Night Court

Season 3 Episode 18

Could This Be Magic?

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1986 on NBC



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    • Mac: (to Harry about Falconi) They found him slumped in an alley by Penn Station. He apparently sold all your stuff to a fence and was trying to skip town.
      Harry: (to Falconi)I trusted you. I thought I could believe in you.
      Christine: (to Falconi)How could you? What kind of man are you?
      Falconi: Hey, what am I, on trial? (looks around the court room) Oh, yeah.

    • Christine: (to Harry) Sir, you look miserable. Why don't you have Mac call for a substitute? You should go home.
      Harry: And do what? Wax my floors?(pointing out that his apartment is empty)
      Dan: You wouldn't have to move anything. (chuckles)
      Harry: You care to buff 'em with your face, Dan?
      Dan: (high pitched voice)Bye.

    • Falconi: (to Harry)Look at me. I conned a nice kid. I sold everything you have for a 150 bucks.
      Harry: You brought the albums back. That shows some kind of remorse, huh? Shows that you knew how much they meant to me. You sold everything I own for 150 bucks?!
      Falconi: I was in a hurry.

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