Night Court

Season 1 Episode 4

Welcome Back, Momma

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1984 on NBC
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Episode Summary

A woman who claims to be Harry's long lost mother and a beauty pageant operator appear before the court.

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    Janis Paige

    Janis Paige

    Eleanor Brandon

    Guest Star

    Paul Kreppel

    Paul Kreppel

    Guy Harris

    Guest Star

    Peter Jurasik

    Peter Jurasik

    Leonard Brandon

    Guest Star

    Martin Garner

    Martin Garner


    Recurring Role

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      • Harry: You have a lot of pets, don't you, Eleanor?
        Ms. Brandon: Yeah. Oh, I used to. Fish, mostly. The man at the pet store told me I overfed them, though. I thought floating was just their way of resting.
        Leonard: Come on, Ma. I'll take you back.
        Harry: Fish can't talk to you, Leonard.
        Leonard: Oh, thank you very much, sir. I'll make a note of that.

      • Liz: Your honor, I know I haven't been here very long and sometimes I, well something I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I'd like to pass on some advice that my Uncle Lionel used to give me: Talk with your head but listen with your heart.
        Harry: He sounds like a wise man.
        Liz: Yeah we have no idea why he killed himself.

      • Selma:Your Honor, can I use some of the petty cash to buy food for those bathing beauties.
        Harry: Sure. How are they getting along?
        Selma: Well as far as I can tell, on looks alone. I just hope they know that at 30 the party's over.

      • Harry: When I was a kid growing up, Mother's Day didn't mean any more to me than Groundhog's Day. Never had one of those either.

      • Harry: Miss Brandon, do you have anything to say?
        Ms. Brandon: Yes, you're even better looking than I imagined.
        Lana: I'll get those paper bags now.
        Ms. Brandon: When Harry was four his hair was dark like his Uncle Otto. Who would think it would've lightened up so much?
        Dan: Yes, it goes nicely with the robe.
        Harry: You know my Uncle Otto?
        Ms. Brandon: Of course.
        Harry: Then I take it we have met.
        Ms. Brandon: A long time ago.
        Harry: I'm afraid you have the advantage Ms. Brandon I just don't remember you.
        Ms. Brandon: Well how could you. The last time I saw you, you were only five.
        Harry: Ms. Brandon?
        Ms. Brandon: Harry, I'm your mother.
        Harry: Oh, pleased to meet you.

      • Harry: Let me guess, this guy was peeping into their dressing rooms.
        Lana: He's the victim, Your Honor. The ladies are the defendants.
        Harry: You mean to tell me these sweet innocent looking young women…
        Lana: Beat the snot of this man, right.

      • Harry: Hey, Bull. Why so glum?
        Bull: Oh, first it was Grenada and then Lebanon.
        Harry: Yeah, I know what you mean.
        Bull: Seems like every time I start to get close to a girl, she gets shipped out.

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