Nickelodeon Robot Wars

Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • The Annihilator
      The Annihilator
      Episode 7
      Bunny Attack From: Freyington, Massachusetts Weight: 200 Lbs Dimensions: 39' X 37' X 32' Power: 2 X Wheelchair Motors Weapons: Eight Pound Sledgehammer Strengths: Low Ground Clearances Weaknesses: Flammable Team Bunny Love Team Captain: Mike Chester With: Andrew Chester Techno Trousers From: Massachusetts Weight: 219 Lbs Weapons: Hydrolic Lance Strengths: Appeal - Looks Good Weaknesses: Relatively Heavy Team Captain: Jack Curtis With: Andrew Curtis The Piecemaker From: California Weight: 99 Lbs Weapons: 2 Circular Saws Strengths: Strong and Tough Weaknesses: Slow and Lightweight Captain: Tom Gary With: Hannah Gary and Alana Gary Hannibal From: Virginia Weight: 191 Lbs Weapons: Lifting Forks Strengths: Pushing Power Weaknesses: Ineffectiveness of Weapons Team Captain: Will Tatman With: Bill Tatman Basenji From: New York Weight: 209 Lbs Weapons: 24" Saw Blade Strengths: Fast and Manuverable Weaknesses: Exposed Tires Fight 1: Bunny Attack Vs Techno Trousers Vs The Piecemaker Vs Hannibal Vs Basenji House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Sir K Basenji came out and SLAMMED into Bunny Attack. Everybody then started slamming into each other. Bunny Attack then went to work, hammering away at the other robots. Basenji drove over Techno Trouser's suspenders and slammed the middleweight robot Piecemaker into the Spinning Disc button, activating the disc. Techno Trousers and Hannibal then started having a go at each other as Basenji came back into the action, pushing Techno Trousers aside and eventually disabling the armorless robot. Refbot counted the dead Techno Trousers out and Sir K came out, picked Techno Trousers up and started dancing with it before handing it to Sgt. Bash. The Sargent then buried his jaw into Techno Trousers and placed them onto the floor flipper. Meanwhile, Hannibal started smoking. The floor flipper went off which sent Techno Trousers crashing right into Bunny Attack! Robots eliminated: Techno Trousers Fight 2 House Robots: Sir K and Sgt. Bash Will Tatman had replaced the robot's lifting forks with 2 ramming spikes. The spikes seemed to be working, but Bunny Attack was on the attack, hammering the little Piecemaker. Basenji pressed the Pit Release Button and tried to push Hannibal down the Pit. Instead, what Andy Carrioti did next was really stupid. He drove Basenji down the Pit! HA! Oh well. 2 down, 3 to go! Robots Eliminated so far: Techno Trousers, Basenji Fight 3 House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt Hannibal now was holding a carrot for Bunny Attack on their lifting forks. But before they were to go up against Bunny Attack, first, they had to get rid of the Piecemaker, who was now down to only one circular disc. Hannibal and Bunny Attack pushed Piecemaker into Dead Metal. Dead Metal buried his saw into Piecemaker's titanium shell. Sparks flew everywhere! The Piecemaker team were guttered. Their other spinning disc was now bent and now they had no weapons. But they weren't the only robot. Bunny Attack was trying to hammer Hannibal into submission, but there was no way that hammer was going through Hannibal's steel shell. So Bunny Attack ended up losing the hammer! Hannibal drove away with the hammer still on and eventually the hammer fell off. Bunny Attack drove onto the steam vent just as Hannibal pressed the Floor Disc button. Bunny Attack and Hannibal were simply ramming each other relentlessly. Shunt came out to seperate them. Cease was called and it went to the judges, who decided to eliminate Piecemaker because they didn't rack up enough points. Robots eliminated so far: Techno Trousers, Basenji, Piecemaker Annihilator Final: Hannibal Vs Bunny Attack House Robots: Shunt and Dead Metal Bunny Attack and Hannibal slammed into each other head on. Hannibal's carrot eventually fell off and was cut in half. Bunny Attack drove onto the floor spinner which was still active. Bunny Attack spun out of control and flew off the disc. Hannibal's ramming spikes were bent, but then they pushed Bunny Attack towards the CPZ and into Shunt who axed the Bunny's fur. Shunt and Hannibal then squeezed Bunny Attack until they were lifted up. Bunny Attack tried to escape, but then Shunt axed them again. Hannibal then pushed Bunny Attack past the angle grinders and into Dead Metal, who came out and buried the saw right into Bunny Attack! Shunt pressed the Pit Button as Bunny Attack hammered Hannibal one last time. Cease was called and the judges decided that Hannibal were the winners. Hannibal and Will Tatman are the winners and holders of the Annihilator Championship Belt!moreless
    • Robot Rebellion
      Robot Rebellion
      Episode 6
