest star.

    That being said, the show is hilariously funny and there are very few times I don't laugh. The games that are played on the show are always funny and they're rotated so none of them become stale. At the end of the show there is a freestyle rap portion in which jokes are made to a beat. The cast is free to make jokes about anyone for anything, which leads to probably one of the funniest parts of the show. At the end there is always a musical performer, and all of them are great in my opinion.

    The cast, for the most part, does a terrific job. There are, however, some members that hardly have any speaking parts. Also, as is to be expected, there is occasionally a joke that misses.

    All in all, this show is something I look forward to every week
  • it's good but not the best.

    my favorite team is the black team because they always get a celeb for there team captian and the red team gets nick cannon.but favorite thing they do it r.i.p. and hold water in your mouth when you favorite epiosode was when steve-o came on and put that jumper cable on his thing a ma bob and one of the black team member said this is steve-o doing something that i favorite guest star would have to be lloyd because he sang his song and also he did really funny thing on it.this show is funny but it's not the best.
  • so funny

    Nick Cannon and MTV are about to bring the street to the stage with Wild N’ Out- A half hour of unpredictable snaps and outrageous situations. Every episode, it’s Nick vs. A-List celebrities, as each leads their own team of improv comedians in an attempt to come out on top in a variety of ridiculous comic throw downs. Traditional improv games get a hip-hop twist as Nick and others rip the headlines-and reputations. It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame. Don’t miss the illest improv on television. Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N' Out:
  • its really funny

    my review:wild'n out is a awesome show...the red vs. seems like the black team alaways wins everything...but they re really fav. thing yet not a flinstone...but i can make your bed rock...the guy said that to this really hot girl...but i like how they have stars...well popstars there that sing afterwards...they have some girls sometimes they are hot sometimes there not...but thats not the point...i like that nick cannonj is in it becuase i love to watch him...hes a really funny guy...i i forgot his name but hes on the red team...and if you watch short circit then hes the guy who was devonte blain(making fun of david blaine)but my review is a 10!
  • I love the show

    When I first saw the show i thought it was a nother mtv show but it wasnt. turns out to be a pretty cool show well actully the best shows ever ive nevr seen anything so funny . The has the best games although i wish there were more games show is still preety sweet. TThe Best part of the whole is the freestyle battle. All i here when i go out wild n out this and wild n that that also kind of let me know that this shows tha truth that is one of the reason i watch it.

    I love Nick Cannon's show. Wild n Out is GREAT. This show is pure funny. The games they play aare super funny. When they impersonate celebs, i can't wait to hear what the cast has to say. When they play song games, it is so funny to hear what they sing about. However, on top of all the games comes the bonus round, The WildStyle round. Thats when the cast members spit rhymes and dis the cast member of the other team at the same time. They must incorporate a punch line intheir rap. I always like to hear what Katt Williams has to say.
  • Love the cast and the punchlines!!

    This has got to be the best show with Nick Cannon ever. It's so hilarious! Mikey's my favorite. He likes to act black! (sometimes shown after commercials) LOL!!! They're all so funny. The two teams are so good. The Rounds are so cool. I love the fact that the audience has complete control sort of... R & Beef is so good. The punch lines they give may sometimes be offensive but it's all about entertainment and also making all of us laugh and enjoy so good. The guests are so great. Each one of them has talent. Though sometimes the others don't do anything to help their team, in another episode they find a way to make up for it. Absolutely Amazing Comedy and Reality Show! Wild N Out Rocks!!!
  • A funny and hilarious show you must watch!

    Wild n'Out is one funny ass show! It has Nick Cannon, Katt Williams, Robb Hoffman, and many more celebrities. Some are just comedians though. Wild n'Out can make you laugh like crazy. The games they play are also creative and funny. I tried one of their games once and I had a good time. So, that just prooves how good the show is.

