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Daily 8:30 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 19, 1992 Between Seasons


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  • I do not like this game show.

    When something is called a good game show,this is not one of them.Where are the old advertisments before the credits and is there even any prizes in this reality game show?Even My Family's Got Guts didn't do better than Nickelodeon GUTS.Whoever thought of this game show with no prizes should not have the idea for this not-that-good game show on Nick.Nickelodeon,you did not do a good job on this hand-me-down no really good game show.That's why I think Get The Picture is better than lame-o Nickelodeon GUTS.Get The Picture has what this thing doesn't have.This show is a terrible game show.
  • A decent reality show for kids based on extreme physical stunts.

    I used to love this show, but now I think it's okay. I've always wanted to do some of the stunts. They have obstacle courses, and something like bungee jumping when you jump of a set of foam stairs, down to the ground, and back up seven feet to slam dunk a basketball. I do recommend it, even though it's not my favorite anymore. It's only on NICKELODEON GAS now, so you may not have that channel, but if you do: CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show begins with a number of different ordeals that the players must get through. The exciting varieties of these challenges vary game by game except for the Mega Crag.

    This show showed an amazing variety of dexterity, regional fitness, and length of time. It also included culture in the form of other countries' backgrounds and pasttimes, such as rugby. It is always exciting to see how different people cope with the activities and it is fun cheering for a certain color and person even though they are all winners. The Mega Crag is the ultimate epitome of excitment. The amazing Mega Crag can make a close call third placer into a first place winner! The 725 points that are added on to the winner's score can really boost the chances of winning!
  • My favorite Nick game show.

    What can I say? I love the idea of a kid version of the gladiator games. Competing in all type of games with a bungee cord, swimming across a pool and even racing on a track sounds like a blast. And let's forget the Aggro Crag, one of the most awesome events of the show.

    While I wish it had been longer when it came to completing it, I still have mad props for it being so action oacked. A great way to end the games for the contestants.

    Another show I would have loved to been on being athletic myself. Such a shame it was filmed in a state clear across the country. Oh well... guess that's the breaks.

    Like with Hidden Temple, one of the best kid game shows ever made. A shame they don't do awesome games like these anymore. It's like kids are not allowed to have that kind of fun anymore. Ugh...

  • Kids compete for a piece of the Aggro Crag, a contemporary "Ark of the Covenant," if you will. Mike and Moira then ceremoniously award medals to the student-athletes.

    I had no idea a young man could find so much joy watching other children compete for a piece of space-rock. Simply put, this show changed me... for the better. Nary a day goes by that I don't think about that glorious "wave pool." I would often sit at home, in my very own above ground pool in Winter Haven, FLA, making feeble attempts to re-create this kafkaesque masterpiece of modern science. Using an inflated "pool-donut," I would thrust, vigorously, up and down until the water violently crashed against the sides and made it impossible for anyone to cross to the other side. Every weekend I would fantasize, until my 19th birthday when I went away for school. I'll still have the memories, and that gets me by.
  • It was a good show on Nickelodeon.

    Guts was one of the shows that was on Nickelodeon back when it was a good channel. It was always a fun show to watch. Sometimes it was funny watching the show. I always found it funny that probably 3/4 of the games were played with the kids being attached to bugee cords. It seems that by the end of the shows run they had had a million different types of agro crags. It was still a great show to watch and to watch reruns on gas. Its a show that I will always remember watching.
  • Tests of physical challanges

    I mean its ok but its not the best. I have to admit that those kids on there are skilled. Its mildly entertaining. :)
    I wonder how they pick people to be on tv. The best from different places?
    anyways the obstaces that they have to go through are pretty cool. Some kids are really good and some are really bad. but hey they made an honest effort and thats what made this show a good name for itself back then.
  • Descent SHow

    It was a good show but i does get boring. I watched it sometimes. I love nick gas it had 3 good shows. This Double Dare and Legends of The Hidden Temple I think this show was ok but i was three when it first came out. Theres Nothing more to say then it was a mediocore show.
  • a show where kids compete to win a grand prize

    some kids who want to go on the show to test there skills and try to win every challange they can so the win a huge prize that is awesome and everybody wants to compete and get the gold to be the best athlete you can so you know that your the best athlete on the show for the people that you face in the show
  • I Was Looking on our new dish i see a show on nick gas guts Ill bite watch it loved it.

    This show was great better that the rest so great and i am mad I WASN"T ON THE SHOW. it was my dream to be on so now i have a new dream to make guts and run it on cartoon network as there first real show. It will be a hit and as the last episode of the season it will be adults and i will be on it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh did i evil laugh sorry.
  • Three kids compete in a series of events to win a medal and a trophy.

