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  • One of my all time favorite sitcoms

    One of the things I loved most about this sitcom is that the writers were willing to push the envelope of outrageousness, but wrote with genuine humor. The actors were excellent and managed to make their characters fully realized instead of just cartoons. It's been 30 years and I can still watch this show.
  • One of the best of its kind.

    Along with Barney Miller and MASH, Night Court was the last of what I considered to be the truly great sitcoms on TV. Nothing lately even comes close because now comedy is so intent on being low-brow, its forgotten how to be smart...or that smart is actually funnier than base humour.
    I loved "Bull"; what a golden TV character Richard Moll molded! Bull and "Selma" Diamond together were just magic. Some great poignant moments in that story line as well.
    Of course, John Laroquette practically invented the male jerk I think! He was brilliant, and he and Markie Post played off each other really well.
    I'm reminiscing again and should just move on I know, but I do truly's comedy doesn't hold a candle...
  • Classic!

    Night Court was an amazing show and a true classic that is still remembered today and for good reason. I recently watched season one on DVD and was surprised admittedly that it has held up so well, so many of my other old faves just don't hold water today with jokes seeming outdated and unfunny, but this show is still great today. I think the big reason for this is the characters, everything is based on the characters and those characters are so strong. Harry Stone was great and who can forget John Larroquette's Dan Fielding? Bull was awesome and like Cheers this show survived several replacement characters (the female bailiff was recast at least three times due to deaths etc) because they all worked so well. Check out this show if you haven't before because it's great, the jokes are still funny and the story lines are still relevant and surprisingly often as touching as they are funny.
  • This show with it's one liners kept me cracking up!

    If there is a show that I miss besides Beauty and the Beast it is Night Court. I watch every epi when they repeat on TV and still laugh my buns off. Harry, the magician, always kept people laughing. It was with a cool hand that he handed down sentences. There was always a tidbit of advice as he let the person go. The one liners, the gags, the ladies that drove Dan crazy, the time they intoduced computers to the court and Mac was trying to take a baseball bat to his computer, Bull and his tenderness, Christine prim and proper and Roz, the enforcer. I miss the two older baliffs before Roz but I still loved Roz. This is when comedy was all that and more. I miss shows like this. A 10 all the way.
  • A show that defined modern comedy.

    Night Court was a classic. It took the one of the bleakest situations: a late night court room in New York City and spoofed it to no end. My favorite moment was when Harry tried Wile E. Coyote from the Bugs Bunny show. The funny thing about Night Court was it took the traditional sitcom path backwards. Most sitcoms start out with a cast that's there for several years then some leave and new people are brought in. All of the cast changes occured within the first few years of the show leaving only Harry Anderson (Harry) John Larroquette (Dan) and Richard Moll (Bull) to stay the course of the entire show. However by the fourth season a cast was firmly in place that remained for the rest of the show.
  • This was another great show in the 80's sitcom category.

    I liked this show, obviously because it was funny, but also because sometimes, something crazy and off the wall just came out of no were. I remember one episode they had a lot of cases, and one of the people in the court room in front of the bench was Wiley Cyote, from the Warner Brothers a cartoon in the middle of the show out of no were I was like what. They had all sorts of funny gags. The characters were good and so was the writing. It said a liberal judge in the description, but he was liberal with the rules, not like today's shows were liberal is political. That was another good thing, they didn't have to use hacky political material, they may have but didn't do it all the time.
  • Great show, even to a young'in

    Though I wasn't old enough at the time to completely understand the show in first-run (born in '85) I do remember watching it with my older sisters and noticing that there were very funny jokes in it, though most of them were beyond me. A few years ago I caught it in rerun syndication and fell in love with it again. Excellent humor, great ensemble of characters, and the performers were excellent together. The chemistry was great and the bouncing jokes were great. I especially loved how thick-headed Bull Shannon could be, the things he didn't get made it hilarious. All in all, an excellent show, I need to catch the whole series end-to-end in syndication or they need to release the entire series on DVD, not just the "best of". Love this show!
  • Bring this one back!

    Night Court was part of a golden era. The success and feel of the 8-10PM block of Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers and Night Court havent been repeated since. But, among those 4, Night Court was something special that really has not been repeated since. The first 2 seasons were a bit uneven until the final cast was formed that would carry it thru 9 successful seasons. The chemistry of the characters is what made it special along with the setting of an aging court room for atmosphere. I too would love to see a reunion of the original cast as each, one by one, the characters find their way back to Night Court after going their separate ways 14 years ago - with Harry, Dan and Christine as judges in adjoining court rooms.
  • My favourite show from this era. Fun show with a great cast at a work environment

    Night Court was a fantastic show with full of fun characters. They went through a lot of casting and recasting early on but found the perfect mix after a couple of season.

