Night Gallery

Season 1 Episode 14

Lone Survivor

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1971 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The events aboard the Lusitania take place in 1915. However, when the Andrea Doria spots the lifeboat, a crewman says it would be "forty years old." That would make the year 1955, but the Andrea Doria sank in 1956.

    • The Andrea Doria had a black hull, but in the stock footage at the end, the ship shown has a white hull.

    • In the opening scene, the crew members (which the viewer later learns are on the Lusitania) are wearing caps labeled "White Star"--the Lusitania was owned by the Cunard Line.

  • Quotes

    • Host: An unforgiving sea usually buries its secrets beneath itself. Warships and ocean liners, treasure galleons and submarines turn into rusting relics inside a watery locker, lost to memory. But occasionally there comes a floating unbidden reminder of disaster like this lifeboat. The painting is called The Lone Survivor, we'll put in tow and see where she came from and why.

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