Night Court

Season 9 Episode 20

Opportunity Knock Knocks (1)

Aired Unknown May 13, 1992 on NBC

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  • Well Part 1 is really not very climactic. Christine's campaign which was expected to lose comes up in a tie, Harry considers different options and Dan Fielding realizes that his girlfriend's mother is a girl whose heart he broke. Not such a great finale.

    I started watching Night Court in August of 2005 when tvland did their Night Court marathon then within like a year or so they yanked it off and finally brought it back in 2007. Of course when they brought it back they put it in a terrible time slot 6:30 AM and so I recorded it on my DVR and usually played it back. Well that's beside the point. Anyway I'd followed the show on Tvland for almost a year and was waiting for the finale but it was gone before they got there. Finally this fall it came back and I skipped most of the early episodes (I've seen them) and of course Mac,Christine and Roz. So finally about a few days ago I watched the finale. I'll be honest I didn't see a lot of the last 2 or 3 seasons because they were at best mediocre. So in part 1 of the finale there are three characters who the episode focuses on: Christine, Harry, and Dan. Throughout most of part 1 Christine's character begins to fall in her election against her rival Ritter (who turns out to be Art's bum brother-in-law). Well by the end of the episode her character virtually comes even with Ritter despite as one viewer said the fact that she had been losing the election the entire time. Now there is of course the main character Harry. He has a very weak storyline, basically all these good things start happening to him and he gets offered various jobs, take a job at Columbia University, Go to Superior Court, Tour with Mel Torme, etc...The only real conflict is what he's going to decide and this is very minimally intriguing. Finally there is the scene-stealer of 9 seasons himself Dan Fielding. In the finale he is planning to propose to his rich girlfriend but her mother doesn't approve and tells Fielding to break it off because he broke the mother's heart in 1967 and only wants her daughter for the money. So Fielding's story is semi-interesting right? Well how does Part 1 end? Not very effectively apparently. Instead of a conflict drawn conclusion the episode focuses on Christine tying the election vote with Ritter and Dan Fielding smiling to the camera with two beautiful ladies. Not exactly great. So Part 1 was painfully terrible to watch and Part 2, that I'll get onto in my next review.
  • Christine\'s campaign for Congress enters the endgame as Harry contemplates several job offers. Dan\'s romantic past comes back to haunt him regarding the woman of his dreams. And a paranoid Bull looks for the people he thinks are following him.

    This episode would have been a great season cliff-hanger. What a shame that it turned into the series finale when the show wasn\'t picked up for a Tenth Season.

    The biggest problems with this two-parter occured in the second part, but even here in Part One there are a number of obvious problems with far too many things being crammed into a short a time. Harry\'s sudden good fortune becomes overly ridiculous and Mel Torme\'s appearance here ruined the perfect conclusion to his arc with Harry earlier in the season. The political run story has been done twice before with greater laughs with Dan. And the plot here with Dan\'s dream girl being the daughter of a former lover whose heart he broke is surprisingly touching but it fits poorly with the farcical nature of everything else in the episode.