Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 24

Big Surprise

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1971 on NBC

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  • Good and interesting buildup, ultimately leading to a completely inane and ridiculous ending. Would be entertaining for a young child though.

    The setup for this story is intriguing, though basic, and does pull one in. However the payoff is lazy and fairly ridiculous, killing all interest in the story. My first thought was "what a lazy ending". There is no real resolution to the story as well, just a surreal ending that offers no closure. The old man played by John Carradine is suitably creepy, and the boys all play their roles convincingly, but it's just not enough to offset the ending. It feels very incomplete and I'm a bit puzzled at the fairly high rating of this episode. I do think a young child would be entertained by this, but as an adult, I can't really endorse it.