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  • Season 3
    • Final Hours, Final Revelations
      It's been a year since Jane Harper disappeared and we finally find out why : Paisley is searching the catacombs with some police officers. She finds the body of a man brutally murdered and then she discoveres the murderer....  12 Hours Previously : It's Della's and Jane's 17th birthday but its far from a happy occasion. Danny is threatening Della to keep quiet about what she knows while Natalie continues to hide the truth and dis-courage Jane to remember what happened the night she disappeared. However, when Roxy gives Jane her birthday present they both experience something weird. Meanwhile Della is desperately trying to convince Josh of the truth and Jane is still in the dark about the awful truth. It's only when Roxy visits Natalie that the truth finally comes out. Roxy comments about how hugging Jane felt weird and Natalie then reveals why. Danny and Nurse Bradshaw swapped them around at Jane & Della at birth. Jane visits Alex hoping it will jog her memory just as they are about to kiss she finally remembers a conversation between her and Steph on the night she disappeared. Steph told her that Roxanne was her mother and Alex was her father. Jane realises the horror of what she had done with Josh and Alex. Roxanne throws out Danny in anger of what he has done. When Alex and Jane turn up she tells them she knows about the truth. But then she finally finds out about Alex's affair with Jane. Roxanne goes flips at Alex. Rachel and Kate plan to reveal Sam to Zoe. When she finds out she slaps Sam and then leaves. Mike tells Dennis and Fiona that they should be together. Jane meets Danny in the catacombs and askes why he swapped them. Danny says he saw Roxanne and Natalie happy and wanted to hit back. Jane realises that it was Danny who killed Nurse Bradshaw and who attacked Malcome, not Alex. Danny reveals he did attack Malcome but he didn't kill him, it was Jane! Danny then tries to leave but Jane brutally attacks him with a knife. Then Paisley discovers the body and Jane.... Clouds and Clock appear on the screen : "Jane Harper was tried for the brutal murders of Malcome Burns and Danny Dexter. The defence entered on the grounds of deminished responsliuty. She was sent to a secure psychiartic unit. No mininnium time was set"

      This explaination of what happened appears on the screen and then we flip forward four years ! Jane is let out of prison for the day, its her 21st birthday. She returns to Thornton Street. Natalie and Duncan have returned to Thornton Street for Della's party, they left to be closer to Jane. They visit Roxanne who is now a social worker. Sam is at rabbi school and engaded to Zoe. Meanwhile Dennis is a fireman and married to Fiona. Mike is gay and in a relationship with Jeremy. They share a flat with Dennis, Fiona and their child, Gabriel! They get a video message from Tom, who is now a porn video director, wishing them well! Another person returns to Thornton Street, Alex. He left the night of Danny's murder. He talks with Roxanne and then with Jane. Frankie and Kate are now rich and the Virgin Army is a national success. Kate has managed to bring back Will, as a Robot with the latest Nano technology. Jane leaves Alex and visits Josh. He owns the halfway house and the church because he won the ulimate prize of Who Wants to be a Millionare?. Steph died from her brain tumour. Josh and Della are married and have two adopted children. At the pub Della's party is just starting. Ryan and Celeste have traveled up for the party. Ryan is at medical school and is now called Beverly, he's a woman! He is also still in a relationship with Celeste. Rachel has got back Lucy and Ben and is a happy woman. Sam and Zoe announce their engadement to her. Back at the party Jane shocks everyone by turning up. While she is their she speaks with: Dennis, Natalie, Duncan, Roxanne, Kate & Frankie, Beverly, Charlie, Dona, Jimmy & Begonia. Jimmy and Begonia are married and expecting a child. Jane the tells Natalie and Duncan she has seen everything she came to see and must now go where she has tp. But Paisey turns up with some bad news. She tells Roxanne, Alex, Natalie and Duncan that Jane died in prison that very morning!! Natalie won't believe her and runs out into the street to see Jane. Jane's ghost walks into the graveyard and disappears. Then the screen is filled with flashbacks of every major character and event in Thornton Street. The final flashback is off Jane and Josh kissing and Jane putting her finger to the lips and wispering

      Sssh. moreless

    • Secrets are Out
      Secrets are Out
      Episode 27
      Rachel and Sam hear from Lucy. The letter appears to say she is happy but she is far from happy. The letter is also very bitter. Sam returns to his old ways. Rachel and Woody's marriage planer, Zoe, arrives to talk about the marriage. Sam falls in love with her but due to a bet with Ryan and Dennis must bed her. Just as he is about to he has a vision of him self telling of a higher destiny. Sam decides not to bed Zoe. Tom is making a video, for Jane's birthday present, about how everyone has changed. While re-watching some of the footage he watches a message from Mike saying he is gay. When Tom realises that Fiona already knew he leaves Thornton Street. Fiona is pregnant with Dennis's child. Della tries to tell Josh the truth but he doesn't believe her. She later tells Alex the truth and he does believe her. ______________________________________ For Jane's 17th birthday, Tom decides to make a video of messages from the residents of Thronton Street implying how much they have changed since Jane disappeared. As soon as Tom hits the record button, revelations begin to spill out. Frankie almost confides to Tom and the camera that she doesn't really think her campaign is worth fighting for anymore but stops herself in the moment. Kate almost tells Tom about Will's whereabouts but realises what she's about to say and banishes Tom from Frankie's flat. His family have a few revelations as well. Fiona announces that she is pregnant but Mike isn't happy about it although he puts on an act and says he's overwhelmed. Later, he tells Fiona the truth. After his revelation, she announces that the baby isn't his. It's Dennis'. In the boys' toilets, Mike pins Dennis up against the wall with fury. Little does he know that Tom is filming the whole confrontation. This prompts him to tell Tom the truth about his sexuality. After two failed attempts trying to tell him, Mike decides to tell all on Tom's video camera. Tom records Ryan (why? Jane does live with him and he is her brother!) Natalie appears in the background. After he has finished recording everyone's messages, he watches the results where he is shellshocked at Mike's message. He runs to the bathroom and pukes. The video continues playing after Mike's message. Ryan's message is on. But there is a familiar looking monster in the background. Tom enters the living room, with the video in hand. Mike and Fiona are sitting on the sofa. He realises that Fiona already knows that his father is gay. After he ejects the tape, he whispers to Fiona that he will be packing his bags. Dona decides to start decorating a room for Begonia's baby. Charlie asks her to slow down but she persists. But Begonia wants to keep the baby for herself... Rachel and Sam recieve a letter from Lucy. She writes how happy she is without them and that she is with a lovely family who care for her. Really, she's in a children's unit. Hurt by her claims, Sam goes back to the way he was. He decides to resurrect his football career and shag as many girls as he can Danny continues to threaten Della not to tell Roxanne about the baby swap. Even when she does, he changes the whole thing into a completely different story. She misses Alex and decides to invite him over. She tells him about the baby swap. Jane decides to go back to School, with Della, to help her remember what happened and get back her former life. Outside the school waits Josh (ala Episode One). Jane and Josh go to kiss but Jane pulls away. During one of the lessons, with Rachel, Jane starts to get haunted by the words "Who Am I?" EDITED OUT OF EPISODE: Tom runs to the bathroom and pukes after watching Mike's video message. The video continues playing after Mike's message. Ryan's message is on. But there is a familiar looking monster in the background. moreless
    • Monster Hauntings
      Monster Hauntings
      Episode 26
