Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 53

Deliveries in the Rear

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1972 on NBC

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  • This is one of my all time favorites and also one of the scariest.

    Deliveries in the Rear, I think, has a great storyline and a truly chilling end. A surgery instructor guy has these two weird guys deliver bodys to him through the back of the building when he teaches. But at the end of the episode the two weird guys bring him the body of his girlfriend, who they have apparently murdered.

    I believe this is truly one of the spookiest and most well written episodes of the masterpiece that his Night Gallery. Great story with a great ending that I do not think anyone really could have predicted. Truly a great episode.
  • One of the scariest -- because it really isn't fiction.

    Truly this was one of the most chilling episodes of the series. The shocker was the end moment when surgery instructor sees the body of his girlfriend. That was the moment of horror. But the real shocker for me was to discover that Rod Serling apparently based this story on a true incident. Yup -- true story. The Burke and Hare murders of 1828. There are just way too many similarities to the case for it to be mere coincidence.