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Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1971 on NBC
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A love story about a friendless teenager and the strange creature she traps in an abandoned quarry.

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    How did this crap ever get on air? The production process selects stories from a trove of options, and multiple people get to write and rewrite and tweak things as shooting progresses. This entire shoot must have been done on a week when the entire crew was jonsing for a joint.

    First we are introduced to the girl who, it beomes aparent as this crap hits the screen, is totally nuts.

    She is a mean little bitch.

    Then this "monster" (who is totally non-threatening) comes into the picture and she alternates between some form of twisted affection for it and totally sadistic trickery, which eventually results in a pile of unknown composition or origin. The extent of their communication is little more than grunts. The motivations of ANY of the characters is impossible to determine, and the end leaves you feeling like the crazy, soft-headed and heartless protagonist(?) has just enthusiasticly attempted to beat you off with a Scotch-brite pad. Boo!moreless
  • A mysterious creature stalks an island's community and befreinds a teenage girl who has empathy for it.

    I saw this episode a few years back not having seen it since it originally aired. It still has a creepy air about it, but I found it was more an allegory.

    In the final scene Frances Anne has physically matured and returns to the cairn where the townspeople had trapped the creature and she promises to release it. Faintly you can hear the creature stirring inside.(Though how they managed to keep the monster still whilst entombing it is anybody's guess).

    It seemed to represent Frances Anne's sexual awakening or coming of age. Her father seemed particularly intent on keeping this creature trapped and was not pleased upon learning of his daughter's benevolent relationship with it.

    Although not the series' best episode there is an uneasy atmosphere throughout and Pam Ferdin delivers a fine performance. (Later in her career she would play Felix's daughter Edna on the Odd Couple as well as voicing the character of "Lucy" in the Peanuts cartoons.)

    Well worth another look if you get the oppurtunity.moreless
Glenn Corbett

Glenn Corbett

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Laurie Prange

Laurie Prange

Brenda Alden

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Robert Hogan

Robert Hogan

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    • Host: There's something rather remarkable in the scope of imagination peculiar to children. they project and dream and fantasize with beauty and simplicity and faith, in a manner that somehow eludes us as we grow older. This is Brenda, and Brenda has a playmate. It comes to her in part because of loneliness, and what I wish for you is that you never get that lonely.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The name of the writer listed in the original titles was Matthew Howard, a pseudonym Douglas Heyes used when not directing the episode himself.

    • This episode is based on the short story "Brenda" by Margaret St. Clair. The story was first published in Weird Tales (March 1954).


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