Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 48

A Feast of Blood

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sheila Gray is a young woman preparing for a date with a suitor, Henry Mallory. Sheila's mother brings in flowers from Henry, who is waiting downstairs, but the daughter isn't impressed. She feels that there's something wrong with him and insists that she plans to marry her boyfriend, John Coolidge. Accompanying the flowers is a present: a small brooch in the shape of a mouse-like creature. Mrs. Gray pins it on her reluctant daughter and they go downstairs. The waiting Henry boasts that he's hired a car for the night and will be taking Sheila to an expensive restaurant, impressing Mrs. Gray.

At the restaurant, Henry is clearly aware of Sheila's distaste toward him but is undeterred. She finally asks about him and Henry explains that just like her, he's the only child of a widowed mother. At an early age he set out to be the best at everything, and that he succeeded. Henry knows all about her boyfriend, but says that she will change her mind. Sheila says it will never happen because she's in love with John, but Henry says that it will never last and that it's the ability to be a good husband, not physical attractiveness, that matters. He warns that Sheila will never marry John, and she says that they'll see.

Henry reminds Sheila of the brooch and explains that it's the representation of a vo-do, a rodent related to the bat. He removes the brooch's pin and explains that it's prehensile claws will let it hold onto her coat without the pin. When Sheila notes that he's talking about it as if it were alive, Henry smiles and admits that he's being foolish. As Sheila leaves, Henry gives her one more chance to marry him, saying he likes her best of all the women he's dated. Sheila refuse, and wonders briefly about the other women and where they are.

Outside, Henry pays the chauffeur and dismisses him for the night, and drives Sheila home. As they go, Sheila tries to let him down and says that he would make a good husband for some girl, but she has her love. Henry insults John and suggests they go gambling, but she refuses. He pulls over and tries to kiss her, and Sheila pulls away and gets out of the car. Henry warns that they are three miles from the nearest town, but Sheila insists on walking rather than putting up with him for another moment. As she walks away, Henry promises to remember her as she is at that moment, beautiful and deserving.

On the road, Sheila continues for a while and decides to cut cross-country. As she walks, she reaches to adjust the brooch and cuts her finger. When she reaches up again, she receives another cut and realizes that the vo-do is alive. Running, she tries to yank it off but it clings to her coat and grows larger. Sheila trips and the vo-do, almost a foot long, extends a proboscis toward her face….z

Two locals, Frankie and Gippo, ride home from the tavern and see something crossing the road in front of them. Frankie thinks it's a blood-covered hedgehog. They follow its trail and find Sheila, her face ripped to shreds.

Henry goes to a bar and flirts with an attractive woman. She dismisses his attention, and Henry insists on giving her a vo-do brooch as a token of his appreciation for her beauty. As he puts it on, the woman insists that it doesn't mean anything, but Henry just smiles.

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