      Della knows about the baby swap and taunts Natalie about it who is unaware that she knows. She acts vurnerable and says that she doesn' t want to go back home. Natalie is reluctant to keep her safe at her home for now...or forever in Natalie's case. Danny picks up on Della's scent and discovers that she knows about it. He warns her that if Roxanne ever finds out, there will be hell to pay. And after an attack from Natalie after getting drunk with Ryan, for the first time in her life Della feels vurnerable. And it isn't an act. Tom breaks the news to Dennis about Fiona's pregnancy. Dennis is gobsmacked. But although the baby is his, he believes that Fiona wants him back. Fiona rejects him by saying that he's too young to raise a baby and that he's got a happy life ahead of him to look forward to. But when she comments on Mike being a better father to the baby, Dennis stomps off jealous. Begonia returns pregnant and Jimmy couldn't be any happier. Dona is reluctant to believe that Begonia is still acting as surrogate for her and Charlie but really the baby belongs to Jimmy. Before Jimmy and Begonia get a chance to tell Dona and Charlie the truth, she's already hanging up banners to celebrate. But at the time of the celebration party, Begonia and Jimmy break the news to her. She can't believe that the baby isn't hers and cries on Charlie's shoulder. Begonia tries to convince Jimmy that it might be best to raise the baby Brazil perhaps?. Jimmy agrees. Bags packed the following day, Begonia and Jimmy are ready to leave but Dona tells them that even though the baby isn't hers, her and Charlie can still help them bring the baby up. In the end, Jimmy and Begonia stay in Thornton Street. After Della was haunted by a monster named Legion last week, it's Jane's turn. She has a dream which takes place at her and Della's 16th birthday party. Everyone is there, but there's one problem. Alex's face keeps changing into the face of the monster, Legion. She tells Natalie about her dream and tries to figure out what it means. But then she sees Legion reflected in her mirror and screams. Natalie looks in the mirror to see what Jane saw but not only is the monster reflected, it's reflection is in Natalie. She is the monster...moreless
    • Open Marriage
      Open Marriage
      Episode 25
      The Virgin Army tumbles out of Frankie's control. Kate employs cadets, of which they are many, and has them working at Frankie's home. Frankie misses Will and is peeved about him not contacting her. Kate suggests that he is shacked up with some woman. She seeks Tom for comfort and kisses him. But later changes her mind and continues the battle against sex with her Virgin Army... A creepy monster begins to haunt Della. First it appears in Jane's room, then appears in the catacombs. But the truth unravels and Della finds out about the baby swap. She refuses to believe and goes back to her "mother" for guidance. But of course, she doesn't say a peep about what it is she needs guidance for. Rachel has fallen for Woody for some strange reason, but her Virginity fairy is against it... Fiona is struggling with her open marriage to Mike. She can't handle the fact that Mike craves men instead of his own wife. Fiona tries to spice things up a little by coming onto him and even dresses up as a man. But after she succeeds, Mike announces that nothing has changed much to her disappointment. But then she discovers that she is pregnant and is in a panic. Is it Dennis' or Mike's..? Della barricades herself in her room. Roxanne is worried about her and tells Della to open the door. Della is emotional. It seems that she was right about the baby swap. As cries from Roxanne and Jane fail to help, Natalie calls out to her to open the door and does so after saying, "Yes, Mum"...moreless
    • Steph's Fire
      Steph's Fire
      Episode 24
      Alex finds the Halfway House on fire and goes in to rescue Steph. Josh is back and Natalie is furious. He has returned to make amends with mother and father Steph and Alex. Natalie isn't coping with the whole baby swap. But insists on Della staying at the Harpers. Meanwhile, Jane remembers that Steph told her something in the graveyard on the night of her 16th birthday. Alex wants to help her remember and takes her to a hypnotist which results in Jane screaming when the hypnotist says Alex's name. Unfortunately, Natalie has discovered Jane absent at home and goes mad (literally). Why is she so desperate to forget about Jane's disappearance?. Later, she stands in the graveyard, talking to Danny. They both have what they want (Natalie - Della, Danny - Roxanne) and decide to leave the baby swap secret. As Frankie laps up the recognition that the Virgin Army is receiving, Kate's virginity fairy appears again. Both her and Frankie are worried that Jane will bring down the army. On that subject, Kate's fairy tells her that Jane wasted her virginity. She warns Kate to stay away from Ryan for some reason. But Kate doesn't. She goes over to see Ryan to get the inside scoop on Jane. When they see Jane, they decide that their army is safe. As Frankie appears on morning telly, Kate helps Will put books on a shelf. Will talks to her about his troubles in life. The fairy re-appears, telling Kate not to fall for Will's act. But as Kate persists, the fairy finds a way to stop her from falling for Will's act. The fairy causes a book to fall on Will's head. Kate checks Will's pulse and believes him to be dead (Dead? By being hit on the head with a book?). The fairy is pleased but Kate is in a panic. As Frankie returns, the flat is spotless. Where is Will's body?. Why he's in a chest with a bunch of "unclean" books. Steph is in a critical condition at the hospital. Josh is worried as is Alex. Danny, later appears, to see Steph with a furious look on his face. He whispers to Steph, "You stupid, woman". He walks out. Later, Natalie appears almost pulls the plug on Steph's life. But the doctor enters in time. It turns out that Steph has a brain tumour and Natalie couldn't be any happier...moreless
    • Roxanne's Wedding Day
      Della finds out that Josh is her half brother! Dennis is forced to kiss Mike to cover up his affair with Fiona. __________________________________ Danny continues to taunt Steph about her love for Alex. Danny prompts her to tell either Natalie or Roxanne their big secret. Steph tells him that she will not be used. But when he assures her that Alex will fall in love with her again, she has second thoughts. Jane is eager to find out who she really was before she vanished. She makes Alex uncomfortable everytime she's around and she begins to wonder if Alex knows something. She enlists Della's help to discover her true self but she isn't helpful. She tells Jane that she never confided in her even before she disappeared. Alex and Roxanne prepare for their big day. As Roxanne puts everything into place at the Nautilus, which is to be the celebratory place after the wedding, Della lets slip that Josh is Alex and Steph's son. Roxanne begins to wonder if it is right to marry Alex... As Steph prepares to tell Natalie and Roxanne the truth, Danny has a change of heart. He doesn't want her to reveal the truth after all. Steph is extremely pissed off. It turns out that she really did want to tell Natalie and Roxanne everything. She ignores Danny's change of heart and prepares to tell Natalie and Roxanne.But when she tries at first to tell Natalie, Natalie banishes her out of her house. Natalie decides to try and get Jane back into society by making Roxanne crown Jane a role in the wedding as bridesmaid. The wedding takes a turn for the worst. As Roxanne walks down the aisle in a sexy red dress and kisses Alex passionately, she tells him that that will be the last time he'll kiss her. Alex, unbeknownst to why Roxanne isn't going through with the ceremony, is confused. Roxanne clears a few things up. She confronts him about Josh in front of every single guest. After she has a good dig at Steph, she walks off, with Dennis running after her. Jane collapses. Whilst standing by her brothers' grave, Natalie finds Steph standing behind her. Steph is there to tell her the truth...about Jane and Della. It turns out that Jane isn't really Jane's daughter, Della is. They were swapped in a way to get back at Natalie and Roxanne for banishing Danny and Steph from Thornton Street. Later, Steph asks Holly and Tom to leave the Halfway house. She wants some time to herself. But Alone Time turns out to be Suicide Time. She creates a fire upstairs and wrecks Josh's room. After the humiliation at Roxy's wedding and keeping the baby swap a secret, life finally takes its toll on her. As the fire crackles, Steph lies on Josh's bed without a sound...moreless
    • Exorcised
      Episode 22
      Natalie wants Jane to marry Sam. But before anything can happen she wants Steph to have Jane exorcised! Ryan returns to Thornton Street. Nurse Bradshaw phones Natalie and offers to tell her the truth about Jane. However, when Roxanne and Natalie turn up to meet her they find her dead. Frankie believes she has seen Jane but Natalie claims that Frankie was mistaken.moreless
    • Blast from the Past
      Dennis's father and Roxanne's ex, Danny Dexter, returns to Thornton Street.