      Squirmin Vermin From: New York Weight: 209 Lbs Weapons: Flipping Nose Strengths: Powerful Weapon Weaknesses: Flammable Humdrum From: Minnesota Weight: 220 Lbs Weapons: 2 Maces on Spinning Drum Strengths: 360 Degree Killing Zone Weaknesses: Vulnerable Removable Link Squirmin Vermin and Humdrum Vs Dead Metal and Shunt With: A special guest Shunt and Dead Metal had their weaknesses. Shunt was easily flipped, and Dead Metal lacked armor. At the beginning of the fight, the 2 competitior robots came out and started driving towards the House Bots. Humdrum made a loud humming noise as the House Robots attacked. Shunt hit Humdrum with his scoop and was sent flying!! Shunt recovered and axed Humdrum's power link. Humdrum had lost drive on one side of their robot, but they were still mobile. Squirmin Vermin tried to flip Shunt over and his nose went flying off across the arena. Shunt picked Squirmin Vermin up with his axe and scoop and Dead Metal sawed the yellow mouse's wheel. Humdrum was like a wounded animal, ramming Dead Metal relentlessly. Shunt pressed the Pit Button and tried to push Squirmin Vermin towards the "mouse hole". Squirmin Vermin was hanging over the edge of the Pit, but fortunately, Humdrum was able to pull Squirmin Vermin back out of the Pit and they went back towards the House Bots again. Shunt picked up Squirmin Vermin with his scoop again, and Dead Metal SLICED right through Humdrum. The competitior robots were losing fast...and things were about to get much worse. The House Robot entrance opened up and smoke started pouring out. Who could it be? It's Sir K! Shunt handed Squirmin Vermin to Sir K who picked the mouse up, carried him around the arena, and dumped him out of the arena. Dead Metal then handed the wrecked Humdrum to Sir K as well. Sir K buried his jaw into Humdrum, crushing it like a soda can!! Sir K then picked it up and placed it onto the Drop Zone. The box opened up and out came a pile of scrap metal (which Humdrum had been reduced to). So, in the end, the House Robots were the winners.moreless
    • Challenge Belt
      Challenge Belt
      Episode 5
      Probophobia From: Napa, California Weight: 171 Lbs Dimensions: 9' X 71' X 29' Power: 2 X 12V Electric Motors Weapons: Lifting Fork Strengths: Fast and Sturdy Weaknesses: Not Tested in Battle Team Probophobia Team Captain: Jeff Banks With: Jan and Jeana Banks Rosie the Riveter 2 From: Gresham, Oregon Weight: 215 Lbs Dimensions: 19' X 43' X 36' Power: 2 X 36v Electric Motors Weapons: 24v Belt Driven Saw Strengths: Sturdy and Powerful Weaknesses: Vulnerable Wheel Casing Team Captain: Chris Gattman With: Sharon Gattman and Anthony Light Tut Tut From: Chandler, Arizona Weight: 206 Lbs Dimensions: 40' X 40' X 26' Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Axe Strengths: Powerful Lifting Arm Weaknesses: Can Be Flipped Team Cyclone Team Captain: Chris Harriman With: Tom and Nancy Rodriquez Tyranabot From: Flint, Michigan Weight: 220 Lbs Dimensions: 16' X 48' X 38' Power: 4 X 24V Electric Motors Weapons: Biting Jaws Strengths: Excellent Pushing Power Weaknesses: Poor Steering Ability Team Tyranabot Team Captain: Tim Loftis With: Jennie Lynn and Ivan Loftis Fight 1: Tyranabot (Holders) Vs Tut Tut House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt The US Champion, Tyranabot was determined to hang on to the Belt. Tut Tut had the most powerful axe weapon in the US. They axed Tyranabot's neck right at the start of the match. Tyranabot then pushed Tut Tut around the arena. Tut Tut gave chase. Tyranabot then pushed Tut Tut into Dead Metal who sawed through Tut Tut's armor. Suddenly, Shunt came out of nowhere and slammed Tyranabot into Tut Tut and Dead Metal. Tyranabot tried to escape, but then Dead Metal came in and sliced right through Tyranabot, cutting their reciever wire. Tyranabot was extinct. They were counted out by Refbot. Tut Tut pressed the Pit Button before getting attacked by Dead Metal. Tyranabot's wheel was cut open. They were then flipped 8 feet through the air by the floor flipper and then pitted by Shunt. Tut Tut wins. Fight 2: Tut Tut (Holders) Vs Rosie The Riveter 2 House Robots: Sir K and Shunt Rosie was extremely aggresive in this fight, flying around the arena, slamming into Tut Tut and pushing them into Shunt, who axed Tut Tut's wheel. Tut Tut escaped and axed Rosie a few times. Rosie pressed the Pit Button and drove straight over the edge of the Pit while it was opening!! Tut Tut axed Rosie again and again, filling them with holes. Rosie pushed Tut Tut against the wall. Shunt came out and seperated the 2 robots. Rosie pushed Tut Tut back into the guardrail. Cease was called. It was a split judges' decision. The judges have done it again! Tut Tut were the winners for causing the most damage! Fight 3: Tut Tut (holders) Vs Probophobia House Robots: Sir K and Shunt Tut Tut drove over to Probophobia who was lifting their forks up and down. Tut Tut axed Probophobia. Probophobia then pushed Tut Tut into the arena wall. Tut Tut axed Probophobia again and then again. At the next axe blow, Probophobia started smoking. Tut Tut pressed the Pit Button. The Pit opened up next to Probophobia who was now using the lifter as a walker, rolling around the arena towards the guardrail. Oh no. Tut Tut doesn't want Probophobia to get off that easy. Nancy Rodriquez axed Probophobia again. The axe got caught in Probophobia's arm. Probophobia snapped back into life. Shunt and Sir K came in to cause punishment to the robots, but then time ran out. Tut Tut won the judges' decision. Tut Tut can now take the Championship Belt back home to Arizona!moreless
    • Vengeance
      Episode 4
      Robots involved in this onslaught:

