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Season 2 Episode 26

House - with Ghost

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1971 on NBC

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  • An adulterous husband, visiting England, decides to have his wife bumped off - by a ghost.

    A very so-so story, but there's some compensation to be gained from the cast supporting Bob Crane and Jo Ann Worley (who are rather lacklustre). Bernard Fox, in a minute or so of screentime, makes a believably nasty ghost, and Alan Napier, sporting impressive mutton-chop whiskers, does a nice turn as a country doctor - a variant on the role he played in another ghost story, the 1944 movie "The Uninvited". Best of all is Eric Christmas, stylishly funny as the London realtor who sees nothing unusual in the presence of ghosts in the houses he rents out to foreign visitors. The ending's a let-down - shouldn't the murdered wife turn up to haunt her horrid husband?