Night Court

Season 9 Episode 21

Opportunity Knock Knocks (2)

Aired Unknown May 13, 1992 on NBC

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  • Harry decides to stay in Night Court along with Roz. Christine goes to Congress and Dan quits his positon to go with her and persue her. Mac quits law school to become a filmmaker. And Bull is abducted by short aliens who need a tall guy.

    As I said in my review of Part One of this episode, this would have been a fine Season Finale and indeed it was planned as such. What a shame that the planned 10th Season never happened.

    Honestly, this episode seems to have been thrown together from ideas for the Series Finale that had been planned for the end of the 8th Season with the intent of closing the show out as quickly as possible. Let\\\'s discuss the \\\"ending\\\" for each character in detail.

    Harry - the only one that was done right. Harry deciding, ultimately, to say with the job that allows him the best chance to help people is true to the character.

    Christine - after all the comedy about her campaign being poorly managed through the season (which was all done to greater effect during Dan\\\'s two failed campaigns), Christine\\\'s victory here is a bit of a shock and very anti-climatic.

    Mac - literally, has his story summed up in one talk with Harry after being in the background the whole episode. And I may be mistaken, but I think Mac graduated from Law School at the top of his class sometime during Season 8... so how can he quit here? Roz - even worse off than Mac, Roz is a virtual non-entity and any ending for her is delayed until the last season when Harry asks if she is going anywhere after Dan, Christine and Mac announce their leaving.

    Dan - the sudden about-face here, more true to the Dan of the end of the 8th season, is really forced. Dan\\\'s nightmare ranks among the worst moments of the show\\\'s history

    Bull - the worst of the lot. Bull is abducted by short elderly aliens for the rather silly reason of them needing a tall man to reach their high shelves. Begging the question of why their shelves were constricted so high in the first place. The real shame is that there is no mention of Bull\\\'s wife Wanda, who was part of the few 9th Season episodes that was actually great.
  • Well so Part I was bad now how do you expect to follow it up with an even worse second parter. Night Court is definitely a funny show but the writers could have thought of something better then what they ended up calling the Series finale.

    So I'm done babbling about Part 1. So what happens in Part 2? Well not much for starters. The episode begins with Christine waking up in the Cafeteria after dozing off and hearing the election results naming her the winner. Well she was complaining in Part 1 that nobody gets out of the Night Court and though that was an interesting sentiment, she finally breaks off the jinx in the first 30 seconds before the credits. Then the episode focuses on Christine sad about her last day of work, while Dan acting like a jerk because he broke off his engagement with his rich girlfriend. Just when you think that Dan is going to chase his girlfriend bang! we get perhaps one of the worse dream sequences ever in a finale. Basically Dan storms out of the Court because he is angry and goes to Harry's chambers to lay down. He wakes up (Of course a dream) and goes to the courthouse where Roz is a judge and Christine is a defender and he tries to explain why he treats women so badly in front of a herd of women as jury and occupants in the courthouse. He basically tries to defend himself in a courthouse full of women. Well the women tell him all the bad he has done and he tries to explain himself and then he is sentenced. Might I add this is like a 10 to 12 minute scene. A complete waste of time. In what could have been an interesting character development to the Fielding character turns into a cheesy dream sequence. Anyway Fielding wakes up and claims he knows what he's got to do. So what else happens? The Night Court gang works there final case with Christine (and the series) when a songwriting duo comes and claim they got into an argument. Harry remembers them from his childhood with his mother singing them to him and telling them that he loves their music and they basically become friends again after hearing his touching story. It's sentimental gunk but it was kind of a nice scene. So then we get to Harry in his chambers and Christine comes in and gives him a hug telling him that she'll miss him a lot. So the episode is pretty much over and your asking yourself what about Dan, Harry, Roz, Mac and Bull? Well we find out earlier in the episode Mac goes to film school and Bull and Roz's developments are seen later in the episode. So yeah in the end the Night Court gang eat in the cafeteria (with Christine still sad) and Harry tells them that he is staying in Night Court and not leaving. I kind of wish he had left it would have been a nice touch. In the middle of the dinner, Dan asks to talk with Harry and gives him his letter of resignation. He tells Harry he's going to Washington to follow the woman of his dreams, who Christine! and then heads off. I liked the idea but the execution was goofy with Harry yelling "NOT MY CHRISTINE!" at Dan. So yeah the last scene is Harry in the chambers and he sees Roz and she tells him she's staying and they both get a beer. Well Bull appears in the court room ( OH yeah I forgot in the last 2 episodes Bull was chasing after Aliens). Well he meets the Aliens who use him for his height and take him to space. Then it's roll credits and the end. Well this episode is worse then the 1st one because they wasted so much time on the terrible Dan in courtroom scene and not enough time with Harry's character so he basically only came into play for like 10 minutes of the episode. I didn't like how Harry stayed at the Night Court, it would have been nicer if he had left and you know just moved on with his life. I was a little sad the last scene with the cast was the cafeteria where Christine was still teared up and most of the members were just the same as usual. They should have said goodbyes to each other and headed off instead of just creating an utterly unmemorable scene. I wish Dan had got back with his girlfriend but I liked the letter of resignation thing but the chasing Christine seemed a little to goofy. I wish Dan would have handed the letter after his failed attempt at a relationship with his girlfriend and told Harry in private that he was leaving. He did tell Harry in private he was leaving but it would been cooler if he did it seriously in like a 5 minute scene and headed off. The ending was bland with Bull going with the Aliens. At least have the cast say goodbye to each other instead of creating this messy series finale. This is a very poorly written finale. I wish it would have been better but still Night Court is a funny 80's show, not one of the best but funny nonetheless.