Night Court

Season 1 Episode 3

The Former Harry Stone

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1984 on NBC



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    • Bull: Happy Honeymoon. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
      Robert: I doubt if I could.

    • Dan: So Craven prints it, now what's the worst that can happen?
      Harry: Well I'd be publicly disgraced, making it impossible for me to function effectively as a judge. I'd have to step down.
      Dan: Right, but you've still got your health. I'm sorry. I've never tried to cheer up anybody before.

    • Al: But you're dying to know what Judge Stone is hiding as much as the rest of us.
      Lana: Who says he's hiding anything?
      Al: Hey, everybody's got something to hide, lady. That's what makes this country great.

    • Ronald: Supposed on your wedding day you saw your wife in the nude.
      Harry: I'll think I'd probably insist on it.

    • Harry: What's next?
      Lana: Next we have a rather unusual case, Your Honor.
      Harry: What's the problem?
      Groom: She's a slut.
      Bride: He's an animal.
      Harry: Off the top of my head, marital problems.
      Lana: Not quite, Your Honor. They never finished the ceremony.

    • Dan: Judge Stone.
      Harry: Yo?
      Dan: We were just curious and we're a little curious. What is your age?
      Harry: Oh I'm a little over 900 years old. That's what a spiritualist once told me anyway. It seems I have this very old soul. Of course the first couple of hundred years are sort of a blur.
      Selma: I know how you feel.

    • Al: Hey, hey, hey, judge. Any disembowelments tonight?
      Harry: Not that I know of, no.
      Al: Mutilation, murders, bizarre suicides.
      Harry: Nothin' good on TV tonight, Mr. uh?
      Al: Craven, Al Craven.
      Harry: (unsure about Al) Yeah?
      Al: With The Gazette. I did that big front page story last week about the lady who fricasseed the poodle.
      Harry: Al Craven, the journalist.
      Al: You know I really like it here in court, Judge. There's always a never ending supply of human misery in a place like this.
      Harry: Yeah, yeah. Most people don't see the fun side of pain and suffering.
      Al: Right.
      Harry: See ya.

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