Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 34

An Act of Chivalry

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1971 on NBC

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  • A vignette that proves that chivalry actually is dead!

    I am a huge fan of all of the little vignettes that Night Gallery has to offer. This one is my all time favorite preceding The Merciful. It is a lesson in elevator manners taught by a most unusual host. Humorously entertaining, unquestionably unforgettable, and highly respectable amongst us true Night Gallery fanatics.

    It is a bit about a peculiar passenger who doesn't forget his elevator manners. I think it is cute, witty and humorous-and I love it! There were really neat costume arrangements, a great setting, and an all together fantastic little vintage vignette. One that answers the age old question: Is chivalry dead? Why yes, yes it is!
  • A humorous take on manners.

    Basically a one minute episode. A large ghoul dressed in black frock coat and a top hat on his skeletal head is standing in an elevator. A normal looking man enters the elevator unphased by the ghouls presence.
    When the elevator doors open a young woman enters, also unpeturbed by the sight of the ghoul. The normal guy takes his hat off in the ladies presence. The ghoul notices this and moves to take his top hat off as well. Instead he removes his entire head with the hat still on it.
    An amusing take on the old phrase "chivalry is not dead."