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Night and Day (UK)

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ITV commissioned Night And Day and recommissioned Crossroads in 2000 for the 5pm-6pm slot. Aussie soap Home & Away had previously occupied the slot but ITV lost the soap to Channel Five. While Crossroads was a returning soap (1964-1988) Night And Day was a completely new and original soap. The new soap was set in the London borough of Greenwhich. Like Coronation Street the action was to be centered around one street, Thornton Street, and four families that lived there. After production delays halted the series and meant that the original premier of the series was pushed back, Night And Day arrived on British screens in November 2001. Six months later Australia and New Zealand start to show Night And Day. The storyline that launched the series was the disappearance of Jane Harper. The 16 year old disappeared on her birthday and viewers were left wondering what had happened to her. Had Jane been murdered? Certainly she wasn't very popular in Thornton Street. During the year (a year in the show, not in real time) that Jane was missing she turned up many times. In fantasy sequences, flashbacks, A What If? Special and when time stopped Jane turned up. However, Jane eventually did return for real towards the end of the series and she was very different. It wasn't until the final episode we find out what really happened the night Jane went missing and why she did. The series boasted flashback sequences & Dream/Fantasy sequences which were then and still are very new and controversial. Other new techniques used by Night And Day was filming in digital which allowed the editing process to be different. Fast edits and quick close up shots were used regularly. The incidental music used was also very different for a soap. Eastenders and Coronation Street used pop music as incidental music but Night And Day had a very Gothic, effective and dark background music. The whole show had a dark and sinister feel to it with sinister characters & storyline twists adding to the feel of the show. Night And Day is undoutably one of the darkest and most sinisterist soaps on British Television ever. However, after six months on air rating for Night And Day were disappointly low, under one million. Crossroads which went out after Night And Day at 5:30 was pulling in 2.5 million viewers. ITV decided to move Night And Day from its evening slot to a late night slot hoping it would take off as a late-night, adult soap. While this was a real possiblity in theory in reality ITV ruined the chances. Night And Day constantly changed time slots on Thursdays and programmes often over ran pushing Night And Day further back in the schedules. It came to no shock to viewers that ratings actually fell further for Night And Day in it's new late-night slot. In 2003 new head of ITV, Nigel Pickard, took office. He axed the recently, eight weeks previously, revamped Crossroads stating low ratings as the reason. The very next day Nigel Pickard set his sights on Night And Day and axed it, once again stating low ratings as the reason. In May 2003 the final episode of Night And Day was broadcast. With Night And Day ending came the end of a refreshing, bold and original soap. Sadly Night And Day returning seems unlikely. But never say never.... Recommended Links Crossroads 2003 Shameless Twin Peaks Teachers Before Night And Day Most of the older cast were famous before they came to Night And Day. Here's a list of what some of them got up to before Night And Day. Glynis Barberwas a regular cast member of the popular 1970's/1980's BBC Science Fiction series Blakes7 Lysette Anthony had appeared in the comedyThree Up, Two Down Lesley Joseph was a regular cast member of the BBC Sitcom Birds of a Feather Gareth Hunt had appeared in the hugely popular ITV 1970'S drama Upstairs Downstairs Dominic Rickhards was a regular in another of ITV'S Soaps, Coronation Street After Night And Day Since Night And Day many cast members have been busy on other projects. Here's a look at who's been in what. [p] Stephanie Leonidas has been very busy since Night And Day ended. She's appeared in Rose and Maloney, Wall of Silence and Daddy's Girl. She's currently filming a new Science Fiction film. Julie Smith joined the cast of Five's soap Family Affairs as did Seb Castang. Stuart Manning recently joined Kevin Sacre in Channel Four's teensoap, Hollyoaks. Bradley Walsh recently joined the cast of ITV'S flagship soap Coronation Street and was hailed as Corrie's answer to EastEnders's Alfie Moon who is played by Night And Day's Shane Richie Georgina Walker joined the illfated Crossroads 2003 and recently guest-starred in The Courtroom. Sally Dexter went onto star in gangster drama Family (2003). And Adam Paul Harvey went onto star in ITV'S Where The Heart Is Our Episode Guide isn't complete and we welcome all contributions. If you can help us out with guest stars, writers ect or events of episodes then plese feel free to add them. Also if you have any information regarding up coming appearances by NAD Cast Members then please email us the information!moreless
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