Night Court

Season 8 Episode 18

Hey Harry, F'Crying Out Loud-- It is a Wonderful Life ... Sorta

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1991 on NBC

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  • If you see my rating and classification, you could see those don't go together. Read my review in order to find out why I put those 2 together.

    After seeing this episode, I have seen this kind of episode done in a lot of shows about how one of the main characters wonder what would life be like without them and such. Usually end up with a guardian angel to see how different life would be like, usually depressing or scary. However, this episode was very good. The plot goes like this: Harry, still depressed over the fact that his girlfriend left him, wondered what the court would be like if he hadn't taken the job there. His guardian angel, Herb (Under the guise of Mel Torme), shows him what it would be like. Dan as a corrupt judge. Bull as a mayor. Roz getting arrested. Mac and Christine unhappy as the attorneys for Dan's court. Also the cafeteria is made into a little club. Not to mention a female court clerk who Dan always has bend over to read a case and let's not forget his twin female bailiffs who wear mini-skirts.

    Pretty good episode, but usually I don't like this type of storyline. Not because it's bad, as in horribly done or anything like that. It's just the fact that whenever an episode is done with the same type of storyline, the alternate reality is always shown as a bad reality. Though the ending was funny. I was laughing when Mel Torme (Actually Mel, not Herb) showed up and Harry thought he was his guardian angel.