Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 56

I'll Never Leave You - Ever

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1972 on NBC

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  • A pretty woman in the medival times is tired of taking care of her sickly, near death husband that she decides to take actions in her own hands and sees a witch to kill him so she could be with her lover.

    A FANTASTIC episode. This is one of the most scary episodes I have EVER seen off Night Gallery. The episode teaches us that trying to kill someone for selfish gains has its downfalls and they can be terrifying! The episode is so riveting and creepy throughout. We follow a young, beautiful girl that lives with her dying husband in the medival times and sees how she gets fed up trying to save the life of her husband and wants to put her selfish ways in front of him by knocking him off. Once she gets rid of her husband she can marry her young, handsome lover and leave this terrible town. This woman goes to a witch who gives her a doll that looks like her husband. The doll comes alive and it is so scary as we follow the desporate woman try and get rid of both the doll and her husband. Needless to say she gets what she has coming to her. This is the most riveting episode I have ever seen next to "the doll". Dont watch this one late at night....thats for sure.