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Nickelodeon Premiered Dec 30, 1985 Special


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    All this show has is overrated celebrities, movies, and music, and slime. That's it. The commercials are also annoying. Some stupid CGI animated animals with clothes on (I hate CGI animation if done wrong, go ahead and call me a nostalgiatard or a CGI hating butthead!) and blocking what you're going to see! You can't vote if you can't see the celebrities' faces! Just get out of the way!
  • I kinda lost its rouch

    The awards used to be good, but like most long running shows, the quality eventually dipped after a while. It seems hard to watch in a way.
  • Used to be good...

    This is mostly a rant on KCA 13. This year's wasn't that good to be honest, not as bad as KCA 09 but still bad. The reason why KCAs haven't been good anymore is because not only did they take off some of the good categories like Favorite Sports Team, but everything they put in it now is just stupid, like this year they had the mustache cam (Really??). And Kids keep voting for the stupidest thing now. For example: This year Kids voted Kristen Stewart over Jennifer Lawrence twice! Seriously? Who on Earth would vote one of the worst actresses (Well used to be good but sucks now) of all time over the best and hottest actress in the universe!?! What were those kids thinking?!? And guess what, overrated Justin Beiber and One Direction won for best male singer and band. Just like when they voted for Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers and KCA 09. One Direction isn't as bad as Jonas Brothers but their still abysmal. Same with Justin Bieber, except he's even with Miley Cyrus to me. Favorite App (A new category) Temple Run beat Minecraft. Come on! Temple Run is nothing like Minecraft! Minecraft you get to build your own blocky would with your imagination. Temple run you just run away through a Temple like Indiana Jones does. Then Spongebob wins once again for favorite cartoon! I know Spongebob is my favorite cartoon of all time, but they do need to let other cartoons win too. The last cartoon that beat Spongebob was Avatar: The Last Airbender in KCA 09. iCarly used to win all the time. Now its Victorious. And other awards I don't have problems with. Overall the KCAs used to be good, not anymore. I do watch them just to review them. This year I had to review KCA 13. Overall Grade: (5.1/10) C
  • Review for 2013 Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards

    The 2013 Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards was not a great idea. Its very weird like Cartoon Network. They are going downhill with their shows like How to Rock and Incredible Crew. Theres nothing incredbile about Incredible Crew and How to Rock. Thats why How to Rock got canceled. Anyway Nickelodeon has to stop putting on stupid shows and events. The overall of the 2013 Kids Choice Awards, 1 out 10 because of its suckyness. Oh and i did a review on The Hall of Game, so check it out.
  • Went Downhill

    It's literally just stupid now...
  • Suspicious. Or people today aren't good just like before

    The suspicious thing about here is the winning contestants, for example, Miley Cyrus beaten Hermione Granger, while Granger is more efficient at acting and looks. The Dark Knight, vs High Garbage Musical. HGM won. Is there a bribery going on in this event? Or people today are now just simpleminded and will take everything popular even if it's horrible? If it's just a bribery, they have no choice but to shut this down to the grave.
  • An award show that used to be great,however,it sucks now.

    Remember when the Kid's Choice Awards weren't bad? Well now,it's bad. First off,all of this teen craze stuff has now ruined the winners and nominees. For example,in the 2009 one,for Best Movie,they had The Dark Knight and Iron Man competing with HSM3,and HSM won! Are you kidding me? You voted one of the worst movies of all time over the biggest movies of the year?! And I noticed that Spongebob wins every year for best cartoon and always beats Simpsons. Are you kidding me?! Simpsons should win every year. Not to mention that the Jonas Brothers nearly win Best Group a lot of times,and they even beated Linkin Park! Can you believe it? And then the next year,Miley Cyrus beated Sandra Bullock for Best actress? You mean to tell me that you picked a terrible actress over an actress who won an oscar for the role?! Geez,these kids are idiots. Also,iCarly wins every year now,when that show sucks. Why can't Big Time Rush or Victorious have a chance of winning?! At least Best Video Game is the only great nominee now. In my opinion,this awards show just has terrible winners now. It will never be the same and is dead now a days with bad winners full of untalented people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.
  • Great awards!

