Nick Swardson's Pretend Time

Comedy Central (ended 2011)





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  • Sketch show :D

    (1 time, May 2015) Comedy Central
  • Nick is back.


    Nick is back. Nick Swardson stars in a sketch show. Most people know Nick Swardson from his small roles in Adam Sandler movies. At first I was a little skeptical for two reasons: I didn't know who Nick Swardson was and Bucky Larson. But the show is hilarious, it brought back gay robot from Adam Sandlers come album "Shhh...Don't tell". I'm looking forward to the second season. This show is messed a good way.

  • Insanely outrageously sick and twisted are pretty much the themes to this show.

    When I first heard Nick Swardson was doing a comedy show, I wondered who he was. Then after realising he was the least funny guy in grandmas boy, i felt greatly dismayed. So much so that the first time i saw the show was not its first airing. But man was I surprised, this show had me laughing out loud, and i rarely do that to comedy central. Like I said, very sick and twisted material that catches you off guard. Its like, ummm did he really just do that??? Yes he did, Swardson style. So, to wrap it up, if you like gay robots who use laser beams to burn a hole in some guy's weiner, this might be the show for you.