Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 56

I'll Never Leave You - Ever

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1972 on NBC
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I'll Never Leave You - Ever
The wife of an elderly farmer who refuses to die decides to force nature's hand with the help of an old crone skilled in the black arts.

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  • A pretty woman in the medival times is tired of taking care of her sickly, near death husband that she decides to take actions in her own hands and sees a witch to kill him so she could be with her lover.moreless

    A FANTASTIC episode. This is one of the most scary episodes I have EVER seen off Night Gallery. The episode teaches us that trying to kill someone for selfish gains has its downfalls and they can be terrifying! The episode is so riveting and creepy throughout. We follow a young, beautiful girl that lives with her dying husband in the medival times and sees how she gets fed up trying to save the life of her husband and wants to put her selfish ways in front of him by knocking him off. Once she gets rid of her husband she can marry her young, handsome lover and leave this terrible town. This woman goes to a witch who gives her a doll that looks like her husband. The doll comes alive and it is so scary as we follow the desporate woman try and get rid of both the doll and her husband. Needless to say she gets what she has coming to her. This is the most riveting episode I have ever seen next to "the doll". Dont watch this one late at night....thats for sure.moreless
  • Definitely one of the best and scary good.

    A young wife is left to take care of her dreadfully ill husband. She decides to end his suffering once and for all so she and her lover can be together with the help of a witch. Which has horrifying consequences.

    Definitely Night Gallery at it's very best. The ending, I think, is just superb and almost predictable in a classic horror story fashion that is sure to bring chills down your spine. This is why I love Night Gallery, the masterpiece that is only second best to the Twilight Zone. From the mastermind that is, the great, Rod Serling.moreless
  • The much younger wife of a terminally-ill farmer decides to push him along towards death so that she can be with her younger and more handsome lover only to find out that dealing with witches is not the best of ideas.moreless

    As was said before, do NOT watch this episode late at night. I made that mistake once and I have NEVER forgotten it. (I was 7 years old at the time and I still remember how much it frightened me 25 years later!) It is creepy from the start with elements that make this one of the original psychological thrillers. The ending is the freakiest I've ever seen and it left me mortified. I don't think I slept well for 2 weeks after watching it. I probably shouldn't have been watching Night Gallery at that age but I was pretty tough in the fact that I loved the Twilight Zone and most Night Gallery episodes were a little scary but nothing I couldn't handle. THIS episode however was beyond ANYTHING I'd ever seen in the Night Gallery series (and I watched it every day). I swear,I have been unsuccessful in watching it in the 25 years since but I will never forget THOSE EYES as long as I live! And although I haven't seen this episode in 25 years I remember EVERY RIVETING DETAIL. Watch the episode and you will know EXACTLY what I mean.

    10 / 10 STARS

    My heart rate increases just thinking about it as I type this review, this episode of Night Gallery is the precursor to such thrillers as The Blair Witch Project and The Ring. Both of those movies borrow heavily from the elements of "I'll Never Leave You - Ever"moreless

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    • Host: Good evening. If you seem to sense an aura of cold dampness that permeates this room, attributed not to either defective air-conditioning or inclement indoor weather, it's simply because this is rather a special place with a special statuary and special paintings. And they carry with them a coldness that seems to go best in a crypt or in a place like this, called the Night Gallery. Our opening kickoff is deep into the end zone of the moors, where hounds bay and witches fly brooms, and the belief in the supernatural is as natural as breathing. Or not breathing. We call this item I'll Never Leave You - Ever.

    • Moragh: A lightning bolt. It hovered, like a falcon above the croft. I could feel the prayer rising in my throat, and it fell to earth somewhere beyond the ridge. And in the thunder, I could hear the Devil's laughter, as if, all along, he'd only just been teasing me.

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