Night Court

Season 1 Episode 13

Hi Honey, I'm Home

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1984 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Harry has to settle the legal status of a woman who remarried after her first husband was mistakenly declared dead, and who wants her back.

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    Charles Napier

    Charles Napier

    Mitch Bowers

    Guest Star

    Marcia Rodd

    Marcia Rodd

    Nora Sedgwick

    Guest Star

    Basil Hoffman

    Basil Hoffman

    Dwayne Sedgwick

    Guest Star

    Martin Garner

    Martin Garner


    Recurring Role

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      • Liz: Hi, Selma, how did it go?
        Selma: How did what go?
        Liz: Oh, come on, Selma. Don't keep us all in suspense. How did the date go with Bernie?
        Selma: Oh, that.
        Liz: Selma, you don't have to give us all the details. What time did you get home?
        Selma: Well, if you must know, very early.
        Bull: You didn't have a good time?
        Selma: I didn't say that.
        Harry: You said you got home early.
        Selma: I got home around midnight. Bernie got home around noon.

      • Nora: I love two people. That doesn't sound as bad as it feels.

      • Harry: So we've got a real toughie here, don't we?
        Mitch: Not really, judge, the way I see it.
        Harry: That was a rhetorical question, Mr. Bowers.
        Mitch: I'd like a chance to answer it.
        Dwayne: (laughs) A few good men.
        Mitch: Hey, look, buddy. You stole my wife, okay? But don't be knocking the Corps!

      • Mitch: What are the locks on the door for? You never needed them when I was around.
        Dwayne: You never had antiques.
        Mitch: Never had any use for them. Never had any use for poachers, either. I got a mind -
        Dwayne: If you have a mind, I've seen no evidence of it.

      • Bernie: Well, hello again.
        Selma: I gotta gun, Bernie.
        Bernie: You look very sexy in that uniform.
        Selma: Bullets, Bernie. I got those too.

      • Bernie: Hello gorgeous. (Selma turns around) Tell me what do you need, darling?
        Selma: Pack of cigarettes.
        Bernie: They say smoking is bad for you, you know?
        Selma: Then give me a plug of tobacco and a can to spit in.
        Bernie: I know. Who needs a lecture, right? All I'm saying is that a body like that you should be good to it. I would be.
        Selma: I'll find a vending machine.
        Bernie: No. Wait. Here, Selma. I know your name. I know your brand.
        Selma: How much?
        Bernie: They're on the house.
        Selma: Then I'll take a carton.
        Bernie: Selma, I hope you won't mind my saying this but I've had my eye on you for quite a while.
        Selma: I need matches too.
        Bernie: Selma, please. I'm only human. My name is Bernie.
        Selma: Bernie the human. Got it.

      • Bernie: I want to make you company.
        Selma: This is why God made television.

      • Nora: They both, in their own ways have made me the happiest women in the world. (she starts sobbing.)
        Mitch: Oh come on, now, honey. Stop it.
        Dwayne: Don't cry, Nora.
        Mitch: Take your hands off her, or we'll end this real quick.
        Dwayne: Oh, yes, violence! Just the sort of behavior I'd expect from a borderline Homo Sapien.
        Mitch: Why you--I never even hugged my father!

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