Night Court

Season 1 Episode 6

Death Threat

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1984 on NBC



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    • Harry: So, what did I do? Why do you hate me so much?
      Anthony: Who said I did?
      Harry: Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I'm being sensitive. When your note said you wanted to kill me, I just jumped to the conclusion that you hated me.
      Anthony: I didn't want to kill nobody.
      Harry: No?
      Anthony: No. I just wanted to scare you. Just a game.
      Harry: Does the name Parcheesi mean anything to you?

    • Harry: What do you say to somebody that wants to kill you?
      (There's a knock on the door)
      Lana: Come in.
      Harry: That would not have been my first choice.

    • Lana: Harry, You Honor, I've got great news.
      Harry: I could use some. What is it?
      Lana: Well down in the parking lot just now there was a guy under the hood of your car, messing around with the wiring.
      Harry: Say, that is good news.
      Lana: No. The great part is that the police caught him. And he's the same guy who's been threatening you.
      Harry: How do they know?
      Lana: Well apparently he had another note in his pocket that matched the death threat.

    • Liz: (holding the death threat rock) A person would have to be seriously deranged to actually do this stuff?
      Dan: Know anyone like that in Manhattan?

    • God: I shall see what their end shall be. I will spend my arrows upon them. I will set on fire the foundations of their mountains.
      Selma: You do, and you'll answer to me.

    • Harry: Who have we got here?
      Dan: You tell him. (nudges his client)
      God: I am known by many names.
      Liz: Pick one and tell it to the judge.
      God: I've been called the Final Cause, the Supreme Judge, the Infinite Spirit but you can just call me God.
      Harry: (to Lana) You've been saving this one for me, haven't you?
      (Lana nods)
      God: I chose to manifest myself in this form because I didn't want me presence to be noticed.
      Dan: Good choice.
      Harry: To what do we owe this visit?
      God: The ways of the Lord surpass thine understanding. Unto mankind, my ways are wondrous strange.
      Harry: I give. How strange?
      Dan:He trashed a diner.
      Harry: Any particular reason?
      Dan: Your Honor, the defendant went into Blumberg's Coffee Shop and there he said unto Blumberg: "Give me an egg salad sandwich for though I have no cash you and all your descendants will be blessed."
      God: It's better when I do it.
      Dan: Blumberg was unimpressed and told him to leave. And then he told Blumberg to be fruitful and multiply. But not in those words.

    • Harry: Oh come on, when's the last time you did something crazy?
      Lana: I don't know. I don't remember.
      Harry: Oh come on.
      Lana: Well. (laughs) There was this one time about a month ago. You know, I was home, and I was feeling a little silly. And I decided to try on my old Girl Scout uniform. Anyway, I did, and Emerson came over, and he saw me…and he liked it, and he…. (looks at Harry) I'd rather not talk about it.
      Harry: Let me guess. He bought the cookies.

    • Shoeshine Boy: That's it.
      Dan: How much?
      Shoeshine Boy: A buck.
      Dan: You're kidding.
      Shoeshine Boy: Each.
      Dan: What?! I've never paid more than 75 cents for a shine.
      Shoeshine Boy: Don't blame me mister. The whole industry's been deregulated.
      Dan: Ah would you look at that, all I've got is a hundred. I'll have to get some change. Listen you catch me later, okay.
      Shoeshine Boy: But…!
      Dan: Shhh, court's in session.

    • God: Some people I give wisdom. Some people I give talent. Pia Zadora I gave nothing.

    • God: Everything pleases me... except John Denver.

    • God: You know, if it weren't for Eve, there'd be no reason for you to wear any clothes.
      Selma: She did it so we could get some work done.
      God:Tell me, do you worship regularly?
      Selma: Honey, at my age, I don't do anything regularly.

    • God: (to Dan) You're gonna look good as a pillar of salt.

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