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Night Court

NBC (ended 1992)



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Night Court
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The honorable Judge Harry T. Stone is a young hip, jeans wearing, liberal eccentric; and he presides over New York Manhattan Night Court. The hilarity of this show stems from the incredible characters that pass through the courtrooms and solutions that Harry and his staff come up with.

Marsha Warfield

Marsha Warfield

Roz Russell (Season 4-9)

John Larroquette

John Larroquette

Dan Fielding

Ellen Foley

Ellen Foley

Billie Young (Season 2)

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson

Mac Robinson (Seasons 2-9)

Gail Strickland

Gail Strickland

Sheila Gardner (Season 1; pilot only)

Markie Post

Markie Post

Christine Sullivan (Seasons 3-9)

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  • One of the best of its kind.

    Along with Barney Miller and MASH, Night Court was the last of what I considered to be the truly great sitcoms on TV. Nothing lately even comes close because now comedy is so intent on being low-brow, its forgotten how to be smart...or that smart is actually funnier than base humour.

    I loved "Bull"; what a golden TV character Richard Moll molded! Bull and "Selma" Diamond together were just magic. Some great poignant moments in that story line as well.

    Of course, John Laroquette practically invented the male jerk I think! He was brilliant, and he and Markie Post played off each other really well.

    I'm reminiscing again and should just move on I know, but I do truly's comedy doesn't hold a candle...moreless
  • Classic!

    Night Court was an amazing show and a true classic that is still remembered today and for good reason. I recently watched season one on DVD and was surprised admittedly that it has held up so well, so many of my other old faves just don't hold water today with jokes seeming outdated and unfunny, but this show is still great today. I think the big reason for this is the characters, everything is based on the characters and those characters are so strong. Harry Stone was great and who can forget John Larroquette's Dan Fielding? Bull was awesome and like Cheers this show survived several replacement characters (the female bailiff was recast at least three times due to deaths etc) because they all worked so well. Check out this show if you haven't before because it's great, the jokes are still funny and the story lines are still relevant and surprisingly often as touching as they are funny.moreless
  • This show with it's one liners kept me cracking up!

    If there is a show that I miss besides Beauty and the Beast it is Night Court. I watch every epi when they repeat on TV and still laugh my buns off. Harry, the magician, always kept people laughing. It was with a cool hand that he handed down sentences. There was always a tidbit of advice as he let the person go. The one liners, the gags, the ladies that drove Dan crazy, the time they intoduced computers to the court and Mac was trying to take a baseball bat to his computer, Bull and his tenderness, Christine prim and proper and Roz, the enforcer. I miss the two older baliffs before Roz but I still loved Roz. This is when comedy was all that and more. I miss shows like this. A 10 all the way.moreless
  • A show that defined modern comedy.

    Night Court was a classic. It took the one of the bleakest situations: a late night court room in New York City and spoofed it to no end. My favorite moment was when Harry tried Wile E. Coyote from the Bugs Bunny show. The funny thing about Night Court was it took the traditional sitcom path backwards. Most sitcoms start out with a cast that's there for several years then some leave and new people are brought in. All of the cast changes occured within the first few years of the show leaving only Harry Anderson (Harry) John Larroquette (Dan) and Richard Moll (Bull) to stay the course of the entire show. However by the fourth season a cast was firmly in place that remained for the rest of the show.moreless
  • This was another great show in the 80's sitcom category.

    I liked this show, obviously because it was funny, but also because sometimes, something crazy and off the wall just came out of no were. I remember one episode they had a lot of cases, and one of the people in the court room in front of the bench was Wiley Cyote, from the Warner Brothers a cartoon in the middle of the show out of no were I was like what. They had all sorts of funny gags. The characters were good and so was the writing. It said a liberal judge in the description, but he was liberal with the rules, not like today's shows were liberal is political. That was another good thing, they didn't have to use hacky political material, they may have but didn't do it all the time.moreless

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    In this classic episode, Kris Kringle is brought to trial for being Kris Kringle.

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