Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 3

Fright Night

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1972 on NBC



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    • Host: We're truly delighted that you've come. I mean, anyone can go to the movies or a night double-header or a discotheque or what-have-you, but only the tasteful visit a place like this. Their taste, of course, must of necessity run toward the slightly odd or, at the very least, the bizarre. That's what we deal with here: the bizarre -- the expected unexpected, if you will. As in the case of this painting here. It's called Fright Night, featuring that beloved star of stage and screen... the name eludes me, but there is, you'll note, a familiarity about it. Actually, this fiery apparition is the sort of thing that appears in strange houses. Because that's what this painting depicts: a very strange house -- and you're welcome to share it with us, because this is the Night Gallery.

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