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    On the subject of Night Court's DVD sales, has anyone ever noticed that the show has been guilty of repeating plots from tome to time during its run? I noticed the following whle watching repeats on TV Land recently:

    Harry dates a rock star during the first season, and the two find privacy difficult to achieve. In the third season, Harry helps another rock star finds privacy during a visit to his court.

    Dan is trapped in an alevator with a gay dog breeder. A few seasons later, he's again trapped in an elevator, this time with Roz, two sumo wrestlers, and a childhood trauma that has resurfaced.

    Dan runs for public office in the first season, and loses. Dan again runs for this position four seasons later, loses again. Similarly, Christine runs for Congress in the final season.

    A neighbor leaves her baby with Bull during the first season. A few seasons later, a neighbor leaves her baby with Christine (okay, this neighbor wasn't abandoning the baby, but still).

    The annual 200 cases before midnight episode.

    A hooker falls in love with Harry. The next season, Bull falls in love with a hooker.

    Bull always wanted to adopt a child in the early seasons. Later, Harry wants to adopt Leon the shoeshine boy.

    Court staffers are frequently the targets of death threats.

    Guest star: Jack Riley!

    Can anyone recall any other examples?

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    How about Christine being involved with someone that the rest of the group never sees or recalls. Done in The Immodest Proposal and This Old Man.


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