    The main 3 characters were Judge Harry Stone, prosecuting attorney Dan Fielding and public defender Christine Sullivan. Harry is a likeable yet at times geeky "kid at heart" personality. Dan is self-absorbed and egotistical. With Christine being kind, pretty yet uptight personality. All three character contrast each other very well, yet all had a certain amount of likeablity to them, even Dan.

    Most of the show takes place in a court room with fast, wacky cases going through. At times it ventures off to the individual characters of the show which is fine as the main characters are all very intersting and entertaining.
  • Slow Start to a Classic Hit Series

    I loved this show for as long it lasted. In the beginning, it followed the same premise of Barney Miller depicting the fact that city officials are just people themselves doing a job, but it was a rough start. None of the potential humor that made the show a hit was there. After several recastings, and a few trial characters and scenarios and finally the incredibly gorgeous Markie Post on the show for every one to drool over, the show became wildly cartoony, illogical and creative hit while it still managed to keep all the straight and contemplative issues that had made it a hit. Post really saved this show with her too perfect to-be-real figure while she followed the rigid restraints of a nun. John Larroquette was her perfect nemesis as the lecherous, but snobbish Dan Fielding and Harry Anderson as the judge with a Peter Pan complex. The supporting staff of Charlie Robinson, Marsha Warfield and the ever likeable Richard Moll also became stars in this incredible show, but it had really lost its steam when Christine lost her virginity to have a baby and Dan found his morals. From there, the show just wasn't as good, and the roller coaster ride, as great as it was, was over.
  • A funny show about court.

    I am not old enough to have seen the show when it still had new episodes but the show is so good that I watch it like there still is. I love Harry T. stone he is so cute in the show! I would have loved to see him and Christine Sullivan get together. It would have been so cool! Dan fielding was maybe the funniest out of everyone except for when Selma (bailiff before Roz) was on the show. I like Roz but I’m sure everyone wishes that Selma didn’t pass away. Night court was hilarious in so many ways but by the end of each episode it had a serious lesson to teach. The show is so good and I am so glad it had nine amazing seasons.
  • It had me by Hello.

    This show is pretty good its about a young judge who tries to keep a lid on the courts insaity. This show has more to it then just plain old court it had drama, a little comedy, drunks, angry man. and more. This was one of the better shows. Then why a 7 and not a ten? Because Ive only seen 10 episodes.
  • The court system is not just about, er, justice. Sometimes it's about drunks. And angry people. And drifters wearing plastic sheeting. Judge Harry Stone and company try to keep a lid on the insanity.

    Night court may be held at that time for a pretty good reason. These are people you want to keep from the daylight.

    Criminal Court, Part Two, under the guidance of Judge Harry Stone, was a haven for attorneys barely less shifty than their clients, fistfighters, bike thieves, lost lovers, lonely clowns, and other assorted reprobates who made life ever so refreshing.

    Bailiffs Bull and Roz kept order; lawyer Christine fought for justice; opposing barrister Dan never met a woman he didn't want to drive crazy; clerk Mac kept procedures running as close to normal as could be for these people. Watching over it all was the Honorable himself, a former magician on the show as the actor was in real life. Full of eccentric energy, he not only never did things by the book, he probably wouldn't even use the book to prop up a table.

    The scripts were always funny and had a brightness and heart to them as well. The show was on for nine years and is in syndication and DVD release. See it. A barrel of monkeys would be hard-pressed to be more fun.
  • Its good show!

    The honorable Judge Harry T. Stone is a young hip, jeans wearing, liberal eccentric; and he presides over New York Manhattan Night Court. The hilarity of this show stems from the incredible characters that pass through the courtrooms and solutions that Harry and his staff come up with. Nielsen Ratings: (Top 30 or Better) #11 in the 1985-1986 season #7 in the 1986-1987 season #7 in the 1987-1988 season #21 in the 1988-1989 season #29 in the 1989-1990 season
    Like this 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!
    Haha its a good show so try it!
  • Although it may have been corny, it was funny.

    Lasting 9 sesaons and almost 200 episodes (192 I believe),
    "Night Court" was a classic. Although in its early going, it did see some cast changes, but they finnaly got it right.
    Weathwer it was Bull's stupitiy, Ross's attitude, Dan's 'open' attitude, or Harry's jocularity, the cast complimented eachother very well. Some episodes seemed pointless, and out of charater, but that happens to all shows now and then. The show had a few famous guest stars, and some reccuring charaters, that are famous in other shows (i.e. Brent Spiner). This was a very funny show, that seems slightly dated today, but I still find myself laughing today.
  • Strong comedy that crashed at the end.