    I never watched this show when it first came out several years ago. I started watching about 2 years ago when we finally got digital cable. This show was very interesting to watch. Three kids competed in a series of extreme stunts or sports. One of my favorite stunts was when the kids climbed on the ceiling. They were attached to a bungee cord and they had to run on the ceiling while jumping over hurdles and other obstacles. Another interesting stunt was at the end of the show when the kids had to climb this mountain thing. They had to dodge rocks, "snow", and hit these buttons that lit up to tell the audience where they were.
  • Nick Guts is the ultimate test of courage. Do you have it? Guts!!!

    In this action sport show, three athletic kids compete in four outrageous events. After all the events, they face the ultimate challenge - climbing the Agrocrag/Megacrag. The player with the highest score gets to take home a glowing piece of the crag.

    The Extreme Arina heats up with excitement as the players compete against each other. All events on the show are designed for safety. Please, do not try what you see on Guts at home.

    Mike O'Malley may get overexcited at times, but he makes a great host. Also, Morah Court is a good referee. I like her accent.

    If there's one Nick GAS show that is extremely intense, it's Nickelodeon Guts. Do you have it?!?!
  • One of the best shows of its time

    I'm mad that they don't show Global Guts on Nick GAS - only Nickelodeon Guts (though there are episodes with maybe one or two contestants from the UK). Maura and Mike were so awesome (Mo was the better of the two, in my opinion). The Crag is always the best part of the show. Don't miss the actuators, now!
  • A show I loved to watch when I was younger

    there's a lot to say about this show. It was interesting to see 12 year old kids (and older?) doing physical challenges instead of trivia like most other nick shows. The show had a "3 challenges and then agro craig" layout that never got repetitve because the challenges were always random and the agro craig was alsways changing through the series' run. Watching the kids take on this challenges was most of the time, fun to watch. (there were some challenges were all 3 contestants would play at once that weren't so interesting) and could generate big laughs if the kid messed up badly or just has no clue what it is they have to do.

    Then there was Global Guts, which was kind of interesting to see international players, but it overstayed its welcome and the series was over after that. (I believe)
  • A group a kids go through several challenges to win the medals in the end.

    This show is "awesome" i fell in love with it when I first saw it. I love all the challenges too. i last time I saw it was when I had digital cable. I had digital cable for 3 months free. I found this . OI said oh I remember this. I got chills all over by body. When it all airing I loved it.
  • great show

    I remember watching Guts on Nickelodeon when I was younger with my parents. We always loved seeing the different physical challenges the contestants had to compete in. My favorite challenge were the "Vertiboggan" and "Boulder Canyon".

    Although this show only lasted for three seasons, I enjoyed every episode of it. I also enjoyed Global GUTS, the spin off series that had contestants from all around the world participating in it.

    I miss the days when Nickelodeon use to air good shows, like Guts, Double Dare, Rugrats(pre-Dil and Kimi), Rocko's Modern Life, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and many great shows. I give Guts 10/10 stars!

  • It's a rainy day. Nuttin 2 do. I flip to the stupidest channel on the air(Nick Gas). The channel with ridiculously fake game shows made 4 kids. Guts was the funniest.

    Wher do I start! How corny can 90's shows get. Probably no more than Guts. In the beginning of the show 3 kids are dramtticly introduced by host Mike O'Malley. He would always make stupid nicknames for all contestants. There would be 4 games all seeming pretty easy and all using extreme precautions. After the event was over the English reff Mo would wiould almost burst wit laughter reading the lopsided scores. But what made this show really funny was the Aggro Crag, A mountain that looked like it as made of styrofoam! Contestants would be confronted with colored mist deemed "poison", plastic boulders and sharp rock. The winner would get a aluminum medal.
  • The best show on Nick Gas!

    This show is so exiting! I want them to bring it back! The games in this show seems tough and they're very safe. It's good to have a challenge in your life. They picked the right host for the game show because he brings a lot of excitment to it.
    My favorite event is the aggro graig. That event is so difficult. If you miss one accuator, you have to go back and and hit it. You can do what you could never do in real life, like jump very high or climb a mountian. This show is so cool!
  • This show was like my wife... i spent every saturday night with it and my popcorn, i rele did love this television show... BRING IT BACK!!!

    This show was like my wife... i spent every saturday night with it and my popcorn, i rele did love this television show... BRING IT BACK!!! these children were so amazingly talented,,,iwould just watch them in awe and i would one day aspire to become just like them. in my country, children never had the chance to do such activities...its truely amazing...