Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 55

Dead Weight

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

A gangster and bank robber, Landau, goes to the export office of O. Bullivant, an elderly man who can get Landau out of the country for $15,000. When Landau worries that Bullivant can't pull it off, the old man assures him that in 47 years, he has never failed to meet a customer's demands, and he has never had a customer complain. He insists that he has high ethical principles, and would have sought out another job if he didn't. Landau worries that Bullivant can't keep his promise to get him to South America, and the exporter assures him that he has always sent his customers exactly where they requested.

Landau wonders if Bullivant can do what he says, and the exporter suggests that he take his business elsewhere if he has doubts. The bank robber complains that he has nowhere else to go, and Bullivant reads an article about how Landau robbed a bank for $250,000 and killed four people, including a six-year-old boy. Landau insists that the boy's shooting was accidental, and Bullivant sarcastically suggests that Landau taught him a lesson. The robber wonders if Bullivant is playing mind games with him, but the exporter assures him that he can do the job. He warns Landau that time is short and asks for the $15,000. Once Landau pays up, Bullivant pours out two glasses of sherry and explains that he always celebrates a transaction with a toast. Landau finally gives in and drinks the sherry, and then starts to talk about how he didn't want to shoot the boy. He hesitates, stares at Landau in horror as he realizes what is happening, and then collapses from the drugged drink.

Later, a delivery boy comes to pick up a crate from Bullivant. According to the outside label, it contains dog food. Bullivant tells the delivery boy at it's going to South America, and it's a very expensive brand that is for export only. The exporter makes sure that the delivery boy will have it on the airplane to South America precisely on time, because he prides himself on the fact that in 47 years, he's never failed a customer.

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