      Bunny Attack
      From: Freyington, Massachusetts
      Weight: 200 Lbs
      Dimensions: 39' X 37' X 32'
      Power: 2 X Wheelchair Motors
      Weapons: Eight Pound Sledgehammer
      Strengths: Low Ground Clearances
      Weaknesses: Flammable
      Team Bunny Love
      Team Captain: Mike Chester
      With: Benjamin Chester and Andrew Chester

      From: California
      Weight: 220
      Demensions: N/A
      Power: N/A
      Weapons: 3 Rotating Arms
      Strengths: 360 Degree Killing Zone
      Weaknesses: Ineffectiveness of Weapons

      From: Orange, California
      Weight: 217 Lbs
      Weapons: Spinning Frame
      Strengths: Invertable
      Weaknesses: Slow Speed
      Team Katana
      Team Captain: Evan White
      With: Terry White and Jim Meuer

      Destructive Criticism
      From: Long Beach, California
      Weight: 220 Lbs
      Dimensions: 10' X 51' X 32'
      Power: 4 X 24v Wheelchair Motors
      Weapons: Spinning Blade
      Strengths: Sturdy and Strong
      Weaknesses: Lack of Speed
      Team Boomer
      Team Captain: Randy Eubanks
      With: Christian Gomez and Barry Young

      Seated: #2
      From: Napa, California
      Weight: 171 Lbs
      Dimensions: 9' X 71' X 29'
      Power: 2 X 12V Electric Motors
      Weapons: Lifting Fork
      Strengths: Fast and Sturdy
      Weaknesses: Not Tested in Battle
      Team Probophobia
      Team Captain: Jeff Banks
      With: Jan and Jeana Banks

      Spin Doctor
      From: Lake Helen, Florida
      Weight: 204 Lbs
      Dimensions: 11' X 60' X 24'
      Power: 4 Electric Motors
      Weapons: Spinning Disk
      Strengths: Invertible
      Weaknesses: Flammable
      Team Spin Doctor
      Team Captain: Thomas Beaver
      With: Adam Baxter

