Night Court

Season 1 Episode 2

Santa Goes Downtown

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1984 on NBC



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    • Lana: Strange say, huh? (everyone groans) I'm sure there must be an explanation for everything.
      Harry: I'm sure there must be.
      Lana: Like what?
      Liz: He overheard some policemen talking perhaps.
      Bull: Yeah or he picked up the phone when we weren't looking, disguised his voice, took down the information, replaced the receiver without us noticing and we were none the wiser.
      Dan: You will already be none the wiser.

    • Harry: You apologize to him.
      Eddie: What?
      Harry: I said apologize to him.
      Eddie: For what?
      Harry: Are you that stupid?
      Eddie: Hey I ain't saying nothing without my attorney present.
      Liz: She's here. Tell him if you're stupid or not.

    • Dr. Green: Judge Harold T. Stone?
      Harry: I'm Judge Stone.
      Dr. Green: Dr. Peter Stone, Windwood Psychiatric Center. The police called me, told me I might find John here.
      Harry: John?
      Dr. Green: John Stevens. The man in the red flannel suit.
      Harry: Oh that John Stevens.
      John: Dr. Green, what a surprise?
      Dr. Green: Hello John. I feel fortunate. We usually don't catch him this soon after Christmas.
      Harry: You don't?
      Dr. Green: No, every year he disappears just before Christmas. Usually manages to elude us till about the first of February.
      Bull: You mean this guy's a fruitcake?
      Harry: Bull.
      Bull: I'm sorry. Alleged fruitcake.

    • Santa: You know, it's alright for you not to believe in me. It really is because the important thing is that I believe in you.
      Eddie: What is that supposed to mean?
      Santa: Well it means I care. That's all.
      Eddie: Oh sure how comforting. I can smell the booze on you from here. What am I supposed to do? Jump up and down because some wino in a red suit tells me, he cares about me?
      Santa: (yells) I do care!
      Harry: Hey maybe a game of charades would be fun?
      Santa: (yells) Laugh at me all you want. All of you disbelievers can laugh all you want but don't tell me I don't care. Don't anybody ever tell me I don't care. (he collapses on the ground)

    • Mary: Eddie, is he really Santa Claus?
      Eddie: Oh sure he is. Look, look, he's got a red suit. He's got a beard. You need more proof than that?

    • Mary: Nobody care about us except us. That's why we're getting married.
      Harry: You look a little young to be getting married.
      Eddie: You look a little young to be a judge.
      Harry: Touché, you little....

    • Harry: Hi, I'm Judge Stone and you're…
      Eddie: Batman. This is my old lady Wonder Woman.
      Dan: Permission to smack 'em around a little bit, your honor.
      Harry: Denied. But the court sympathizes.

    • Harry: What's the charge?
      Dan: Trespassing, your honor. Some security guards at Redfield's department store found him and a couple of other derelicts sleeping there after hours.
      Liz: Your honor, I object to the prosecution referring to my client as a derelict.
      Dan: All Santa had in his bag were a box of Chicklets and a half empty bottle of gin.
      Harry: Firing up the ol' Yule log, eh Mr. Claus.
      Santa: Well sure I had a couple of laughs. It always takes me a couple of weeks to wind down after Christmas. But come March I'm back to work already; production meetings, toy conventions, zip codes to update.
      Dan: What's the matter? Can't your little elves take some of the load off?
      Santa: Sanny, there was a messy little business with a doll when you were eight, don't make a bring it up.

    • Dan: Good evening, Liz.
      Liz: Hi Dan.
      Dan: (to man in Santa suit) Saw you on the Perry Como special, great.

    • Santa Hi.
      Selma: Hi.
      Santa: I'm Santa Claus.
      Selma: I'm the Easter Bunny. We'll have lunch.

  • Notes

    • Paula Kelly replaces Gail Strickland as the public defender starting in this episode for the duration of season one.

  • Allusions

    • Harry: Eddie. Eddie what?
      Eddie: Cleaver. Perhaps you know my brothers, Wally and the Beav?

      Leave It To Beaver was a show in the 1950s about a contemporary family that focused mostly on Wally's younger brother, nicknamed The Beaver, and family life. The show ran from 1957-1963.

    • HarryHi, I'm Judge Stone and you're ...
      Eddie: Batman. This is my old lady Wonder Woman.

      Batman was a superhero that fought crime and restored peace to Gotham City. There was a Batman show that ran from 1966-1968.

      Wonder Woman was a female superhero. There was a Wonder Woman tv show that ran from 1975-1979, starring Lynda Carter.