Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 32

Pickman's Model

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1971 on NBC

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  • Night Gallery takes another classic scarry tale from the master, H.P Lovecraft and does it to perfection. The story is about a woman who loves the work of a very strange artist who paints ghouls and monsters.

    I am an H.P Lovecraft fan and found the episode done by Rod Serling to be a pretty good version of the story. Certainly, the actual story is scarier and better, but Night Gallery did thier best and it does work. This episode actually won an Emmy for best visual effects and when you see this episode, you will know why. I do kind of wished Night Gallery would of followed the original more, but using a woman instead of a man in thier version is fine. If you are a big H.P Lovecraft fan and expect this to follow the story to a tee, you will be disappointed....throughout, but if you watch this version as it is, it still gets the job done. When I actually read the story, Pickman's Model I pictured the monster exactly like what Night Gallery did, so they did a wonderful rendering of the monster and the scene when you actually do see the monster is priceless. Expect a big shock when it comes. Well worth viewing and even if you are an H.P Lovecraft super fan, you will still enjoy this version on its own merits.
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