    Perfect for children to find the best shows out there for them to watch and to grow up with! Most of these shows have the best characters, the best well written scenes, and makes tv interesting at times. I'm glad they have these awards... kids need inspiration and so does television.
  • KCA!So cool!

    It"s hosted by Nick every year.They can choose favorites from like TVShows,Games,and Movies.KCA goes by the most votes by year a special event goes on.
    And each year Nick picks a TVStar or actor to host the KCAS.And before the awards they start with Slime,Slime,SLIME!.So remember it"s on nick each year.
  • KCA 09 was HORRIBLE

    This is a review for the KCA 09 that came out a few weeks ago. So another KCA, will it be good, awesome, and COOL like the other years? Absolutely not. This years was horrid. First off, The Jonas Brothers won. They were against Linkin park, one of the best bands in the world, but guess who wins? The band that can't even sing good. I was glad that South park made an episode making fun of those losers. Next off, Icarly won. Well, the other shows against Icarly weren't good at all, but I rather have Hannah montana win against Icarly.

    Now, the one that really ticked me off. High school musical 3 won against, Iron man, and The dark knight. What the hell? How can classic 10/10 movies like Iron man and The dark knight, lose against a movie about teens dancing with there crappy songs. Finnaly: They missed some of the catagories. Why? Because of that stupid Big green help crap. "Ohhh 1.5 million kids signed up for it", do they really think kids will try to "help the environment" by turning off their lights, doing community service, etc...? It took atleast 15 mins explaining about the big green crap, and they missed the catagories. And Miranda cosgrove took about 30 minutes saying that shes so happy. Who cares? KCA has lost it.
  • Used to be the awesomest thing ever. Now they have: Justin vs. Joe?

    I started voting in '97, the year Angry Beavers came out--and there, the choices all sounded like deserving nominees in each of the categories. Now none of them look like they should win, with this one coming up being the worst one ever next to the '09 one. I mean, come on...Usher? The JB's? ICARLY?! Justin Bieber? Plus, it already sounds like the event's run out of ideas for voting and competition--as the Jonas Brothers had already entered before, and are probably looking for more blimps to satiate their dying franchise needs. And iCarly? It doesn't deserve a blimp, and Spongebob already entered, like the JB's, and probably wants to quench its franchise thirst too. All in all, watch the earlier KCA's, skip 2009, 2010, and this year's.
  • watching is like tradition

    i have watched these for as long as i can remember, and even though i don't like the newer ones a lot, it would not feel right to not watch them. i like the anticipation of who will host a certain years', and who will win what nominees. i rarely vote, but i plan on voting from now on, at least for the categories i actually care about. these, for the most part, are really fun to watch. i like these even though they are not as good as they used to be. My grade is an A+, pretty good
  • The annual Nick rigged vote to show itself off over Disney has come and gone. This is usually about as fair as a Third World election. Self important elitist hypocrites like Cameron Diaz hogging the mic doesn't help matters. A waste of time.

    Hey crew! Well the 21st Annual Kids Choice Awards have come and gone. They had their high points & low ones. Only 2 of the catagories I voted for won and I could have guessed them in advance. Actually there might be more than that because 3 catagories never got announced: Cameron Diaz messed everything up. Being a typical self-important, rules-don't-apply-to-me elitist Hollywood liberal she went WAY over her alloted time lecturing 10 year olds to use flouresent light bulbs and 3 catagories winners never got announced as a result. Now I'm as big an environmentalist as the next person but if I was running the KCA I would have cut off her mic, or (in the spirit of things) dumped a vat of green slime on her! Who does she think she is?