    • Jane Harper is Back
      Having had Jane returned to them, the Harper's now have to face the fact that she has changed beyond recognition. Jane seems terrified when they mention Alex's name. When Paisley points out to Duncan that Jane was probably involved in prostitution, Duncan goes into denial. Tom is determined to go ahead with his surgery. He tells Frankie the news and asks if they could get back together. He later catches his mum with Dennis and his hopes for a family reunion are shattered. Rachel gets a call from the hospital telling her that Sam is alive. When Sam asks to see Ben and Lucy she lashes out at him for leaving, to disguise her guilt at having lost them. To gain control again, she tells an almost fully recovered Sam that he is still ill, that he must rest and that seeing Ben and Lucy would be too much of a strain on him. Rachel continues to hide the fact that Lucy and Ben are missing from Sam. She even hires a nurse to tend to Sam's fake illness. She tells Sam he is terminally ill and is about to die. Tom is appalled that Fiona could be seeing someone as young as Dennis and will not listen to her attempts to explain. When Tom tells Celeste about his planned operation she does her best to make him change his mind. Duncan is still in denial about what could have happened to Jane and does his best to avoid co-operating with the police. When Woody tells Natalie that Jane was a geisha Natalie responds by getting drunk. Duncan asks Roxanne around to dye Jane's hair back to blonde but when Roxanne sees Jane she bolts. Terrified that Alex will want Jane back she asks him to marry her. Duncan lets Woody know that now his family is back together, he is no longer welcome. When the police inform him that the Geisha club has burnt down but some pornographic photos of Jane have been found, he realises the old Jane can never really come back. No one in the family knows quite how to react when Roxanne announces her engagement to Alex. She is determined to marry Alex and keep him away from Steph and Jane. She makes her position clear by asking Steph to marry them. When she bleaches Jane's hair, she tries to warn her off Alex as well. When the nurse tells Sam that he is not dying he teaches Rachel a lesson by pretending he is genuinely about to die. Rachel watches in horror as Sam begs to see the children while breathing his final breath. His joke turns sour when Rachel confesses that the children have been taken into care.moreless
    • Searching & Finding
      Natalie is missing doing what she's good at: being a GP. But when she receives a call from a nurse confirming Sam's current state in hospital, at first she turns down the offer but later decides to go back to her old profession. She finds Sam sleeping deeply and repeatedly saying Jane's name. Natalie assumes that he's doing that because he is misses her. Then she discovers Sam holding a black flower. She takes it and wonders where it came from. Once again, Begonia refuses to go through with the surrogacy. Jimmy is delighted. He doesn't believe that it isn't in her best interests to go through with it. Could it be that Jimmy is madly in love?(yep). Begonia ,at first, believes that Jimmy still has a crush on her but soon realises for the better. By the canal, together they throw away the plastic cup containing Charlie's semen and kiss. Fiona is feeling young again. She is having a hot affair with teen Dennis and is enjoying every minute of it. She also relishes in the fact that Dennis fancies the pants off of her. In the middle of heat, Fiona hears Mike coming in. She rushes out of the bedroom whilst Dennis hides behind the bed. After a rather awkward conversation with her husband, she realises that her marriage is heading for the gutter and to revive it, she suggests that they agree to an open-marriage agreement (in other words, sleep with your spouse and anyone else). Mike agrees to the open-marriage. Now that he is free to date and sleep with whoever he wants, will he finally face up to reality?(the reality being that he is gay). Fiona, however, is feeling too much guilt. To rid of it, she ends the affair with Dennis. Mike finally faces up to reality and tells Fiona the truth about his sexuality. Fiona is gobsmacked. But Mike tells her that he still loves and wants to remain married (openly though!). Fiona no longer feels the guilt and goes over to see Dennis at his house. They get their affair up and running again by kissing passionately. But little do they know that Roxanne (oops! Helen! What's with the name-changing?!) is behind the sofa and rises from it, seeing them both kissing. Uh oh. Natalie brings home with her the black flower that Sam held in his hand in hospital. Woody familiarizes it with black flowers at a pole-dancing club. Duncan and Woody arrive there but find two tough guys (bouncers, I assume) in their way. Woody knocks both unconscious and so him and Duncan begin to search for Jane. When they find her, Duncan is overwhelmed. His daughter isn't dead after all. Ryan, sick of the troubles that combine madness in the Harper house, leaves for America and hopes to become a new man. Natalie, meanwhile, finds Duncan and Woody guarding Jane's room. Natalie demands that they let her inside. She walks inside and finds Jane resting peacefully on her bed. But she isn't the same girl that Natalie knew and love. This is proven as Jane awakes and fails to recognise her own mother. Natalie stands aback with shock...moreless
    • Operation Rescue Jane
      Natalie receives a call from the hospital that has Sam in its care. She visits him and he tells her that Jane is alive. When Sam takes a turn for the worse, Natalie instinctively becomes a GP again. Begonia insists to Jimmy that she cannot go through with the surrogacy plans. Charlie doesn't want to do it either but no one has the courage to tell Dona who cannot contain her excitement. Jimmy is distraught when Dona tells him she will leave Charlie if she does not get a baby. When Begonia tells Jimmy about Juan, Dona's first love, Jimmy can see that if he doesn't help, his family will fall apart. Josh prepares to welcome Alex home. He is shocked that he appears to bear him no malice at all. When Fiona is nearly caught in bed with Dennis by Mike, the guilt is unbearable. They both admit they have problems and agree to turn a blind eye to the other's sexual needs. Meanwhile Tom prepares for his penis operation; he just needs Fiona to sign the consent forms. At the hospital Natalie is given a black flower that Sam had with him when he was found. Woody recognises the flower as being from a pole-dancing club. He and Duncan visit the club but JJ sends them away. Josh drugs both Alex and Steph and takes them to the catacombs and ties them up. Meanwhile he tells Della to prepare to run away with him. Begonia warns Jimmy that she will tell Charlie about Juan if he doesn't help her stop the surrogacy plans. Jimmy's solution is that he should father her baby. Charlie wants Begonia to pretend to be pregnant and then leave. Jimmy plans to go and join her in Brazil for the birth of their secret baby. Fiona and Mike try out their new open marriage agreement. Despite her plans, Fiona realises she is not enjoying her liaison with Dennis anymore, she feels too guilty. She refuses to sign the consent form for Tom's operation and dumps Dennis. Fiona, having dumped Dennis, tries to get Mike back in shape. Mike finally tells Fiona he is gay but that he still loves her. Mike is so relieved but Fiona cannot cope with confusion. She allows Tom to have his operation and then she is caught by Roxanne kissing Dennis. Josh holds Steph and Alex prisoner. If they do not tell him the truth then he will kill them. They tell Josh about his parentage and that Della is his sister. Josh stumbles away and they finally free themselves. A distraught Della finds Josh about to jump from the bell tower. She closes her eyes and Josh vanishes. Alex and Della comfort each other over their joint loss. Woody advises Natalie to let Duncan search for Jane if he needs to. Natalie furiously denies that there is any point. When she shows them Sam, they resolve to go back to the club. Natalie tells Roxanne she intends to divorce Duncan and accept Jane's death. In response Ryan leaves for America to get away from his family. Meanwhile Woody and Duncan knock JJ out and find Jane. When Natalie is finally brought to her daughter, Jane fails to recognise her.moreless
    • The White Cell of Jane Harper
      Della enjoys being a rebel and insists on everyone calling her Desire from now on. She announces to Roxanne that she slept with Josh with no solace for her mother but when Roxanne goes to confront Josh about it he denies it. But something else is happening. Roxanne is attracted to Josh who is young enough to be her son. Alex is rotting in jail, and Dennis is enjoying being the father figure of the house. Fiona is impressed and falls for him even more. But Mike wants to get back together, leaving Fiona in a dilemma. In the end, she starts over again with Mike and dumps Dennis. She's not the only one with dilemmas. Mike is being paranoid and thinks that everyone knows his secret (his secret being that he is gay). Fiona's friend Jeremy tells Mike that he knows that he is gay which starts off the paranoia. Dreams reveal that he is afraid of coming out. In the dream, he is in the shower with Alex and Jeremy and Alex makes him feel safe. But when Alex exits the shower, Mike is left alone with Jeremy who is also gay and becomes afraid. To break out of this fear, he attempts to kiss Jeremy but Jeremy tells him that a kiss isn't all it takes. Meanwhile, the puppy fat that he has gained since moving into the Harpers prompts Mike to have liposuction on his waistline. But then Ryan blackmails Mike and tells him that he will tell everyone that he is gay if he doesn't give him the money for the liposuction. Mike gives in to him and hands over £3000 and moves back home. Roxanne's jealousy over Josh seeing Della (oops, I meant Desire) grows when she sees them kissing in the graveyard. Josh denies sleeping with Della whilst she is standing there and she walks off. With Della gone, Roxanne flirts with Josh. Her attraction turns her into a teenager. She changes her name to Helen and moves into Della's room and listens to 80's pop music. Charlie and Della walk in on her listening to Dexy's Midnight Runners and jumping on the bed. Charlie switches off the stereo and tells Roxanne that Alex doesn't deserve to be in jail over her jealousy and anger. She replies that the results will prove that he is guilty. But it doesn't and so Alex moves back in. Sam is still in that strange place. He discovers that him and Jane are being used in some sort of peepshow. Sam finally finds a way out: they both have to pretend to fall in love. After having sex, they both run out but Sam fails to save Jane. He arrives outside with Jane still inside.moreless
