Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 42

Logoda's Heads

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1971 on NBC

Episode Recap

In Africa, Major Crosby is asked by an American, Henley, to find his missing brother. Crosby, Henley, and a squad of British soldiers go to the small hut where the local witch doctor, Logoda, resides and where Henley's brother was last seen. Crosby warns that they should stay clear of Logoda, who is reputed to be a powerful sorcerer. Logoda agrees to see them and Crosby insists on doing the talking. Approaching the subject tactfully, Crosby finally asks if Logoda has seen Henley's missing brother. The witch doctor says that he hasn't, but Henley doesn't believe him. Crosby holds him back when he tries to threaten Logoda, and Logoda's sister Kyro steps out of her room in the hut to say that the brother is dead. Logoda objects, warning that he'll put a curse on her if she speaks further. Crosby convinces her to continue, and she explains that the brother came to her village and said he was going see Logoda's collection of heads a few days ago. He never returned, and Logoda speaks up to say that the heads are powerful magic.

Crosby asks to see the heads, and Logoda agrees while Kyro retreats in fear. The witch doctor shows them his collection of shrunken heads, hung up from a rack. Crosby explains to Henley that Logoda is rumored to have the power to curse his enemies to death, and then take their heads and shrink them. Logoda speaks an enchantment and the heads stir in an unseen wind, moving on their own. The witch doctor "listens" to the heads and tells Henley and Crosby that Henley's brother never came there. Henley doesn't believe it, and Crosby warns Logoda that it isn't the end of the matter. As Crosby and his men leave, Kyro approaches them and asks to leave with them over Logoda's objections. Crosby agrees to take her, and Kyro warns him that they have to be back before dawn.

At the British residency, Crosby wonders why Kyro decided to leave, and she warns them that her brother is making his magic that night. Kyro points out that there are drums beating in the distance. She asks Crosby to put a guard at her door, as Logoda may come to her in the form of an animal to kill her. Crosby agrees and the next morning, he and Henley check on Kyro, who is unharmed. She tells them that the drums stopped just after midnight. They get word from Logoda's servant, Emba, that the witch doctor is dead, seemingly murdered despite the fact she was outside the hut the entire night. They go to the hut and confirm that Logoda was savaged as if by wild animals. Kyro, who has accompanied them, says that she used her own magic. Logoda could make the heads speak, but her magic enabled her to make them kill. Crosby and Henley look at the heads... that have teeth covered in blood.

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