Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 29

Hell's Bells

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1971 on NBC

Episode Recap

Randy Miller, a hippy, is driving along at night when his car goes off the road and explodes. Demons condemn him as he floats through a void, then he finds himself in a waiting room to Hell, with no return and only one exit. Randy chooses not to take the exit and takes out a piece of gum. He throws the wrapper on the floor and a cleaning woman appears to yells at him and picks up the litter. He asks where he is and she explains that he's in the waiting room for Hell and they're backed up. He tries to explain how he ended up there but she isn't interested and leaves.

As Randy considers the classic images of Hell, the "next" life flashes on the exit and a fire door on the other side swings open. He goes inside and finds himself in an old-fashioned room with bad wallpaper. There's a stack of records but they only play old-fashioned music and it won't stop playing. Randy summons the cleaning woman by dropping some litter but she just takes the litter and leaves. An old man appears in the room and starts talking about farming. Randy, desperate for any conversation, tries to talk about the Beatles but the old man thinks he's talking about insect infestations. A couple appears, dressed as tourists, and get out their 8,500 slides of their trip to Mexico.

A desperate Randy demands to see the Devil, who appears in the room. Randy wants to know when he's going to Hell but the Devil explains that he is in Hell. The Devil notes there's an identical room in Heaven, and some people there consider it the perfect afterlife. The Devil suggests he think about it and departs. Randy collapses to the floor, sobbing, as the slides and the music continue… and continue… and continue.

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