Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 56

I'll Never Leave You - Ever

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1972 on NBC



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    • Host: Good evening. If you seem to sense an aura of cold dampness that permeates this room, attributed not to either defective air-conditioning or inclement indoor weather, it's simply because this is rather a special place with a special statuary and special paintings. And they carry with them a coldness that seems to go best in a crypt or in a place like this, called the Night Gallery. Our opening kickoff is deep into the end zone of the moors, where hounds bay and witches fly brooms, and the belief in the supernatural is as natural as breathing. Or not breathing. We call this item I'll Never Leave You - Ever.

    • Moragh: A lightning bolt. It hovered, like a falcon above the croft. I could feel the prayer rising in my throat, and it fell to earth somewhere beyond the ridge. And in the thunder, I could hear the Devil's laughter, as if, all along, he'd only just been teasing me.

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