    • Creature of the Night
      Sam wakes up in a strange white cell. He gets up, with his wounded stomach, and sees a door. He opens it. Alex languishes in the slammer. Paisley tells him that he will be helping them with their inquiries into the disappearance of Jane Harper. But Paisley believes that he in fact murdered Jane. It looks like Alex will be there for a while... Natalie continues to work at the pub and Ryan continues to sell sherbert as drugs to his customers. Woody and Duncan are concerned for Natalie and are not impressed with her new image. At the Nautilus, Natalie serves Roxanne who is a little sad. She has everyone believe that Alex is in jail for not paying his TV licence. Sick of lying, Roxanne breaks the news to Natalie that Alex is in jail for the murder of her daughter - Jane. Soon, Natalie starts working more hours at the pub, not wanting to face up to the truth. Sam went back to sleep in the white cell. A girl is tending to his injuries. As the girl covers his wound with a wet cloth, Sam realises that the girl is Jane Harper. Alex meets his new cell mate Balthazar. He's a creepy man and tells Alex that jail is a dark place to live in. Lucky Alex... Della doesn't believe that Alex had an affair with her best friend and killed her. She goes to see Josh for answers but he isn't helpful. Like Natalie, Della ignores the truth and gets a makeover from Holly. She calls herself Desire. Later, she goes down to the catacombs to see Josh and to show off her new style. She demands that he tells her about Jane's secrets but they end up in a passionate clinch and have sex for the first time. Sam meets JJ, who claims he found Sam but is refusing to say anything about Jane. Mrs. Mori, whom Sam met whilst homeless, slips a note through Sam's cell. "Jane Harper - Yes" - The girl that tended to Sam's wounds was Jane Harper. But what in earth is Jane doing there? As Jane tends to his wounds not recognising him, JJ watches through a peephole. Alex pleads Roxanne to drop the charges but she isn't willing to. Looks like Alex won't get out of jail free... Natalie wants to work even more hours at the Nautilus but Charlie doesn't want her to and tells her to deal with current events. But when Natalie refuses, Charlie fires her. To hide away from the truth, she turns to prostitution and meets her first client: Buffalo Bob. But when she reaches the toilet stall and Buffalo Bob pulls his trousers down, she chickens out. JJ is still refusing to tell Sam about Jane and continues spying on them. Jane still does not recognise her ex. When she starts to give oral sex, Sam realises that she has become a geisha girl. Later, Jane returns and Sam tells her that she is missed back in Thornton Street. He tells her that her family and friends. The only name that is familiar to Jane is Josh Alexander. She walks out of the cell, leaving no resolvement on her disappearance.moreless
    • Josh Alexander: The Evil Beast
      Sam is stapped and Duncan is on the verdge of a breakdown. ______________________________ Della wakes up in the middle of the night with a sore neck. She checks it in the mirror and finds a painful looking red mark. She assumes that it is just a rash but the next day she begins to feel weak and dizzy. To make herself feel better, she goes to see Josh at the Halfway house. As she begins walking upstairs, she collapses. She wakes up to find Josh over her. She asks him if he bit her the previous night. Josh denies biting her but Della's still unsure. Rachel is struggling caring for Ben on her own. It gets so bad that she has to take him to school because of there being no available babysitter. Rachel soon realises that since Sam and Lucy left, everything has gone downhill. She seeks comfort in her very close friend - alcohol. Later, she phones Lucy begging her to come home, but then collapses. At that same moment, homeless Sam feels the same pain as her. Whilst sleeping in a dump, a man tries to steal his shoes by stabbing him. Because of money difficulties, Duncan has tried being a taxi driver. Before he leaves the Harper house to do his shift, he asks Mike to watch Woody and find out what time he leaves. In the taxi, he talks to a fellow taxi driver through a walkie-talkie. He tells him about his worries. The man tells him that Woody is trying to get closer to Natalie and tells him to stand up to him. The next night, the man leaves a gift for Duncan in his taxi. A gun. Duncan smiles with glee... Sam is struggling to survive on the streets searching for Jane. Eventually he meets a chinese couple who walk away from him. Then the woman returns, but refuses to tell him about Jane. Rachel continues to share the same pains as Sam. After a night of drinking, Rachel wakes up to see Lucy standing over her. Her heart widens and tells Lucy that things will be better from now on. Roxanne's convinced that Della's rash is a lovebite. Alex is worried. When Ryan visits her, Alex shows him the way out. At night, Della's mystery lovebiter returns: Josh. They kiss but when Roxanne checks to see if she is alright, he vanishes. The next night, Della looks for Josh in the Halfway house. He appears. He kisses her and takes his shirt off. He asks Della to do the same and she does. After a long hot kiss, Josh vanishes again. Duncan arrives at Woody's flat with the gun in his hand. He forces Woody to declare his love for Natalie. He does, also saying that when Duncan was missing things were better. With rage, Duncan attempts to pull the trigger. In the end, he chickens out but forms a friendship with Woody. Sam pleads for information about Jane but the woman still refuses to tell him. And to make him stop, she has a gang beat him up. As Sam gets punched and kicked by the gang, Rachel collapses. When she recovers, she tells Lucy that Samuel has passed onto another world. In other words, he's dead. Lucy refuses to believe. But Rachel may be right. Sam wakes up in a white robe. Blue skies and white clouds surround him. Sam believes that it's heaven...moreless
    • Josh Disappears
      Josh Disappears
      Episode 14
      Dennis can't stop thinking about Fiona. Everytime he stops to think, Fiona fills his mind. After a long absence, Natalie returns to the clinic only to find a younger woman in her office. The woman tells Natalie that she is replacing her. Natalie drops dead (not literally) with shock. Later, she starts bartending at the Nautilus and soon becomes the new slut of Thornton Street. Her new image seems to have given her a lift. She starts smoking, drinking and even flirting with Josh. She convinces Duncan to get a new job as well: as a taxi driver. Holly is worried about Josh's inconvenient behaviour. When she asks him what happened in the catacombs, he claims that Josh Alexander no longer exists. Thrilled that he's back, Della asks Josh to come over her house for company. When no-one else is around, he lifts Alex Jr. out of his cot and walks out. Soon after, chaos reigns over the Wells/Doyles house. Josh keeps his lips firmly sealed about Alex Jr.'s whereabouts... Roxanne is annoyed that Natalie isn't being supportive. Natalie's too busy worrying about the younger woman who has replaced her at the clinic. At night, Josh takes her down to the catacombs to show her something that he has hidden. Along the way, she flirts wildly with him. The secret that Josh has been hiding is Alex Jr. He tells Natalie that he thinks Alex Jr. is unwell. Natalie is more than willing to return to her life-saving skills. Kate (and every other girl) falls head over heels for the new hunky teacher. But something buzzes her everytime she feels an attraction. It's actually her virginity fairy who tells her that her virginity is a very sacred thing. After that, she fights her attractions to all gorgeous men and later decides to bury the hatchet with Frankie. Together, they punish the hunky teacher for taking advantage of Kate by getting him sacked. And he's not the only one. Fiona realises that Dennis could never be a potential boyfriend. All he's good for is a roll in the sack. She breaks the news to Dennis and dumps him. Josh returns Alex Jr. and claims that he found it on a church doorstep. Roxanne says that he is a hero but Kate isn't so sure. When she looks into his eyes, she screams at what she sees: evil. Later that night, Josh takes Della to the catacombs. Della tries to find out what is wrong but evil tries to have it's way with Josh and he tells her to run. As she runs out of the catacombs, one thing becomes clear. After Alex punched and left Josh in the catacombs, someone or something caught up with him. Something bad...moreless
    • Aunt Begonia
      Aunt Begonia
      Episode 13
