Night Court

Season 9 Episode 1

A Guy Named Phantom (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1991 on NBC

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  • Reeling from their sudden kiss, Harry and Christine try to figure out how to best break things off with one another. Meanwhile, a crazed Dan haunts the building as \"The Phantom of the Courthouse\"

    Granting that Night Court has always been a cartoonish farce, this episode went a bit too far. Then again, the episode did have the thankless task of trying to extend the series past what would have been the perfect series conclusion - breaking up Harry and Christine while trying to restore a crazed Dan to sanity and his former position.

    While this episode is ammusing enough and Laroquette makes a fine Phantom, it still breaks the rules of farce rather than bending them. It also suffers from the annoying presence of Gilbert Gottfried, who has yet to improve anything he has ever been affiliated with besides Disney\'s Aladdin.
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