    Now I'm really pizzed that (UGH) Josh Peck of all people beat both of the Sprouse twins for best actor. They are both much better actors. But it is on Nick after all. I knew in my heart that TSL was gonna lose "Best Show" but I was so happy that it didn't get beaten by iCarley which lost too. The JB were awesome, Miley put on a great stage show (even if she sounded horse) and even the older kid from the NBB put on a good set. I guess he's growing up now. Speaking of looking older-- I didn't even recognize Devon Werkheimer until they introduced him! He's gonna be 17 next week but everyone still thinks of him as Ned. Unlike Cameron Diaz, some other celebs hardly got any time: I think Ryan Schlekler spoke around 5 seconds and they cut away to a burping contest. But all in all it was a fun 90 minutes. The 88 million votes was twice as many as last year which also was a record so it's popular. Maybe next yeat Disney will actually win something. But don't bet on it.
  • One of the best award shows ever made.

    Every year people win awards for what kids voted for on the internet and they announce who won.But Avatar:The Last Airbender won for favorite cartoon in 2008.I can't believe that and that show stinks.I got really upset that Wall.e didn't win favorite animated movie for 2009 and Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa won.Well,This is the best thing on Nickelodeon to happen every year.Well,some years I don't even like how ones that are really bad win.This is really kind of better than the Oscars evry year and people that I didn't even vote for and they still won.But this is still really good.
  • I can't wait for today's show!!!.....

    I don't get why some people don't like this show.Some people don't like it and they NEVER EVER watched it before!!!!!WHAT THE HECK?!I know it gives you 3 or 4 people to choose from but hey!They get the most popular shows for kids and cut it down to 3 or 4.They at least have one from Nick!Be happy there even IS a show like this because then maybe be arguing over "Which show is better?Spongebob or Fairly odd parents?"

    Also you get two people live but I agree with you,Some times they pick people who SUCK A LOT like [in my opinion]The Jonas brothers.But mostly only girls like that show.So in my opinion KCA's rock and I hope you agree.More reviews soon!!!!!
  • Such a wast of time

    Ooohhh! this show makes me angry!! I seriously dont see how they can justify giving out awards to people when you only have 3 contestants to vote from!!! I will openly admit that i have never watched the show but am writing the review based n the 'Voting process" When you log on to vote you dont get to chose from a list of candidates, instead, your choices are often limited to 3 or 4 candidates. First off, how do they even get down to that?!!? come on how did it come to the best shows become Wizards of Waverly place, icarly, and Hannah Montana?!? I mean only one of those shows is even ON Nickelodeon!!! I have lost a lot of respect for Nickelodeon now, if your going to have an awards show, at lest attempt to make it seem like a leveled playing field! Dont even watch it, its not like the winners are going to be a surprize....
  • Nick has to come up with better nomination ideas

    Seriously, i remember last time when i was young, there were nominations like 'Best butt-kicking girl' or 'best farter'. it was lame but it was still creative. i remembered it was either the guy from kangaroo jack or shaggy from scooby doo.
    Now, they come up with plain votes and they dont even show all their results and announce it there. no, they just come out during the advertisments. its really disappointing
    and they need to get better music. Miley Cyrus was very horrible this yr when she sang GNO. at least get someone who wont ruin your show. if you want disney, how about JB or demi or even they cheetah girls (i dont like that but hey at least they can hold their breaths long enough)
    i hope next yr would be so much better
  • Its getting old now...

    I use to watch this every year when I was younger but after Rosie O'Donnell, stoped it wasn't as intresting as it use to be. After Rosie leaved KCA I think it just lost all of the goodnes to it, Rosie was able to put on a good time for the show the other host. Now days they have not been able to pull of the good job like Rosie, Jack Black and Justin Timberlake were the worst hosts I think. Now its obvious Nick riggs the votes for there own shows to win over other channels, I rate Kids Choice Awards a 7.5.
  • Kids choose their opinions.

    This show is kinda like the Oscars, but exept kids choose their favorite actor or tv show. KCA can be really fun at times, but also pretty boring. The 2006 KCA was really good, but the 2007 KCA hosted by Justin Timberlake, was well, a dissater. Justin ruined it. Nothing against him though. KCA is a show that is only once a year, so the wait is long. Not really a great show when you have to wait a whole year for another episode to air. It's ok. We can all wait. The bad part is, it doesn't show reruns of the past years.