Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 48

A Feast of Blood

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1972 on NBC

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  • More self-parody from NG

    Hard to believe that so many others have rated this one so highly. Sondra Locke might've wowed Clint, but to me she's always vaguely resembled a big sardine in a blonde wig, and here she's called upon to play someone of reputedly ineffable beauty, the whole while acting with a capital A (until she is outdone in this regard by Mallory's next bimbo in line, one Cara Burgess). Lloyd proves capable in a one-dimensional role, but the only one who really adds any style to the proceedings is Baddeley (AKA Mrs Naugatuck) in her all too brief stint.

    What atmosphere has been built up is quickly dissipated in the climax, when the Monster appears on screen. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this specimen balloon up and straddle Locke, like some clip from a cartoon. Unfortunately this segment is imbued with the self-parody toward which Night Gallery was frequently prone.
  • Henry is a repellent suitor, all right, but the glamorous Sheila might do well not to be so rude to him...

    This episode derives from a short story by British actress Dulcie Gray, who also wrote a few detective novels. Although set in an England unconvincingly recreated in L.A. - is that country road one of the upper stretches of Mulholland Drive? - it's a moderately effective yarn which shrewdly doesn't explain anything. Who is this fellow Henry, stylishly played by Norman Lloyd, and how does he have such mysterious power over objects? Lloyd doesn't make Henry simply a pathetic creature, doomed to be humiliated by the arrogantly beautiful girls he pursues - he's really creepy, and aloof Sondra Locke (managing a British accent nicely) is quite right to be alarmed by him. The special effects are pretty bad, but the three lead performances hold our attention.