      Dona and Charlie plan to have a surrogate baby and ask Dona's sister, Begonia to be the mother. Begonia isn't happy at the idea and when Charlie decides he doesn't want to go through with it, she is happy. But Dona and Begonia have an arguement over it. Begonia reminds Dona that she knows a secret that Charlie doesn't. Alex begins to ride the trip of guilt after punching Josh and leaving him in the catacombs. To get rid of his guilt, he goes to back to the catacombs only to find that Josh has disappeared leaving a trail of blood on the ground... Money is running low in the Harper house. Ryan is scared of becoming poor but Natalie seems to be enjoying living the poor life. To bring in some money, she organises a car boot sale to sell Ryan's clothes. As if his life couldn't get any worse, Celeste starts her first day at Kinghurst High. But secretly he's glad. Jimmy declares his love for Begonia to Charlie. This makes Charlie wonder whether or not Begonia being a surrogate is a good idea. After she tells him that she's scared of losing her virginity, Charlie opts to tell Dona that he doesn't want to go through with it but she's already annoyed with him for taking too long to impregnate Begonia. After realising that Josh is the one she loves, Della tells Holly that they should stick as friends instead of lesbian lovers. Holly agrees and they both go to see Josh in his room. Surprisingly, he's nowhere to be seen and it looks like he has been out all night. Della panics but Holly tells her not to worry. But Holly can't shake of her worries and goes to look for him in the graveyard only to find Alex exiting the catacombs with bruised hands. Fearing the worst, she enters the catacombs, looking for any sign of Josh. She stumbles upon the trail of blood and screams... Dona is upset that Charlie doesn't want to go through with the surrogacy, Jimmy's furious and Charlie feels guilty. But Begonia is still eager to sleep with Charlie. In the end, Charlie backs off from sleeping with Begonia. Secretly she's glad. Ryan begins to feel the pressure of being poor. As loneliness creeps upon him, Ryan tries to earn money by selling cocaine (in reality just sherbert) to the kids at school. No more being poor and no more being lonely. For now, "Ghetto Ryan" is in da house!. Holly takes a second chance and goes back to the catacombs to make sure that Josh definitely isn't there. While looking, someone grabs her from behind. She is shocked to discover that it's Josh with a bloodied and bruised face. Holly opts to go back to the Halfway house to get help for him but Josh insists on her staying with him. As his inconvenient behaviour increases, Holly begins to feel frightened. To get out of the catacombs, she tells him that Della is waiting for him at the Halfway house. Josh believes her and goes to the Halfway house with her only to find Alex and Steph in a passionate clinch. Josh is angry that Holly lied and disappears into thin air...moreless
    • Episodes 180-181-182
      Jimmy finds out from Dona and Charlie that his aunt Begonia is coming to Thornton Street to be a surrogate for them. After running down the street naked, Jimmy meets his aunt for the first time. A crush seems to develop... Josh is having bizarre visions everytime he touches Jane's bloodied dress. He seems to have bonded with Alex but feels awkward towards Della because of the "phase" she is going through. He hurts her by saying that Jane is the one and only person he will ever care about. Dennis refuses to believe that there is nothing between him and Fiona. Fiona doesn't want to to see him anymore because she is afraid someone will find out (e.g. Rachel) and she might get sacked. Ryan taunts Mike about his sexuality. He knows that Mike is gay but Mike keeps his control and denies Ryan's accusations. But then Ryan becomes even more scheming. He tells Mike that if he doesn't get off with another man, he will tell Fiona everything. Mike has no other choice... Jimmy finally discovers the true meaning of surrogate and he isn't happy. He doesn't like the fact that Begonia and Charlie are going to have sex. After Charlie's reassureance, Jimmy tries hard to prove to Begonia that he isn't some dumb teenager. Mike's in the Darc Bar to do Ryan's task: kiss another man for the first time. All hell looks set to break loose when Ryan tells Fiona that Mike would like to meet her at the Darc Bar for a date. Meanwhile, at the bar, Mike tries to keep his cool. Then Dennis sees him. He asks Mike why he's there since there are many gay men hanging around. Mike runs. Fiona waits patiently outside the Darc Bar for Mike. Mike runs out the entrance where he sees Fiona. She turns around, but doesn't see him too well since she didn't bring her glasses. Mike makes a lucky escape. Upset that Mike didn't show, Fiona takes up Dennis' offer... It's the opening night of the school play and Rachel has handed over the duty of writing the script to Josh. Unbeknownst to everyone, he's leaves the ending for Cleopatra (Della) to decide whether or not she will take the hand of Julius Caesar (Jimmy) in marriage. In the end, Della realises what Josh means. Julius Caesar is Josh and so she picks the perfect ending. The play ends with a big round of applause. Josh asks Alex to meet in the catacombs. When Alex arrives, Josh declares his love for Della. He tells Alex that he loves her more than Jane. And with that, Alex punches him. Josh falls to the ground...moreless
    • Episodes 177-178-179
      Alex nearly tells Josh that he is his father! But Steph stops him, she knows what affect it will have on Josh and Della's relationship. Instead Alex tells Josh that Della is a lesbian to put him off but Della thinks Alex is helping her to get together with Josh. _________________________________-- Celeste and Woody are having difficulties resolving the situation with her pregnancy - mainly because she's not actually pregnant. But when Ryan announces in front of the school about his new responsibilities and Natalie believes it's a gift from Jane, it only complicates things even further for Celeste and Woody. They decide to keep it quiet for the time being. Alex and Roxanne argue at the surgery on what gender they should the change the baby to. Roxy wants to change it to a girl but Alex wants the baby to remain Alex Jr. Later, Alex tells Rachel his problematic responsibility for Alex Jr's future. Drunk, she drops a bombshell saying he has another son: Josh. When Josh is around, Alex behaves awkwardly. Later, he decides to let Alex Jr. have surgery and tells Steph that he already knows who their son is. But other problems seem to be abounding. Josh and Della are attracted to each other. Alex tries to figure out what to do... Holly bewilders Dennis when she breaks the news about Alex Jr's gender difficulties. Sick of pretending, Celeste breaks the news to Ryan. She makes use of her pretense skills once again by saying that she had a miscarriage. But when Ryan and Natalie change their mood, Celeste begins to wonder if Ryan and Natalie only loved her and Woody because of the baby. She tries to convince herself that this is not true. To resolve the matter between Josh and Della, Alex tells Josh that he doesn't stand a chance since she is involved with Holly. He almost reveals his role as Josh's father. Later, he decides that Alex Jr. should not have surgery and tells Roxanne that they should wait and see what unravels. Celeste believes that Ryan still loves her even though he won't be becoming a father anytime soon. And so she tells him the truth. His reaction: bye bye Celeste. Natalie isn't so eager to let go of Woody. Just because Celeste's pregnancy was a lie doesn't mean they should stop seeing each other. As Natalie and Woody keep their friendship running, Duncan gets even more agitated. He's convinced that she is deliberately ignoring him. To him, this means that she no longer loves him...moreless
    • Episodes 174-175-176
      Celeste thinks she is pregnant. Rachel starts drinking again because the School play isn't running well at all. _____________________________________ Since her kiss with Holly, Della has been feeling annoyed with the way her family is behaving. Rachel tries to sell her flat. Woody and Celeste are one of the hopefuls to buy. Josh is pissed off with Della and Holly because of the kiss. Rachel seems to be struggling with writing the play and selling her flat. Natalie says her last goodbyes to Woody. Della seeks some advice from Charlie and Dona. Then Roxanne enters. She seems to be pissed off with the fact that it was Holly she kissed. She still believes that Holly sent those poison-pen letters. Lucy packs her bags to stay at her friend Amanda's house much to Rachel's dismay. Woody and Celeste are packing their belongings to move into Rachel's flat. Ryan enters, with words of hate aimed at Celeste. Woody assures her that everything will be OK. Then she says she's pregnant. It's Ryan's. At school, the teenagers are rehearsing for the play. Ryan auditions. Rachel is the only one impressed by it. On the way home rehearsing his lines, Ryan is caught up by Woody. He accuses of Ryan of being incapable of taking care of anyone, let alone himself. Afterwards, he punches him. Della tells her troubles to Alex Jr. Alex overhears. Natalie finds out about what Woody did to Ryan. So does Celeste. Both are angry with Woody. Della's feeling confused. Was her kiss with Holly just a bit of fun or was it more?... Rachel receives a call from social services. They are going to proceed in a 3 -month assessment into how she is coping with family life. Not very well by the looks of it... Ryan isn't coping well with Celeste being pregnant. He offers to help but Celeste doesn't want it. Rachel is losing it. The social workers are coming tomorrow and there's no Sam or Lucy. She asks Josh to stand in as Sam... Mike, Duncan and Woody have a drink at the Nautilus. Duncan spikes Woody's drink... Celeste and Ryan seem to be on the right track with each other again. The social workers are coming and Rachel may have Josh playing Sam but who's going to play Lucy?...Lucy's friend amanda will do. Woody and Ryan have another punch-up in the park. The visit from the social worker goes smoothly. Until Lucy walks in... Della and Holly are refusing to face up to their kiss. Roxanne throws Holly out of he house, and takes her anger with Holly out onto Della. Lucy is furious with Rachel. After the successful visit from social services, bonds begin to break again. Duncan and Woody ask Natalie to choose between them. Instead of her choosing, they have an arm-wrestling match. Ryan walks in, to tell evryone the good news about Celeste. Natalie is overwhelmed. Later, Celeste tells Woody that she isn't really pregnant. What to do?... Della and Holly finally discuss their kiss. Della reveals that she is in love with her. An awkward silence follows...moreless
    • Episodes 171-172-173
