Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 36

Camera Obscura

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1971 on NBC



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    • Host: We branch out a bit this evening and move a few feet away from the usual and get into the area of photography. Now, this painting here had best be viewed in a dark room, because it conjures up the ghostly, the ghastly, and the ghoulish. It tells the story about a very remarkable device that offers up a vision as things are, and a hellish vision of what they were and shall be. Our painting is called Camera Obscura.

    • Gingold: That may be business, Mr. Sharsted, but it is a far cry from humanity.
      Sharsted: Humanity, Mr. Gingold, applies to funeral eulogies and Valentine cards, not business.

    • Sharsted: My father was a most successful man.
      Gingold: At the art of backing people into a corner of despair, he was without peer.

    • Sharsted: Gingold! Gingold! I don't belong here, I swear to you! these aren't my kind. These are ghouls and graverobbers! Bloodsuckers and usurers! I don't belong here! Gingold! Gingold!
      Gingold: You're wrong, Mr. Sharsted. You're in your element.
      Sharsted: I'll reform!
      Gingold: With your colleagues and your peers. Damned and doomed for an eternity of the leech.
      Sharsted: Never mind the 300 pounds.
      Gingold: Oh no, Mr. Sharsted, too late for reprieve. Now you shall stumble and weep and swear along the alleys and squares and streets of your own private Hell!
      Sharsted: I'll reform! I'll change! Gingold! I'll change!
      Gingold: And you shall do for all eternity.

  • Notes

    • This episode is based on the short story "Camera Obscura" by Basil Copper. This story was first published in the Herbert van Thal anthology The Sixth Pan Book of Horror Stories (1965).

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