Night Gallery

Season 1 Episode 13

Pamela's Voice

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1971 on NBC
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Pamela's Voice
A harried husband murders his shrewish wife only to find the arrangement less permanent than he'd hoped.

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  • Self-parody

    Serling's era of self-parody continues. If only he had managed to be as droll and Hitchcockian about it as he often is during the spoken intros for this show, it might have been rendered amusing. But by featuring nothing but another ham-handed barrage of insults for his characters, the script manages to become even more annoying than The Voice.
  • A murderer cannot escape the thing he liked least about his harridan wife.

    This was one of a great many very brief stories with which episodes of "Night Gallery" were fleshed out; these tales usually ran less than ten minutes, sometimes as little as two minutes, and most of them were bad mistakes. The majority of these vignettes attempt to be blackly comic and are instead coy, obvious and childish. This little account of marital hell - literally, as it turns out - is one of the better ones. John Astin raises fleeting memories of his performance as Gomez Addams in the role of a wife-murderer who just had to get away from the endless buzz-saw whine of his horrid spouse, whilst Phyllis Diller is most appropriately cast as the shrew with whom, he finds, he must now spend eternity.moreless

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    • Host: Welcome art lovers. We offer for your approval a still life, if you will, of noise. A soundless canvas suggestive of sound. The mouth belongs to Pamela, in life a shrieking battleaxe made up of adenoids, tonsils, and sound decibels. In death an unmuted practitioner of fishwifery, undeterred and ungagged by what one would assume to be the great silencer. Some ghosts come back to haunt, others come back simply to pick up where they left off. Our painting is called Pamela's Voice and this is the Night Gallery.

    • Pamela: Surprised?
      Jonathan: At what?
      Pamela: At my being here.
      Jonathan: Hardly. In life, my dear Pamela, you arrived everywhere uninvited. You and that hyena mating-call voice of yours. Tell me, Pamela, how--how are things up there? Are they--they keeping you occupied keeping you contented. Are there lives, or rather afterlives, that you can destroy with gossip? Are there reputations you can filthy up with your dark little suspicions, that kitchen-knife tongue of yours? That's incredible, it--it never occurred to me, you're probably not even up there, you're more likely... (gestures down)
      Pamela: I'm neither, Jonathan. I'm right here. I've never left.

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