      Meanwhile Della and Holly kiss and Roxanne is over protective of Alex Jr. ______________________________________ Sam's disappearance has created various impacts. Alex isn't bothered, Roxanne thinks that it's Jane all over again, Dennis is clueless and Della is upset. Natalie reflects her reaction onto her when Duncan disappeared. Rachel is furious with Lucy. Lucy is furious with Rachel. Rachel is blaming Lucy for Sam's disappearance but of course it was she who was responsible. Sam has left his family behind which upsets Lucy even more...and perhaps Rachel. Della is crying in her room. Roxanne walks in carrying Alex Jr. Della is convinced that Roxanne doesn't trust her. Because of her anger, Della tells her that she had sex with Sam in the mens' toilets in the Darc Bar. Roxanne is shocked. Josh comes to see Rachel. Josh tells her that she has lost a son. Sam. She replies that Steph lost a son as well. But she doesn't dare say that he is Steph's son. Alex is having a drink at the Nautlus. Roxanne enters pissed off that she is the one always left holding the baby. He replies that he has to work. Then she demands that he tell everyone about the Alex Jr.'s problem... Josh breaks into Steph's office looking for information on her son.She walks in, shocked. He is still pissed off with her for ruining his date with Della. She tells him that the social workers are comin the following day. Josh doesn't seen to care. At school, Rachel announces who has got what part in the play. She also announces that there is to be a Cupid Ball at the end of the week to help raise money for the play. Roxanne has everyone gathered round at her house for Alex to tell them about the baby. Della tells Alex about her and Sam and Alex leaves aside the problem with alex Jr. Instead, he pretends that he is being sued. Roxanne is furious. Natalie has been spiking Duncan's drinks. Duncan hasn't been drinking them. Roxanne is pissed off with Alex and Della. Pissed off with Alex for not telling anyone about the baby and pissed off with Della because of her "hot and sticky" night with Sam. Later, Roxanne goes to see Josh. Whilst flirting, she tells him about Della and Sam...Josh now knows that Steph wants something from him. Unfortunately, he thinks that it is sex. Steph is shocked. Later, Della catches up with Josh. She tells him that she never really had sex with Sam. He isn't forgiving. She takes her frustration out on Roxanne. Duncan is becoming paranoid. He thinks that there is still something between Woody and Natalie. And so he decides that he'd like to meet Woody... Josh tries to think about what Steph wants from him and Roxanne almost tells Charlie about the baby. He tells her the truth about her mother's affair. Roxanne is still upset. At school, Holly tells Dennis about her worries over her future at the Halfway house. She thinks that Steph is becoming unstable. She is afraid that she'll end up homeless. Talking about Steph, the social worker makes her visit at the Halfway house. Steph puts on fake smiles as does Josh. Duncan is trying to get Ryan to tell him where Woody lives. He wants to beat Woody to Natalie's heart. He has fantasies of himself being Indiana Jones and Woody as his villain. Steph is worried about Josh. his behaviour is becoming increasingly bizarre. After a shopping spree, Natalie leads Roxanne to an Intersex meeting. Roxanne decides that she will do it alone. The number that Ryan gave Duncan is not Woody's. It's a total stranger who coincidentally had an affair with a married woman. Getting sick fed up with his behaviour, Natalie tells Duncan that she will invite Woody over for dinner. Indiana (Duncan) is off on a good start in the battle to Natalie's heart... Roxanne talks to the Intersex meeting holder, Kate decides to move in with Dennis Steph worries even more about Josh. Natalie prepares dinner for Woody. Duncan opens the wine. He seems excited about meeting Woody for the first time. The dinner is a disaster. Celeste continuosly touches up Ryan under the table and the dinner breaks into an arguement between Woody and Duncan. Roxanne and Dona go to the Darc Bar. She tells Roxanne about her and Charlie's plans of surrogacy. When Roxanne shows her true feelings about this, Dona leaves. Later, Josh shows up. Roxanne dances against him in a sexual manner. After a hot kiss, Roxanne leaves. The teenagers get ready for the Cupid Ball. Kate compliments Holly on her dress. Kate announces that she is moving in with Dennis. Holly is jealous. Later, rachel announces the Queen of the's Holly. She chooses Della to be her King. They kiss. Everyone is shocked. Duncan waits for Natalie in Jane's room where she has been sleeping for the last few weeks. They discuss their marriage. Things are on the mend...Dennis tells Roxanne about Della's kiss with Holly. They seem to be behaving homophobically towards this. Della notices it. Josh takes Steph up to the top of the tower to confront her about her son. He knows that it is him. But Steph lies. She says that she was in prison at the time when he was abandoned. Josh is upset that he made a mistake and that he may never know who his mother is. When will Steph stop lying and tell Josh the truth?...moreless
    • Episodes 168-169-170
      Steph discovers Rachel was right about Josh's past and her connection with it. _____________________________________ The episode begins through the eyes of Sam's little brother Ben, who takes his first footsteps. Sam is so pleased. Unfortunately, so is Rachel. Roxanne isn't coping with looking after the baby and the twins. The house is a mess and even Della's not helping the situation. Steph is over at the Harpers, checking up on Duncan. Sam visits his mother and father's grave accompanied by Dennis, Lydia and Lucy. As Lucy walks off with her buggie, Sam tells Dennis that he will fight for custody of Lucy and Ben ... without Rachel. Rachel is holding auditions for her play. Della is one of the few interested in doing the play. Rachel suspects that something's up with her. Over at the Brakes, Fiona looks at a photo of her and Mike. Happy. Mike walks in. Fiona puts the photo away. He tells her that he's worried about her relationship with Tom. Sam is planning a dinner party to celebrate Ben's first walk. He is trying to bake a cake. Lucy and Lydia notice how strange he is behaving. As Lydia asks Dennis if he knows why Sam is acting this way, he walks out. Lydia goes after him. She catches up with him asking what is wrong with Sam. Dennis tells her about Sam and Jane. Without a care for that matter, she says that the custody battle is what matters. She says that it will be difficult for Sam but will affect Lucy and Ben more than anyone. Rachel eavesdrops on the entire conversation round the corner... Della's over at the Harpers, talking to Natalie. Della is worried about Roxanne and wonders why she is so bothered with the baby. Natalie keeps her lips firmly sealed. Lucy asks Sam if he is sure that he wants to marry Lydia. He says he is sure while Lydia listens in. After talking to Natalie, Della walks over to the Halfway house to see Josh. They make plans to meet each other later. Over at the Brakes, Natalie is complaining about Fiona visiting Mike. Fiona is beyond pissed. While on a walk, Sam bumps into Celeste. He starts flirting but Celeste blows him off. Della is starting to feel the stress. The twins are continually singing "baby" songs. Roxanne has her look after the baby while she gets the twins settled down. While Roxanne is upstairs, Della investigates what the fuss is about with the baby. As she lifts Alex Jr. up, the nappy slips off... Fiona is determined to put up shelves without Mike's help. Tom starts to worry. Rachel and Steph talk in the graveyard. Rachel tells her about Josh. Steph falls ill. Fiona sneaks into the Harpers to see Mike. They're in Natalie's room talking with a drugged up Duncan as company. Later, Fiona asks Natalie about Woody. Natalie is terribly uncomfortable with the question. Sam flirts with at Kate his house. Kate slaps him. Why is he behaving this way?. Upstairs, Lydia asks him about their sex life and when it will begin. Sam doesn't say a word. Lydia begins to care about the matter between Sam and Jane. Something is up with him... At the Halfway house, Steph's acting even stranger. Della is upset that no one told her about the baby. Later, the twins irritate her even more. She tries to clear off but Roxanne has her look after Alex Jr. so she phones the Halfway house. Steph answers. Della asks her to tell Josh that she is going to be late. Steph keeps her mouth shut. Sam goes to see Roxanne. Him and Lydia have had a fight. A big one. Keeping his mind off it, is Della and very sexy outfit. Fiona invites Woody over for dinner. Later, they kiss but it doesn't go any further than that. Sam goes back to his house to find Lydia packing her bags. Lucy walks in. Lydia almost tells her the truth behind their relationship and his looking after Lucy and Ben but Sam stops her. As Della gets ready for her date, Josh comes back to the Halfway house. He is disappointed that Della failed to show up for their date. Maybe Steph knows why... As the dinner party gets out of shape, Rachel and Sam argue. The arguement spirals out of control. When she tells him that she will tell Lucy about Jane, Sam slaps her. Della is waiting for Josh. He makes an appearance ... in a hallucination. Afterwards, she heads to the Darc Bar. Sam holds the engagement ring that was handed back by Lydia. He begins to cry. Rachel walks in. As Sam is fooled into thinking that they are making amends, Rachel tells him that he will never matter to her. Afterwards, she walks into Lucy's room. Rachel tells her about Sam and Jane. Lucy is shattered. Over at the Halfway House, Steph searches Josh's room for information on his past. She comes across a box labelled "PRIVATE". Sam's over at the Darc Bar having a drink with Della. One thing leads to another. They rush into the male toilets, into a cubicle and start kissing. She unzips his trousers but he comes moments too soon. He reaches for a tissue, wipes his trousers and walks out of the cubicle. Della cries on the way home, upset with Sam. She tells Dennis what happened. Dennis is more than furious. Steph opens the "PRIVATE" box and takes out a newspaper article about an abandoned baby. Rachel was right. Later, Josh finds out about Della's phonecall from Holly. He isn't happy at Steph for lying to him. Della tells Roxanne that she knows about the baby being intersex. Because of all the upset she has been through, she bails on her audition for the play which Rachel is finding difficult to run. In the morning, Sam walks home to find that he can't get in his house. Lucy doesn't want him in. But of course, Lucy isn't the one keeping him out, Rachel is. After being punched by Dennis at the graveyard, Sam walks back home to find his belongings outside. Rachel covers Lucy's mouth as she cries out. Only leaving his football behind, Sam leaves Thornton Street ... maybe forever ...moreless
    • Thing's Are Wrong