    "Night Court" was one of the more bizarre shows to come along. The only time I've ever seen a show that featured a lot of slapstick and raunchy gags, unlike any other sitcom. Harry Anderson was Harry Stone, a zany judge who loved magic and silly props, which he would pull outta nowhere a lot of the time. In his court was my all time fave sitcom actor John Larroquette, as smutty Dan Fielding, a womanizing, outspoken district attorney. There was also well meaning but dumber than cotton Bull Shannon, a towering bailiff. These three were really the only ones who were around from the shows first episode. I'd have to say they may have set a record for most cast changes for a sitcom as there were at least 4(!) leading female characters. There was Karen Austin, Ellen Foley for a season, than a series of several replacement actresses for a few weeks before Markie Post finally grounded herself as the main female character. Also along midway through were Charles Robinson as Mac, Florence Hallop, who died shortly after joining the show, and she was replacing Selma Diamond who also passed away. Finally the producers went with a younger choice, Marsha Warfield as no nonsense Roz. Lots of great episodes, of mention the one where Harry's old college friend shows up. Anderson and Larroquette end up on a ledge nude which leads to the shows best line ever when one looks down at the others privates: "So, what's up?" They ended their run in 92 with an extremely disappointing show, which wrapped the characters fates nicely, but lacked any type of laughs at all
  • Charming, quirky, and still fun to watch...

    This show snuck up on me; it used to just be \"the show that was on NBC the same night as Cheers,\" but after a while I found myself looking forward to it more than Cheers. I loved the quirky cast and the zany characters that would turn up in the courtroom. One of my favorite episodes was the one where Judge Stone had to finish hearing 200 cases by midnight, and the crazy cases just kept coming and coming. John Larroquette was marvelous as Dan Fielding - he was so sleazy, you had to love him! I was happy to see the show turn up in syndication recently and I still enjoy it immensely.
  • Wicked funny

    January 4, 1984 was its first premiere. Some probably did not fell it was good but it was and still is. Night Court shows lots of good actors. Also they have some new and old jokes but it is still funny. I personally think this goes in a category with Seinfeld, Cheers, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Three's Company because it is so funny. Find some way to watch this because it is great. Harry (or something like that, I barely watch this show anymore because I don't know where it's on) is especially funny. Please try it out.

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • Night Court is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms of the 80's. The show was smart, clever, and compeltly hilarious!

    I miss the good old 80's sitcoms like Cheers, Coach, Who's the Boss, Cosby, Taxi, Threes's Company, and of course Night Court. Who could forget Night Court, it was one of the funnest shows around. I loved the entire cast, the comedy was great, and the writting was excellent. It was a perfect 80's sitcom that I still enjoy watching today!
  • One of my all time favorites.

    One of the funniest shows of the 80's. Especially seasons 4-7. My favorite characters were Dan Fielding and Roz. After the 7th season the show started lose its wacky driven antics. But it was still a funny show. They are really dragging their feet about the DVD releases. They are still only on season 1. I hope for a reunion show but I don't think it will happen. God bless TV Land for bringing it back.
  • this show is a blast and when the old bailiff died they put a older one in her place what were they thinking. this show was one of those that had a great future and it should have been on the air longer but it just ran out of gas.

    bull was one of the best bailiffs around and then they decided that when someone dies and they are old just put someone older in their place and if they die then well you know the rest. harry stone was the best judge their was but dan fielding enough said.
  • Night Court was one of the best shows I have ever seen. It--along with Northern Exposure, and The Golden Girls--is hilariously funny, with a fascinating mix of humour, mild drama, and human-interest stories that touch on all the errors flesh is heir to.

    The cast of characters in Night Court is unforgetable. Each character has at least one quirk that could be a special sign of insanity, yet, each character has an underlying goodness and warmth that appears when you least expect it. After a few episodes they all become your frends that you want to see again and again.
    The odd-ball humor in the show sometimes leaves you rolling on the sofa gasping for breath. I will never forget Harry's hand- knitted gavel cozy! Dan Fielding's portrayal as a lecherous lawyer added many more laughs. The crazy situations and people who passed through Harry's courtroom made Night Court one of the classic comedy TV shows of all time. I hope, if I ever have to go to court, I get a judge like Harry and a defense attorney like Christine! A jury rolling on the floor of the jury box laughing would just have to vote for aquittal.
  • One of the best comedies of all time. The sight gags in the show were very funny. The characters were very funny as well. My favorite character in Night Court was Bull Shannon. The story lines were great as well. Dan Fielding was a funny character too. Ni

    I loved Night Court very much. It was a very good sitcom. I have every episode on VHS tape so I can watch it whenever I want. It sucks that it was cancelled so suddenly. It should have a proper send off. I hope that they make a reunion movie.
  • From its humble beginnings to it being victimized by numerous schedule shuffles to its rise to the top 10, Night Court was "the little show that could."

