Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 18

Die Now, Pay Later

Aired Unknown Unknown on NBC

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  • Is there a link between the sale at the local undertaker's establishment and the spate of recent deaths in town?

    A colloquy between a none-too-bright small-town lawman and the loquacious and slightly sinister local undertaker occupies almost all this brief story. We learn that the undertaker and his buddy with the badge don't often meet any more and that the latter's harridan wife distrusts the undertaker because one of his ancestors was rumoured locally to be a warlock. But that was centuries ago - surely the recent tragic demises couldn't have connection with this old wives' tale? Will Geer's honey voice manages to insinuate all kinds of possibilities as the story unfolds, and his smile grows ever more satanic as the camera moves closer to him. The story wastes too much time on his prowling cat, however, and ends predictably and over-abruptly.