      From: Rome City, Indiana
      Weight: 213 Lbs
      Dimensions: 22' X 39' X 36'
      Power: 3 Electric Motors
      Weapons: Rotating Disk
      Strengths: Plenty of Power
      Weaknesses: No Self-righting Mechanism
      Team: Sylvan Lake Robor Warriors
      Team Captain: Skip Harmeyer
      With: Jerry Folsom and Cody Harmeyer

      From: Tecopa, California
      Weight: 184 Lbs
      Dimensions: 14' X 44' X 27'
      Power: 2 X Wheelchair Motors
      Weapons: Flipping Plate
      Strengths: Fast and Powerful
      Weaknesses: Poor Maneuverability
      Team Tecopa
      Team Captain: Jim Moore
      With: Jason Moore and Wendy Moore

      Vengeance Matches

      Battle 1
      Bunny Attack vs. Hoot
      House Robots: Sir K and Matilda

      Bunny Attack came out and Hoot's flailing arm hit their side causing no damage. Bunny Attack then went on the attack, and started "tapping away" at Hoot. Stefan Frank said that this tactic of tapping at Hoot's head with a hammer was a way of getting him angry. Sir K was getting really angry. This fight was dull, and Sir K was pushing Bunny Attack away from Hoot. Bunny Attack drove onto the Co2 Pit and got stuck. If that pit had flames, Bunny Attack would be history, but then Hoot SLAMMED into Bunny Attack blowing off 2 of its arms. Matilda then pressed the Pit Release Button. Sir K then sliced Bunny Attack's hammer off with his claw. Time ran out. Sir K backed both of the robots into the Pit! HA! Sir K celebrated. Usually, the fight would go to the judges, but then Dave decided to let the audience decide. Bunny Attack totally won.

      Battle 2
      Ninjitsu vs. Destructive Critisism
      House Robots: Shunt and Dead Metal

      Ninjitzu came out and started ripping a few pieces off of D.C. Throughout the rest of the fight, both robots kept on ramming each other until their weapon chains fell off. D.C.'s wheels were in bad shape and were threatening to fall off, but still, they were able to push Ninjitzu into the arena wall just as Shunt pressed the Pit Button. Nobody went near the Pit as time ran out. Ninjitzu won the judges' decision by causing the most damage.

      Battle 3
      Probophobia vs. Spin Doctor
      House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt

      This fight was over before it even started. Probophobia dug their spikes right into Spin Doctor, knocking out their drive chain. Spin Doctor was done. Refbot counted them out. After some last minute "surgery", Dead Metal pushed Spin Doctor down the Pit. Probophobia wins.

      Battle 4
      Xylon vs. Joker
      House Robots: Sir K and Shunt

      Xylon hated spinners, especially Propeller-Head, who decimated them in the Mayhem fight. They challenged Joker to a fight. Joker and Xylon were pushing and shoving each other. Joker then pushed Xylon into Shunt. Shunt flipped Xylon with the bulldozer blade, but then axed Xylon back onto his wheels. Xylon smacked into Joker's back end. Joker's power link popped out...again. Refbot counted Joker out. Then, Sir K and Shunt came out, flipped Joker over, and pushed him onto the Drop Zone. Rotary junk fell out on top of Joker. Then they were pushed onto the floor flipper. Then Shunt pitted them. Xylon wins the fight and gets their revenge.moreless
    • Mayhem
      Episode 3
      In battle 1, Propeller-Head, Rosie the Riveter, and Xylon fought it out, with Propeller-Head the winner. In the second battle, Vert-I-Go, Joker, and Techno Trousers fight each other. Vert-I-Go wins. In battle #3, Rigby, Diskotek, and The Revolutionist fight it out, with the win going to The Revolutionist. So in the final battle, Propeller-Head, Vert-I-Go, and The Revolutionist fight for the Mayhem championship. Propeller-head wins.moreless
    • US Vs. UK Tag Team Terror
      In the first US match, The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor defeated Zanzara and Run Away. In the first UK match, Ming 3 and Rick defeated Bigger Brother and Kat 3. In the 3rd-place playoff, Bigger Brother and Kat 3 defeated Zanzara and Run Away. In the final battle, Ming 3 and Rick claimed victory for the UK by defeating The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor.moreless
    • U.S. Championship
      In round 1, Tyranabot defeated Ninjitsu and Probophobia defeated Phantasm. Then, in the 3rd-place playoff, Ninjitsu defeated Phantasm. Then came the final battle between Tyranabot and Probophobia. Victor: Tyranabot.