      Alex and Josh comes to blows. __________________________________ Roxanne's child is born! However, not all is as it should be... Roxanne becomes a little upset with the look on Natalie's face. She can't bear the thought of something being wrong with her baby. She asks what is wrong but Natalie just hands the baby over to Roxanne and rushes out without even saying if it was a boy or girl. Natalie sits at home watching some old movie which has a strange effect on her. She realises that she needs to hold onto everything she has, including Duncan. She decides to get Duncan back as soon as possible. Back in Roxanne's bed, her and Alex determine whether or not the baby is a boy or girl. They decide that it is a boy and assure each other that nothing is wrong with their baby. Alex texts "IT'S A BOY!" to everyone he knows. He shouldn't be so sure... Fiona and Sam are among the many people who receives Alex's text message. Fiona is overwhelmed and memories of Tom's birth bring on the tears of joy. But something Frankie says about the baby that Fiona and Mike were planning to have, bring on the tears of sadness! Sam receives the text message. He tells Lydia this. Rachel also hears. At first she begins to make comments on Alex's role as a father and then turns on Lydia saying absolute rubbish about her "strong" family. Sam soon puts a stop to this. Roxanne and Alex bring their "son" downstairs for all to see. Everyone is so happy. Especially Roxanne and Alex. But the thought of something being wrong with their baby still lingers... Natalie returns (with a strange hairdo) to inform Roxanne and Alex what the problem is with the baby. She explains that she didn't tell them the gender of the baby at first because she couldn't detremine the gender herself. So she had to rush home to look up genders and their difficulties. She concludes that the baby is intersex. Roxanne is shattered. Alex tells Natalie that he wants a second opinion... At school, Rachel notices an ad for a school play on the bulletin board. An advert for auditions. Rachel wasn't informed about this. What she finds more annoying is that it was Fiona's idea. And so she decides to create a play herself. Later, she bumps into Josh at the library. He picks up a small cup that she dropped. She explains that it is a present for Alex's new born. Josh apologises and says that he didn't mean to scare her. She replies that he didn't and that she could see the soul of his inner beast. This leads to a bizarre image with Rachel whipping Josh who wears a collar with a leash attached which Rachel is holding. They seem to be speaking some sort of Latin. When she snaps out of it, she says that she would like to teach him because many opportunities have been taken away from him. Frankie is upset with what she said to Fiona. Fiona tells her not to worry. Rachel invites Josh over for supper and decides that she will teach him to read. Roxanne and Alex visit a doctor about the baby. Natalie was right... Natalie goes to the Halfway house to collect Duncan. Her behaviour is beyond bizarre. Instead of being Duncan's wife, she is acting like his doctor. She is developing an obsession of caring for those close to heart. Duncan begins to notice this in the morning. Roxanne and Alex are heartbroken. They decide to keep the baby's gender difficulty a secret. Rachel continues to teach Josh to read at the Halfway house. She is interrupted by Steph, who tells Rachel that a traffic warden is waiting downstairs to see her. Rachel already knows who it is. Lydia tries to convince Rachel that she really does love Sam. Rachel replies that Sam will never love her and that the only right she can do is pack her bags. Natalie's role as doctor continues, Rachel's work with Josh progresses and Tom and Frankie discuss their relationship and where it is heading. Dennis brings his uncle Woody to see his little baby brother. Furious with Woody there, Alex tries to headbutt Woody but Dennis gets in the way and he ends up with the headbutt. Apologies will not get him out of this one. Rachel is at the library reading a book. Sam interrupts her. He is annoyed that she is trying to split Lydia and himself apart. He tells her that she will never tear them apart. Alex is over at the Brakes with Fiona. He can't stop thinking about his baby's "problem". Rachel tries to convince Dennis to make Sam see sense. Natalie's role as doctor gets a little creepy when she starts force-feeding Duncan sleeping pills. She asks him, "Who knows best?" He replies, "Doctor." Roxanne is furious with Alex for headbutting Dennis. First they argue about that and they start arguing about their marriage and it's complications. Roxanne is unhappy that Alex will not talk about the baby's problem. Cracks are appearing once again... Whilst having sex with Tom, Frankie has a bizarre experience. This experience has an effect. She says that she won't have any more sex until she is married. She then proposes to Tom. At first, he accepts but later Frankie decides to move back in with Will. Rachel tries for the last time to make Sam dismiss Lydia. She fails. Good things come to those who wait... Roxanne and Alex's relationship suffers another breakdown. Roxanne is refusing to accept that the baby is intersex and always will be. Alex tells her that she has no other choice...moreless
    • A Baby is Born
      A Baby is Born
      Episode 6
      Roxanne goes into labour but he child isn't a boy or girl, its both!!! _________________________________________ Panic breaks out in the Wells household as Roxanne goes into labour, but will all go according to plan? After having a nightmare, Roxanne has a small contraction. She wants to call a midwife but Della tells her to get Natalie. Sam asks Dennis to be best man at the wedding. Without any fuss, Dennis accepts. Natalie reassures Roxanne that the contraction was just a false alarm. Roxanne begins to think that she will die during labour just like her mother. To cheer up the awkward atmosphere, Dennis announces that Sam has asked him to best man. Roxanne can't get her mother's death out of her head. She died when she was 38. Roxanne has reached that age and becomes even more worried... At the Nautilus, Dona and Charlie discuss having children. Dona tells him that she has been thinking about having a surrogate child. Charlie is not amused. Roxanne looks at some old photos of her mother with Della. Roxanne tells her about her worries. Della reassures her that just because her mother died during labour, doesn't mean that she will as well. Among the old photos, Roxanne finds an old letter that her mother had written to a friend. It contains her mother writing about some fantastic love affair. Roxanne is shocked. Later, Dona comes over for a chat. Della lets out that Roxanne had had a false alarm with the baby earlier that day. Dona is furious that she wasn't told before. Alex isn't happy with Della and Josh seeing each other regularly. His suspicions increase when Della invites Josh up to her bedroom. Fiona has a drink at the Nautilus. After being seduced by Fiona's identical twin sister Gwen, Jimmy has been flirting horribly with Fiona. After telling her that the only support that she needs is a Wonderbra, she leaves. After she exits, Dona enters, annoyed at Charlie for not telling her about Roxanne's false alarm. Later, Roxanne comes over to the Nautilus with intent on telling Charlie about the affair. When she does, he is shocked. Later, she tells Alex. Charlie keeps what Roxanne told him to himself. He tells Dona that he has been thinking about having a surrogate child. After discussing mistake pregnancies, Roxanne lets out to Dennis that Jane and Sam were in love and that he was the man who got her pregnant. Dennis leaves to go over to the Armstrongs' to confront Sam but he claims that she would never open up to him. After the arguement, Sam asks Dennis to leave. Alex suspicions about Josh have reached top level and decides to confront Josh at the Halfway house where Josh finally learns the identity of the mystery man who had an affair with Jane before she disappeared... Whilst talking about the affair that Margaret (Roxanne's mother) had with Roxanne and Della, Charlie announces that it was he who had the affair. Alex and Josh have a drink at the Nautilus. They discuss Alex's affair with Jane. Alex begins to remember it... Roxanne is upset with Charlie. She takes her anger out on Alex. He goes to confront Charlie but Charlie then says that Margaret did have the affair. Alex is confused. Charlie tells him that Roxanne needed to blame someone other than Margaret especially in her current c ondition. Dennis comes home accompanied by Kate to collect more of his belongings. Then Dona enters, complaining abouy Charlie's laziness. Roxanne realises that Charlie hasn't told her about the affair so she decides to be the one to tell her. Afterwards, they rush to the Nautilus. Dona is furious with Charlie yet again for telling more lies. She becomes convinced that he will leave her for somebody else. Duncan walks into Josh's room with a warm cup of tea. He is surprised to find Alex there. He spent the night there, trying to convince Josh to keep his affair with Jane quiet. Much later, Alex returns home. Roxanne asks him whre has been all night. She thinks that he was seeing Steph. Dennis tells Sam that he knows that he is only marrying Lydia to get rid of his guilt over Jane. Sam tells him that he knows that Kate is only dating him to make Sam jealous. Alex and Josh have another drink at the Nautilus. They apologise to each other. Alex asks Josh to ask Della out on a date. Della is over the moon but Roxanne insists that she stays just in case the contractions begin. Just then, they begin. The baby is coming! Dennis brings his bags into Kate's flat. He confronts her about what Sam said. She tells him that maybe it started like that but things have now changed. Dennis' mobile rings. It's Roxanne... Fiona is back for a drink. She is annoyed with Charlie's interference and Jimyy's flirting. When Jimmy hears that Mike and Fiona are having a trial separation, he asks if she is interested in having a trial "affair". Fiona walks out. The phone rings... Natalie and Steph are by Roxanne's side who has decided to give birth in her own bed just like her mother. Downstairs, Dennis and Sam are arguing again over his upcoming wedding. Before the birth, Alex and Roxanne discuss their marriage and their mistakes. Alex is in the clear. The baby's coming and Alex shouts for Natalie. Everyone waits downstairs for the outcome. The baby is born. Alex and Roxanne are so happy. Alex rushes downstairs unsure of what to say. Everyone laughs as he runs back upstairs. Dennis steps down from being Sam's best man and Charlie tells Dona the truth for once. Back at the bedside, things Roxanne realises something is wrong. The look on Natalie's face tells her that something is wrong with the baby!moreless
    • Episodes 159-160-161
