Night Gallery

Season 1 Episode 14

Lone Survivor

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1971 on NBC

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  • A lifeboat is picked up at sea - with a most unusual occupant.

    John Colicos, who had recently scored a great success on stage playing Winston Churchill in "Soldiers", plays a damned soul in this cleverly-plotted segment. Picked up by a liner, this survivor of the "Titanic" claims to be a living jinx, a man who, like the Flying Dutchman, must roam the seas forever in punishment for an act of cowardice - and those who seek to help him are doomed. It's a great pity that the script and direction don't take a little longer to establish the period and the background - when we're told that "there's a war on", it's unexpected, and the fact that the setting is the nineteen-teens is never really made as clear as it should be. The pay-off is still very effective.