Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 35

Cool Air

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1971 on NBC
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Cool Air
A haunting love story of a young woman and her late father's colleague, a man clinging desperately to life in a refrigerated apartment.

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  • you never really know people

    was glad the two people were able to make each other happy for short time in spite of not knowing everything about each seriously cried at the end.
  • A woman remembers many years back about a doctor she met that worked with making people live after they are supposed to die. This is a story from the great, H.P Lovecraft.moreless

    This is by far, my favorite Night Gallery episode. Its filled with so much warmth and understanding and the people are so real, you are swept away in the whole episode. The writing and stars in this episode are just wonderful! In the episode tragedy happens and it is really horrifying, at the very end. Basically the episode teachs us that we should not mess with the laws of science and trying to change it with chemicals and other ways that are not natural. Playing with the laws of science have thier consequences, and they may be more than what we can handle.moreless
  • Why did Dr. Munoz's wife commit suicide? And why does he always insist on "cool air" in the apartment he never leaves?

    This rather free and extremely poetic adaptation of the famous H.P. Lovecraft story is one of the subtlest and best of the "Night Gallery" episodes. For most of its length, it concentrates on the growing warmth and affection between Agatha, a lonely young woman whose father has recently died, and Dr. Munoz, the former colleague who shared the father's interest in challenging the finality of death. But throughout the tender scenes of burgeoning love, there is always a thread of mystery. Why does Munoz never leave his rooms, and why does he get so very agitated whenever his elaborate device for maintaining "cool air" chances to malfunction? The frame of the story has a now-elderly Agatha visiting Munoz's grave - which offers two dates for his death.moreless
  • This is, by far, my favorite episode of Night Gallery.

    Cool Air is a love story with a rather spooky twist based on the short story by the legendary H.P. Lovecraft. This is my all time favorite episode of Night Gallery. It, in it's entirety, is a very subtle episode that I love to watch over and over again. The ending is rather frightening and sad at the same time and I just love the whole story.

    Cool Air is the best episode of Night Gallery that there was and my all time favorite of all of H.P. Lovecraft's short stories. This is truly a classic tale I simply adore.moreless
Henry Darrow

Henry Darrow

Dr. Juan Munoz

Guest Star

Beatrice Kay

Beatrice Kay

Mrs. Gibbons

Guest Star

Larry J. Blake

Larry J. Blake

Mr. Crowley

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    • Host: To the shoppers, the hunters, the sifters and winnowers, to those of you who comprise that vast fraternity of picture-watchers, we offer you this salon of the special and the supernatural. Painting number one. It has to do with death, usually the last chapter in every man's book of life. The ashes and the dust, the tomb and the engraving on the stone. Death the finale. But our first painting offers up a tale with the final curtain not quite the final curtain. There's an epilogue. We offer you now a little item called Cool Air. Tonight's first painting in the Night Gallery

    • Agatha Howard: Once a year, I visit his grave. A ritual born of habit, and, I suppose, some fleeting little ghost of obligation. Fleeting, for it was over 50 years ago that I knew him. And there are times when I find it difficult to remember his face, or the sound of his voice. And the circumstances are indistinct around the edges, like an aging photograph, clouding and yellowing over the years. But I remember the cool air. I remember it with a special horror. An icy draft that still whistles across half a century like a mournful dirge. A fitting kind of music to this man.

    • Mrs. Gibbons: Is he expecting you?
      Agatha Howard: Well, well, well no, not exactly.
      Mrs. Gibbons: Well, "not exactly" isn't good enough for me, sister. The doctor doesn't like visitors.
      Agatha Howard: Oh, no, I'm sure he'd want to see me. He and my father were acquaintances. Just tell him Professor Howard, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
      Mrs. Gibbons: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tell him yourself, sister. I got enough getting upstairs without dragging the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with me.

    • Dr. Juan Munoz: Forgive me, Miss Howard. But like my room, my touch is uncomfortably cold.
      Agatha Howard: But I am sure, doctor, that like the man I will find it warm.

    • Agatha Howard: Lips and touch, both cold beyond description. And yet the man was warm. Sensitive. And I found myself instinctively liking him and somehow moved by him. Moved by his loneliness. His isolation. And I carried with me an impression of a man full of all the fiery passion peculiar to vibrant men, but enclosed by walls of ice. I know how fragile his life, and how temporal, but in the case of Dr. Munoz, it seemed to be measured in the piston strokes of a small engine. And those walls of ice, did they imprison him or protect him from death waiting impatiently outside?

    • Dr. Juan Munoz: Necessity is the mother of invention. And survival, you might say, is the father of desperation.

    • Agatha Howard: Yes, each year I visit his grave and I wonder if I'm mourning something that was, or something that might have been. But I won't ponder the question, "What might have been?" It raises elements of horror that might drive me insane. And as always, I find any icy draft or wind unbearable. It conjures up images, memories, remembrances of the nightmare. It's a funeral dirge that sings of death, and so I'll leave.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode is based on the short story "Cool Air" by H.P. Lovecraft. This story was first published in Tales of Magic and Mystery (March 1928) and was later published in Weird Tales (September 1939).


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