    Wiln n'Out can make you have some crazy ass fun! In all, this is a great show to have a GREAT expierience. Have fun watching this show. :D
  • Hey Yo Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your show owns any game show so far in my book!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Nick Cannon can you up your game abit by hosting some kinda special wild n out show? For example hows about you n your crew vs. dave chappelle n hiz crew ( dave chappelle, charlie murphy, paul mooney, donnell rawlings, and a must have mos def to make the wildstyle fair, lol!!etc. and make it atleast 1 hr 30 minutes long!!!!!!!!! now that would be somewhat legendary i rekon!!! you could do it in a huge club or stage or somefin like that. do it for the fans nick!!!!!!!!!! yours sincerely a very thankful fan of wildstyle!!!!!! p.s!!!!!! "love don't cost a thing" waz gud
  • This show is so awesome, and funny

    Nick Cannon has a celebrity to come and be on the black squad to do different rounds of games. The last round all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame. Other cast members of the show are Nyima Funk, Katt Williams, Rob Hoffman, Alanna Ubach, Christine Lakin, Rasika Mathur, DeRay Davis, Gene Hong, Darrel Heath, Joshua Funk, Randall Park, Scruncho, Corey Holcomb, Dominique, Nic Nac, Deric "DJ D-Wrek" Battiste, Affion Crockett, Carlos Hayes, Marques Ray, and Shenika Williams.
  • I used to think this show was kinda lame, but it's getting better.

    At first I thought this show was incredibly lame and corny. No body seemed to be that funny except Affion Crockette and D-Ray (sp?) But I thought Nick Cannon was so corny and he would always get points for his wack jokes. But the black team would do something hilarious and get nothing. I didn't know if it was on purpose or unintentional but it was annoying nonetheless. But later with some funnier guests like Charlie Murphy and Cedric the Entertainer the show got a little better. But real talk... without Kat and some of the less known cast members like Affion and D-Ron, the show would be garbage.
  • Real good improv and freestyling! Best I've seen!

    . This show is so hilarious! And to think they make it up on the spot right there! Sometimes they have crappy guests, like Wayne Brady, who was the worst improvisor/insultor/freestyler on the show's history. But sometimes they get guys like Kanye West, and they just tear it up! I am of the opinion that this is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen on Mtv, and I hope it stays strong for atleast another season. I love the cast members and Nick Cannon is wonderful, I hope these funny guys come back with some more good improvised comedy!
  • Wildn'out is about two groups. Nick Cannon is on the Red Squad and a popular Celebrity is on the Black squad. Compete against each other on who is the funniest on each random situations. The last game is a freestyle rap where both teams battle it out.

    This show is hysterical! I've seen all the episodes so far, and watch reruns over and over again. I like how they have random games, both teams are hilarous. What I like most about it is when they have diffrent celebrities come in, i love how they play the game. This show inspired me, I would love to go on it. My favorite episode is when they the guest Lil John come in. This show would guarantee make you laugh and make you have a good time.
  • I love this show.

    It's so funny. The games are great. The Wildstyle is the best. Nick Cannon is so funny. This show is great. The fact that the black team captain is always someone different means that it is not the same boring thing over and over again. I also like the fake commercials and the little skits at the beggining of the show and at the break.
  • off the hook

    Nick Cannon and MTV are about to bring the street to the stage with Wild N’ Out- A half hour of unpredictable snaps and outrageous situations. Every episode, it’s Nick vs. A-List celebrities, as each leads their own team of improv comedians in an attempt to come out on top in a variety of ridiculous comic throw downs. Traditional improv games get a hip-hop twist as Nick and others rip the headlines-and reputations. It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who lost the title in a rap battle then challengengd it again for the title but in a wrestling match but lost
  • Great show to wacth over and over again if you get the chance to.

    This Show is one of the shows i myself try not to miss. It has some of the funny comedians that i bet alot of people haven\'t heard of and it brings more to teh talbe with each weeks guest star. It\'s never really the same ever week except for one, i know i will atleast find one thing to make me laugh in the is show. If your a fan of the Chappelle show our any skt comedy show it basically like that, but Nick Cannon is the one hosting. So if your ever in the mode to laugh on Thursday night i would put on MTv to wacth Wild N\' Out
  • This show is extremely funny, and actually interesting. The jokes they and games they do are really creative and people should stop saying that Nick Cannon was ripping off 'Whose Line Is It Anyway'.