    This show suffered the deaths of not one, but two of its cast msmbers during its run. It suffered the slings and arrows of numerous "expert" TV critics. It suffered at least 4 schedule changes and 2 attempted cancellations in the span of 3 years. Despite all this, Night Court took it all as a challenge and seemed to give generous amounts of payback with Emmy awards, public demand, and top-ten ratings.

    Granted, most of the show's elements are dated now. No metal detectors were around back then, as evidenced by many displays of weaponry by the public during the series (bombs in the judge's chambers, a hand grenade and pocket knives in the cafeteria, guns in the courtroom gallery, etc.). Mac was just starting to use a computer for docket files about halfway thorugh the series, while one episode featured a kid genius toted a portable computer with a blazing fast 16 baud modem(!).

    Sure, the show had its foibles. Those are what gave it character, along with glimpses into more than just the "outer shell" of its characters. Whether it was Christine's obsession for the British royal family, Judge Stone's passion for Mel Torme, or Mac's sense of duty turning to love for Kwan Lee, these little tidbits gave the show depth, which was sorely lacking in many other sitcoms of its era.

    While it may not rank among the "I Love Lucy"s, the "Andy Griffith"s, or the "Seinfeld"s of the world, Night Court did not need to be. It was just good, smart comedy and made me laugh, from the time Harry first sat on the window sill before everybody knew who he was to the Bull's final transport to Jupiter.
  • One of my favorite shows. Even though it has been off for a long time it is still funny.

    A really good show. I wish it was still on. It is an old show but it is still funny. I watched the show when i was little and liked it. Now that i am older i like it even more. I wish tv had more shows like this today.
  • Order in the court? Not in Harold T Stone's courtroom! This comedy was frought with quirky characters, and great dialogue! The jokes were wonderful, and you always learned something about how different people react to each other. I wish everyone could be

    This show is a great time capsule of the 80s. I love the quirky cast of characters. LOL and it was sooo funny!I loved watching the characters interacting with each other. I really liked how the set almost never changed from the courtroom but the entertainment was always there!"****"-Kristen the TV watcher
  • would not be as funny without dan and bull

    this show was hilarious and it had some of the funniest moments on tv.mostly from dan and bull although harry would be in there as well.
    It was Bull who really made the show funny and
    i don't even remember the very last episode but
    it might of been something like bull is abducted by aliens.the adult content for the time was tame compared to now but it was still a funny tv show.
  • Great old show!

    This is definitely one of those shows that is just flat out fun to watch everyday. i\'m glad that it has been put back on tv in reruns so a youngergeneration of viewers can have a chance to enjoy the comedy of it.

    the characters are very good, and the stories are hilarious. these people seem to continuously find themselves in the most insane of situations. I think that it would be a popular show in this day and age if it was presented in a new format.

    the only negative i have for it is the character dan feilding. while the show is by no means a children\'s show, he is definitely a reason that no small children need to be awake when the show comes on. the character is comedic, but sliglty inapporpriate.

    there is also the fact that one of the main group who is in court is prosecutes. while this is a part of society it is overly presented in the show.

    but above it all, my favorite part of the show is the guest stars. Teri hatcher, sela ward, dela reese. many of these people are still icons today.
  • If the judicial system was half as interesting, Court TV would actually be worthwhile.

    Night Court simply must stand out as one of the most demented comedy show ideas to win success in decades.

    Naturally, the cases are always a highlight, simply because they're always completely over the top and off the wall. Psrticularly fun are the "Day in the life" episodes, wherein the group must sift through hundreds of cases in a single night to achieve a goal.

    Of course, the show wouldn't have survived without the core characters of Judge Stone, Dan Fielding, and Bull Shannon. These three characters really made the program what it was, and got viewers to tune in week after week.

    I watched Night Court as a kid. Thanks to tvland, I'm rediscovering it. It's aged well, and I'm happy to have it back.

    The show is accused of being too funny to do justice to in works. Guilty as charged.
  • I can't beleive that I forgot about this show!

    I remember watching this show as a kid whenever I could not sleep for a while. At the time, I did not understand the whole concept of the show because I was only 6 years old. Now that I have grown up I now realize what it is all about. Here is the thing, it is not for children. For example, there is this episode about child birth and a couple of their remarks regarding the female reproductive system. The whole plot of this show takes place in a courthouse. It reminds me of Law and Order but in a goofier way. I enjoyed the slapstick humor although sometimes it got a little too extreme.