Nickelodeon GUTS

Season 2 Episode 1

GUTS All-Star Special

Aired Daily 8:30 PM Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • Very exciting episode, though the episode format is different than usual. May contain spoilers.

    I liked this episode a lot, because it was exciting to see perfect scorers on GUTS go head-to-head. Thing is, the status of the three contestants (Mike, Jana, Kelli) on the leaderboard would switch after every event. The scores were VERY close, seeing as there were several ties. In the end, the Aggro Crag basically decided it all, because the scores were incredibly close.

    It\\\'s exciting not only because it leaves you anxious to find out the \\\"ultimate GUTS champion,\\\" but the whole \\\"extremeness\\\" of the events is just so fun and it makes you want to be there to experience the excitement of it all. Watching the episode gives you a nostalgic feeling of the heyday of Nickelodeon game shows, when GUTS was at its prime.

    Also, I loved how the stunt spotters and their synchronized dance, which played during \\\"halftime.\\\" I also enjoyed the part when the audience was dancing along to the GUTS mascot, Stretch; it really made me laugh.

    Anyway, I highly suggest you watch this episode, especially if you were an avid fan of old-school Nickelodeon. It\\\'s really a shame that you can\\\'t really get the same sense of excitement and fascination from game shows today.