    The show is funny, creative, and suprisingly entertaining coming from Niock Cannon whose rapping carrer is not that great. So I expected a lot less that what he gave to audience. But anyway you should check out the show cause even the most uptight, stick in the mud, tightwad, would like this show. The only complaint i have is that the red team almost always wins even though half of the time the don't deserve it. But to keep making money DJ D-Wreck has to do whatever Nick says so if Nick says that the red ream has to win the show, the red team has to win the show.
  • This show is so funny! I love it! Omg everytime I watch this show I laugh so hard I just about cry.

    This show is so funny I love it. It has some of the funniest people ever on it. Sometimes I wonder why I even watch this show it can be so nasty but I mean everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while right? If you havent seen this show I strongly recommend it. It's one of the best comendy shows every. I guess you could say it's a cooler verison of who's line is it anyway!I love Nick Cannon and the rest of the crew on the show their all so funny and most of the guys are hot! This show is so unbelievebly funny and if you havent seen it then start watching it!
  • This is awesome!

    This is currently one of my favorite shows on TV. It's so good to see a young, hip sketch comedy show. Nick Cannon is hilarious and so are the other cast members, especially DeRay Davis, Afion Crockett, Mikey Day, and Katt Williams (a.k.a. Money Mike). The comedy style is very original, and you will always laugh out loud at some of the things that are said. Also, Nick Cannon always gets some of the hottest guests (Kanye West, Christina Milian, Wayne Brady, Mike Epps, Kelly Rowland, Marques Houston, etc.) to help him out on this show. That adds a little more spice to a show that's already funny. Every episode is a classic in my book.
  • Quite Possibly the Worst Show of All Time

    This show is completely devoid of anything that even resembles humor. The guys who are on the show aren't funny any way you look at it. Leave improv to the professionals, guys! The insults they deem bad aren't any worse than the "good" ones. Because none of them of them are even worth a smile. Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Greg Proops (well, even pretty much even the worst performer Whose Line ever saw.....) are all a million times funnier than anyone on this trainwreck. MTV has hit a new low, and that really is saying something anymore. If you are looking for a laugh, switch the channel over to Comedy Central. If you are dying and maybe want to feel better about it, you should give this a chance.
  • This Show Sux

    This Show Is Kool But The DJ Sux As A Judge He Be Givin The Red Team Points For Stuff That Ain't Funny That Makes Me Mad Cuz The Black Team Will Do Sumthin Funny And He'll Buzz Them But The Red Team Will Do Sumthin Dumb And Corny And He'll Give Them A Point Thats Wack And Then To Top It Off Nick Cannon Stole My Wife
  • Its a pretty good show!

    Ya know, the celebrities are nice and all. And I am glad that they invite actual comics. But why is it that when the comics are on the show, they sometimes suck? Wayne Brady, for the love of God, did not do good on some of the PURE improv things. He did good on the singing though. The show, at times, seems to be all about Nick Cannon. Hey buddy, I will not buy any of your albums or watch any of your movies!!! Oh, and the show is good too.
  • The next generation of improv...

    Nick Cannon may be best known as a movie and music star but now he completes the trifecta of being a comic with his own improv show. Each episode the two squads, Red and Black, go against each other in different games that are all "made up off the top of the dome" as Nick says at the beginning of each show. From the teams creating a song based on a crazy topic to impressions to my favorite the "Wildstyle" freestyle battle at the end, the show delivers with punchlines and overall great comedy. With a different musical guest at the end and a special guest team leader of the Black squad, overall it's a must see, you will be as the show title says "Wild 'N out".
  • Nick Cannon and MTV are about to bring the street to the stage with Wild N’ Out- A half hour of unpredictable snaps and outrageous situations.

    Man this show is funny if u love improv and freestyle battling then this is the show for u. This show always has the best guest stars like Lil Jon when he was on there they had to remake London Bridges and they did this tight Crunk version it was hot as HELL.
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