Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 7

Class of '99

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1971 on NBC



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    • Host: A most unusual graduation exercise now. It's titled The Class of '99. A set of numbers and a pair of eyes. We'll move behind them now to give you an idea why we call the place you're in... the Night Gallery.

    • Johnson: I gave you three out of four.
      Professor: Yes, indeed you did, Mr. Johnson. And in giving me three out of four, you proved yourself incompetent. You are proving now by your behavior that you are even less responsive to authority than you are to the scholastic criteria established for graduation. Now, Mr. Johnson, will you sit down or shall I...?

    • Johnson: Fellow students of the graduating class of 1999. It is my pleasant duty as representative of the class to make these few remarks during this commencement ceremony. We need not be reminded of recent history and why we are here. It is sufficient to recollect that major wars, pestilence, and pollution have reversed the overpopulation trends and left the world depleted and diminished. It is for this reason that we have been created, to repopulate society. We have been created by Man in his image. All that we know, our attitudes, our values, are part of the integral data that has been fed into us. And we shall use them as a point of beginning. We must be just, but ruthless in terms of survival. We must recognize that many of the ancient virtues are simply weaknesses. For example, to tolerate an inferior is an act of misplaced compassion, and as such, interferes with our function as members of the society. We shall repay our debt to Man by emulating him. We shall act as men, we shall react as men, we shall be men.

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