Night Court

Season 3 Episode 3

Dad's First Date

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1985 on NBC

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  • Very touching story line

    Defense attorney Christine's father is back on the dating scene for the first time in years-and dear ol' dad is reluctant to date because he misses Christine's deceased mom so much.
    Christine thinks it will help curb his loneliness, until she sees his date-who is considerably younger than dad.

    While dad takes his new chick to a fancy restaurant, the court arrests a group of nudists, who prefer to call themselves "naturalists", because of public indecency-they were dancing and partying on top of an apartment building in plain view of the whole world. Not knowing to what to do with the buck-naked group, judge Harry sends them to another room in the courthouse, and they start to party again. Harry joins the group in their room, saying that if he can't get bizness done in the half house recess...he'll just make it longer! Dan has noticed a sweet young thang in the nudist group,and she teases him by flashing a leg out the door. Dan finally breaks down and goes in to join the "party".

    But trouble's up. Now Christine's daddy-of all people-has been arrested for being in the company of a prostitute.(not his original date) They jail him for a short time,and she can't understand why an upstanding and honorable man like daddy would stoop so low. But maybe she and everyone else will after his touching explanation. Her dad explains back in the courtroom that the nite, that the date was going fine, until he heard some glasses clinking in the restaurant kitchen. Seems such a little, insignificant thing has big meaning. When dad was married to his previous wife, she was a really caring person, and one night after dinner, while he fell asleep watching TV, he could hear his wife clicking glasses in the kitchen sink, and he knew this was his sign of love to let him know that was there and cared. Seems daddy just isn't ready for dating-and he fled the restaurant-leaving to his date to think him a worm. And the prostitute happened to be an old high school friend-turned-hooker he ran into by accident in another restaurant.

    Bailiff Florence (the little woman with the raspy voice) upon hearing the touching story say, "Has anyone got any Tums? I'm sorry, but when i get emotional, i get gas !"