Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 28

Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1971 on NBC
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Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator
An unscrupulous medicine man in the Old West promises restored health--or a resurrection--to a poor farmer's dying daughter.

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      • Host: As our third selection, an item from the past. That uniquely American institution known as the pitchman. The wheeler and dealer of magical nostrums guaranteed to cure, to palliate, to bring back the glow of health to everything but a cadaver. Bottled dreams, if you will. Our painting is called Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator. Drink hearty.

      • Dr. Stringfellow: Well, I'll tell you something about those desert dwellers out there. And for that matter all the citizenry of the soil and every burg on this earth. They've got very short tempers and long memories, and that combination can send a man out into the night on a greasy pole with equal amounts of tar and feathers.

      • Snyder: It's Doctor Stringfellow.
        Dr. Stringfellow: I'm afraid that you have the advantage, sir.
        Snyder: Doubtful. I ran out of advantages a long time ago.

      • Rolpho: What--what's a resurrection?
        Dr. Stringfellow: Bringing back of the dead.
        Rolpho: Could you do that? Could you bring her back from the dead?
        Dr. Stringfellow: My dear moon-struck boy, if there was enough money in it, I would give it one powerful try.

      • Dr. Stringfellow: All right, so it doesn't cure dyspepsia. It has no effect on boils or yellow fever or the dropsy. so what? Do you know what's in Dr. String's Rejuvenator?
        Rolpho: Uh-huh.
        Dr. Stringfellow: Dreams. Should be on the labels. One part wishful thinking, one part ignorance, and one part the sweat of little men who seek immortality and are dumb enough to think it can be bottled. I should be getting $100 a swallow for that stuff, and a medal at the same time. Because I give hope to the hopeless, dreams to the dreamless. An illusion of health to all the poor doomed yokels who have a dollar in their jeans. I let them get a little peek over the pigsty, a view of Heaven.

      • Dr. Stringfellow: Dr. Snyder here is the protector of the common good. A drunk and a sot and an unhealed healer, but he... he claims to speak for the speechless. You know what I do, brother? I sell faith. I am going to give that child of yours enough belief so that she can kick her way out of a pine coffin if she needs to be. Do you understand me? If that child crosses over into the shadows, I am going to bring her back to life! Now, you go get her.

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