      Holly comes to a terrible conclusion about Jane. Mike and Fiona break up. ______________________________________ Aunt Rachel hatches a plan to save Sam from the clutches of the glamorous Lydia. The game is up for Duncan. A violent Natalie demands from Steph that she hands her husband over. Duncan asks to come home but Natalie is furious that he could think she would have waited for so long without any word. Ryan is livid that Natalie is betraying Duncan with Woody. He takes his anger out on Celeste. Woody, seeing her confusion about Duncan decides to leave and give her some space. Natalie visits Duncan and they make the first tentative steps towards communicating again. Later, Ryan dumps Celeste while Natalie says goodbye to Woody. Rachel's plans for preventing Sam's engagement to Lydia are weakened when Lucy begins to believe that he really does love her. She decides to go straight to Lydia to solve the problem. When Lydia points out that she is scared of going ahead because she always thought she would be alone, Rachel can't help but see the similarities between Lydia and herself. Rachel keeps her secret about Josh and Steph close to her chest. She can't bear that everyone else seems to be finding happiness except her. Scheming, she offers Lydia money not to marry Sam. To her surprise, Lydia accepts the bribe but later returns the bribe money much to Rachel's horror. She has no option but to wait for the outcome. In the end, Rachel fails to bring the relationship down, with Lydia accepting Sam's proposal. Josh wants an explanation from Holly about why he sent Jane those creepy text messages. She confesses that she was jealous of Jane and wanted to protect Josh because she knew that Jane had had another boyfriend. Later, she tells Josh that she saw someone with Jane in the graveyard before she disappeared. When Mike and Fiona tell Tom about their separation, he is devastated. While Holly is giving him advice, he almost kisses her. Tom thinks that he is like his father because neither of them want to have sex with their partners. He resolves to break that pattern immediately by giving Frankie what she needs but all goes wrong...moreless
    • Episodes 156-157-158
      Roxanne and Alex prepare to marry. ______________________________________ Duncan finds an old hand grenade in the garden. He shows it to Josh but accidentally pulls out the pin sending the Halfway house into panic. Duncan covers the top of the grenade with his hand but is a bit too determined to let go. He wants to take his life because he thinks that it is worthless. He confesses that he misses his family especially Natalie - and he's not the only one making confessions... Roxanne and Alex decide to marry at the registry office. They agree to marry at 1pm, but memories of her last wedding day (in which her last husband Danny left her standing at the altar) aren't helping. When the big day arrives, she is the first to arrive, but Alex hasn't yet. Everything is in place. She has something borrowed - a wedding dress from Natalie, something new - g-strings, something old - her mother's earrings ... but she hasn't got something blue! Roxanne goes bonkers and in the end has to make do with a tin of blue paint. But Alex doesn't arrive. It all ends with Roxanne sobbing in front of her friends who have come to see the wedding. Roxanne goes to the Halfway house to confront Steph. To make her leave (because of being a difficult situation), Steph tells her that Alex always wanted her instead of Roxanne and so Roxanne storms off furious. In reality, Alex went to the Halfway house to see Steph but ended up walking into trouble when he found Duncan trembling with a grenade in his hand. Now that Alex knows about Duncan's whereabouts he decides Natalie should too, so he prepares to call her. Confessions, confessions In an effort to show Duncan that he is not worthless and that everyone makes mistakes, the people gathered at the Halfway House begin to confess their sins. Holly reveals that she sent those sinister text messages to Jane. Josh reveals that he never knew his parents. He only knows that he abandoned on a church doorstep. Rachel remembers Steph telling her that she abandoned her son on a church doorstep making her realise that Josh is Steph's son. Back to the confessions, Rachel reveals that she stood down from marrying her true love. Duncan agrees to let go of the bomb, but it slips out of his hand. What follows is a somewhat dramatic scene, where Steph throws her body over the grenade to protect her friends. Luckily, the grenade does not go off. Greenwich breathes a sigh of relief.moreless
    • Episodes 153-154-155
      Mike suspects his secret is out. ________________________________________ Fiona takes a 'Brake' away from husband Mike, but will she discover the truth about his sexuality? Ryan and Natalie are both trying to stall their respective relationships from going on to the next level. When Woody tells that Natalie that their children are together, she is anxious that they are too young. During a date, Woody reveals to Natalie that he lost his virginity to Steph. While confronting Steph, Natalie sees Duncan, but thinks he is a vision. Later, Natalie arranges a dinner for the four of them. In the end, Natalie and Woody make it past footsie under the table, and Ryan and Celeste reach first base. Fiona is astonished to find out that Tom and Frankie are dating. Later she makes her family anxious by a completely O.T.T family portrait on video to send to her identical twin Gwen and ends up embarrassing everyone. Later on, she insists that Frankie and Tom be separated at night-so Frankie has to sleep with her, and Tom with Mike. Later, Mike begins to worry that Fiona has discovered that he is gay. It turns he was being paranoid but what she does discover is the Viagra pills that he has been taking for the last few months to help with his performance in bed. Fiona is angry that he lied to her. And so they both decide to take a break from each other for a while... The other events in this episode of Night and Day were: Alex and Roxanne headed off to Gretna Green making Dennis think they were going to get secretly married there.( This was cut from the episode ) Kate starts to date Dennis in order to make Sam jealous who's busy taking his future with Lydia further. Holly is hurt when she finds out about Dennis dating Kate.moreless
    • Episodes 150-151-152
      Fiona's twin, Gwen, turns up and makes a move on Mike! _________________________________________ A woman turns up at the Armstrong's claiming that she had a baby by Sam. She leaves the baby with an appalled Sam and a thrilled Rachel. Aware that Sam is too shocked to believe that the mystery baby is his, Dennis offers to be a father to it while Sam decides what to do. Josh finds Jane's bloodied dress in the catacombs and some mysterious words etched into the wall. When Ryan arrives and sees the evidence Josh realises that what he has found is real and not just his imagination. It looks like Dennis' Dad, Danny is back in the area and what's more his arrival doesn't seem to surprise Natalie. Roxanne is furious that Natalie seems to be covering for Woody who may know the exact whereabouts of Danny. She tells Natalie that she can no longer trust her in the way she could before Woody's arrival. Dennis decides to take Alex to Woody's flat to find out the truth about his father. Fiona's identical sister Gwen has arrived. She flirts with Jimmy, insults Rachel and kisses Mike who thinks she is his wife. Fiona is terrified that her glamourous sister is going to try and take her family away from her and a dramatic showdown ensues following Gwen's meddling... Meanwhile, Josh visits the psychic with Jane's dress who tells him that some black flowers hold the clue to Jane. Later Roxanne confronts Natalie about her knowledge of Danny, Natalie confesses that she saw Danny when Dennis was a baby and is convinced that he was responsible for Jane's death. Together they go to Woody's flat to confront him and arrive at the same time as Alex and Dennis. After an arguement they all leave. Gwen reveals that she has always loved Mike and attempts to seduce him but fails and leaves to marry the man she has no love for. It is Dennis' birthday and he is furious with Roxanne after their arguement outisde Woody's flat. He tries to leave the street but Alex takes him for one last drink first. At the pub he finds a surprise party in progress and is thrilled. At the party, Roxanne is sure she sees Danny but Dennis reassures her that the only person he spoke to was Sam. A happy Roxanne asks Alex to run away with her to Gretna Green. Later, Dennis discovers that Sam wasn't at the party. So who was he talking to...? The psychic tells Josh that she is sure Jane is alive but he refuses to believe her.moreless
    • Episodes 147-148-149
      Frankie and Will are at each other's throats constantly. Tom encourages Frankie to make peace. Will is grateful to Tom at first, but then begins to suspect that something is going on between Tom and Frankie... Roxanne is released from hospital but she is still acting strangely. Alex burns all her threatening letters but she is still convinced that neither she nor the baby are safe. She resolves to find proof to make Alex believe that the culprit is creepy Nurse Bradshaw. Ryan spends ages preparing for his date with Woody's daughter Celeste, but bolts when she tries to get a bit friendlier. Natalie struggles to have some quality time with Ryan. Ryan prefers to spend time with Josh who tries to teach him how to kiss. Frustrated, Ryan tells Josh he has to kiss Celeste to show him how it's done. Knowing that seeing Josh and Celeste kiss will upset Della, he invited her over but then decides to shield her from the sight just in time. When Will finds out that Frankie and Tom are an item he encourages them to stay over at his flat. Frankie is horrified. She blames Tom and dumps him. Meanwhile Duncan is upset that little Stan has to leave and decides he is not quite ready to say goodbye... Tom takes Will to the Brake's so that they can finally sort things out with Frankie. They are both rather frightened of Frankie's anger and argue over who should see her first. Natalie is distraught about Stan's disappearance. Steph threatens to spill the beans about Duncan if he doesn't return Stan. Duncan relents and Stan leaves. Duncan is heartbroken. Roxanne and Alex apologise to Nurse Bradshaw for Roxanne's breaking-and-entering into Bradshaw's house. [Source: Night And Day Appreciation Website]moreless
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